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Aug 2021

….and then there’s that.








The Cavedogs

"Leave Me Alone" from Joy Rides For Shut-Ins (1990)


Nada Surf

"The Way You Wear Your Head" from Let go (2002)


Brendan Benson

"A Whole Lot Better" from My Old, Familiar Friend (2009)


Title Tracks

"Every Little Bit Hurts" from It Was Easy (2010)











The M's

"Plan of the Man" from Future Women (2006)



"The Good In Everyone" from One Chord to Another (1996)



"Interstate 5" from Setting the Paces (2009)



"Gabrielle" from Shinola, Vol. 1 (2005)


Diamond Nights

"Destination Diamonds" from Popsicle (2005)











Material Issue

"What If I Killed Your Boyfriend" from Telecommando Americano (1997)


The Undertones

"Jimmy Jimmy" from The Undertones (1979)


The Speedies

"Let Me Take Your Photo" from Speedy Delivery (2007)



"Punkrocker (feat. Iggy Pop)" from Soft Machine (2006)


The Vines

"Don't Listen to the Radio" from Vision Valley (2006)











The Boomtown Rats

"Nice n Neat" from The Fine Art of Surfacing (1979)



"Are You Receiving Me?" from Go 2 (1978)


The Jam

"Saturday's Kids" from Setting Sons (1979)


The Vapors

"Prisoners" from Turning Japanese - Best of the Vapors (1996)



"Drummer Man" from Drummer Man











The Plimsouls

"Lie, Beg, Borrow and Steal" from Everywhere at Once (1992)


Paul Collins' Beat

"Look But Don't Touch" from The Beat (1979)


Mother's Children

"What's Your Problem Now?" from Are You Tough Enough (2011)


Sonic Avenues

"Girls With Pearls" from Sonic Avenues (2009)


Magic Kids

"Superball" from Memphis (2010)











The View

"Comin' Down" from Hats Off To the Buskers (2007)


The Strypes

"Perfect storm" from Snapshot (2014)


Fuzzy Vox

"1789" from 1789 - Single (2014)


The Hives

"Die, All Right!" from Veni Vidi Vicious (2000)











The Mooney Suzuki

"Half of my heart" from People Get Ready (2000)


The Night Marchers

"Tropical Depression" from Allez! allez! (2013)


Rats On Rafts

"Powder Monkey" from Powder Monkey - Single (2015)


Hot Snakes

"Plenty for All" from Audit In Progress (2004)


The Rubinoos

"Rock and Roll is Dead" from The Rubinoos (1977)











The Evil Eye

"vicious circle" from Vicious Circle - Single (2011)


Bare Wires

"I Love You Tonight" from Seeking Love (2010)



"Do You Wanna Dance" from Rocket to Russia (1977)


White Reaper

"Cool" from White Reaper - EP (2014)


Terry Malts

"Something About You" from Killing Time (2012)


Aug 2021

Restoring your enjoyment for dystopias!







Fontaines D.C.

"A Hero's Death" from A Hero's Death (2020)



"Usual Suspects" from Usual Suspects - Single (2021)


Wet Leg

"Chaise Longue" from Chaise Longue - Single (2021)



"Natural Disasters" from High Society (2002)










"This Much I Care" from Manhattan (2014)


Talk Show Host

"Syntax Error OK" from Mid-Century Modern (2021)



"Can You Dance to a Feeling?" from 5 - EP (2020)


Golden Fang

"The Ghosts Of Your Golden Age" from Lucky Money Sunshine (2018)


Chainsaw Kittens

"Mother (Of the Ancient Birth)" from Violent Religion (1990)









David Garza

"Discoball World" from This Euphoria (1998)


All Day Sucker

"Get High" from All Day Sucker (2004)


Los Stellarians

"This Charming Man" from Rucaz n Rolaz (2018)


Paul Westerberg

"Knockin' Em Back" from Come Feel Me Tremble (2003)



"13" from Magnapop (1992)









The Dictators

"Who Will Save Rock and Roll?" from D.F.F.D. (2018)


Futuro Terror

"Precipicio" from Precipicio (2017)


The Merrymakers

"Superstar" from Bubblegun (1998)


Persephone's Bees

"Paper Plane" from Notes from the Underworld (2006)



"Everyone's Hip" from That's How We Burn (2010)









Radio Birdman

"New Race" from The Essential Radio Birdman (1974-1978) (2001)



"I Don't Wanna Break-Up" from Tsar (2000)


The Maharajas

"Don't Wanna Lose You" from A Third Opinion (20050


The Atlantics 

"Lonelyhearts" from Atlantics (2006)


Cheap Time

"People Talk" from Cheap Time (2008)









The Damned

"Dozen Girls" from Strawberries (2005)


The Marlowes

"Alex Chilton" from Left of the Dial - A Pop Tribute to the Replacements (2003)


The Kwyet Kings

"Radiated by Your Charm" from Been Where? Done What? (2012)


Los Pepes 

"Tonight" from Tonight (2014)


The Downbeat 5

"Dum Dum Ditty" from Victory Motel 2006









The Paybacks

"Stranger in the House" from Love, Not Reason (2006)


The Saints

"Know Your Product" from Know Your Product - The Best of the Saints (1996)


Flamin' Groovies

"Move It" from At Full Speed... The Complete Sire Recordings (2006)


The Chesterfield Kings

"Up and Down" from Psychedelic Sunrise (2007)


Dead Ghosts

"Can't Get No" from Can't Get No (2013)









The Raveonettes

"Love In a Trashcan" from Pretty In Black (2005)


The Almighty Defenders

"All My Loving" from The Almighty Defenders (2009)



Aug 2021

POP For Spite







Les Cox (sportifs)

"Les Cox Special" from Neverheed (2008)


Freres Lapierre

"International Art Thief Declan Mcmanus" from Freres Lapierre (2014)


Les Grys-Grys

"Brother Tobio" from Les Grys-Grys (2020)



"Let's Fight" from Goin' Through Changes (1996)
















The Bristols

"He'll Never Come Back" from Introducing… (1999)


Dávila 666

"Hanging on the Telephone" from Under the Covers, Vol. 2: A Tribute to Paul Collins, Peter Case and Jack Lee (2011)


Olivia Jean

"Jaan Pehechaan Ho" from Night Owl (2019)


Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle

"Käpt'n Past" from Schwarzwald Fieber (2002)


Cocktail Slippers

"You Give Me" from People Talk (2014)


The Never Never

"We Just Wanna Have Fun" from We Just Wanna Have Fun - Single (2015)
















The Singles

"He Can Go, You Can't Stay" from Better Than Before (2003)


The Gantry

"Green Eyes" from Years and Years (2012)


The Skins

"Surf" from Wreckroom Sessions (2012)


Lucinda Williams

"Honey Bee" from Little Honey (2008)

















"Nobody Could Change Your Mind" from Con Law (2009)



"The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprize" from Duty Now for the Future (1979)



"A Song from Under the Floorboards" from Magazine: The Peel Sessions (2008)



"Cool" from Cool / Dub - Single (2020)
















The dB's

"We Should Be In Bed" from Ride the Wild TomTom (2006)


Boston Spaceships

"Let It Rest for a Little While" from Zero to 99 (2009)


Guided By Voices

"Chasing Heather Crazy" from Isolation Drills (2001)


Steve Rosenbaum

"72 Days" from Have A Cool Summer! (2021)
















The Monochrome Set

"Expresso" from The Best of the Monochrome Set - Tomorrow Will Be Too Long (1995)


The New Colony Six

"Love You So Much" from Colonization (2020)


The Explorers Club

"I've Been Waiting" from Grand Hotel (2012)


The Divine Comedy

"The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count" from Liberation (1993)
















The Photos

"Irene" from The Photos (1980)


French Films

"Take You With Me" from Golden Sea - EP (2010)


Beach Beach

"Just Like Before" from The Sea (2014)


The Churchills

"Close My Eyes" from Big ideas (2002)


Ballzy Tomorrow

"Maybe I'm Wrong" from Maybe I'm Wrong
















Swearing At Motorists

"Timing Is Everything" from Last Night Becomes This Morning (2006)


Peter Perrett

"I'm Not Like Everybody Else" from Woke Up Sticky… Plus (1996)


The Brian Jonestown Massacre

"Vad Hände Med Dem?" from Revelation (2014)


Aug 2021

Waiting Patiently For The Failure Of The System




Enzo: “Hey, what’chall up to?”

Everyone else: “Not much. Just waiting patiently for the failure of the system.”

Enzo: “Cool. I brought tunes!”

Everyone else: “YAY!!!”






The Lonely Forest

"Turn Off This Song and Go Outside" from Arrows (2011)


Hallelujah the Hills

"Wave Backwards To Massachusetts" from Collective Psychosis Begone (2007)


The Flaming Lips

"The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" from At War With the Mystics (2006)



"Do-Re-Mi" from A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing (1973)











"Emergency Street" from Happymatic (2008)



"Buddy" from Dissolver (2009)


Boat "Lately (I've Been On My Back)" from Setting the Paces (2009)


Royal Bangs

"Poison Control" from Let It Beep (2009)










The Apparitions

"God Monkey Robot" from As This Is Futuristic (2006)


Future of the Left

"Arming Eritrea" from Travels With Myself and Another (2009)


The Kick

"Armchair Politician" from Ready Steady Go - The Countdown Records Story (2012)


Tom Robinson Band

"All Right All Night" from TRB 2 (1979)










The Dahlmanns

"Dancing With Joey Ramone" from The Dahlmanns - EP (2010)


Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

"Let's Do It" from Tank Girl (1995)


The Cheap Cassettes

"Hieroglyphics in Lipstick" from Kiss the Ass of My Heart - EP (2019)


Sugar Stems

"I Don't Wanna Be Around You" from Sweet Sounds Of (2010)


Bad Moves

"Spirit FM" from Tell No One (2018)










The Peels

"Only Son" from The Peels (2005)


De Novo Dahl

"Be Your Man" from Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound (2007)


Soccer Team

"I'll Never Fear Ghosts Again" from Play (2007)



"Chautauqua County" from Chautauqua County - Single (2010)



"Saturday Night, Sunday Morning" from Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre (2004)











"FOH" from I Hate Music (2013)


Marvelous Darlings

"Teenage Targets" from Single Life (2011)


Ben Kweller

"Mean to Me" from Go Fly a Kite (2012)


The Blakes

"Don't Bother Me" from The Blakes (2008)











"Everytime I Think of You" from Everybody Knows - Single (1997)


Milky Wimpshake

"La Di Da" from Heart and Soul in the Milky Way (2013)


Timo Räisänen

"Sweet Marie" from Love Will Turn You Around (2007)


Tegan and Sara

"On Directing" from Sainthood (2009)











"Cocoon" from Kablammo! (2015)



"Lighting the Way" from In the Valley of Dying Stars (2001)


The Glitter Band "Just for You" from Greatest (2012)


Makin' Time

"Here Is My Number" from Rhythm and Soul (1985)


The Wedding Present

"Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah" from Watusi (1994)


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