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Jan 2022

Knowing The Price Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing









The Damned "Dozen Girls" from Strawberries (1982)


The Stranglers "London Lady" from Stranglers IV (Rattus Norvegicus) (1977)


Dum Dum Girls "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" from He Gets Me High - EP (2011)


Lenguas Largas "I Feel" from Lenguas Largas (2017)










Les Thugs "I Love You So" from I.A.B.F (1991)


Kindling "Destroy Yrself" from Hush (2017)


Mercury Girls "All That Heaven Allows" from Ariana - Single (2016)


Los Punsetes "Mabuse" from ¡Viva! (2017)


Futuro Terror "Precipicio" from Precipicio (2017)











Surf Dads "Found Yourself in Thailand" from Summer Vacation - EP (2016)


Obits "One Cross Apiece" from One Cross Apiece / Put It in Writing - Single (2008)


The Detroit Cobras "This Old Heart" from Life, Love, and Leaving (2001)


The Detroit Cobras "Cha Cha Twist" from Mink Rat or Rabbit (1998)


The Detroit Cobras "I Wanna Holler (But the Town's Too Small)" from Baby (2004)










Big Eyes "Back From The Moon" from Back from the Moon - Single (2012)


Sleeper Agent "Get It Daddy" from Celabrasion (2011)


Charly Bliss "Percolator" from Guppy (2017)


Soft Swells "Go On" from Be Young (2017)











Blondie "Long Time" from Pollinator (2017)


Sweet Spirit "Baby When I Close My Eyes" from Cokomo (2015)


Portugal. The Man "Feel It Still" from Feel It Still - Single (2017)


Howlies "Angeline" from Trippin' With Howlies  (2009)










Grinderman "Palaces of Montezuma" from Grinderman 2 (2010)


Sorry "Showgirl" from Showgirl - Single (2018)


Xiu Xiu "Sharp Dressed Man" from Xiu Xiu / (r) - Single (2017)


Pussycats "Mongoloid" from Playin' Dirty (1998)











The Pharmacy "Dig Your Grave" from Stoned & Alone (2012)


The Garden "Vexation" from Haha (2015)


Oh No Oh My "I Love You All the Time" from Oh No! Oh My! (2006)


Brazilian Girls "Never Met a German" from Talk To La Bomb (2006)


Juniper Moon "¿Volverás?" from El Resto de Mi Vida (2002)










Guided By Voices "Teenage FBI" from Do the Collapse (1999)


Nada Surf "Tree House" from High / Low (1996)


The Only Ones "City of Fun" from The Only Ones (1978)


Subculture "The Kids Don't Dance" from The Kids Don't Dance - Single (2019)


The Maharajas "Don't Wanna Lose You" from A Third Opinion (2005)


Jan 2022

Never Underestimate The Lure Of Nostalgia




Since I’m still a little hesitant about jumping into 2022, we’re going to take a look back at the music of 2002.

That’s 20 years ago, kids, officially putting these songs in the “retro” category.

WRIR wasn’t around in 2002, only getting on the air a few years later in 2005, but I’d like to think this is what a POP Goes The World show would have sounded like in 2002 had WRIR been around then.

We’ll see how many of these songs stood the test of time and held up.





LCD Soundsystem "Losing My Edge" from Losing My Edge - Single (2002)











The Notwist "One With the Freaks" from Neon Golden (2002)


The Flaming Lips "Do You Realize?" from Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (2002)


Badly Drawn Boy "Something to Talk About" from Something to Talk About - Single (2002)


French Kicks "Close to Modern" from One Time Bells (2002)













Fischerspooner "Emerge" from Emerge - EP (2002)


Eels "Fresh Feeling" from Souljacker (2002)


Doves "Words" from The Last Broadcast (2002)


The Music "Getaway" from The Music (2002)


Junior Senior "Move Your Feet" from D-D-Don't Don't Stop the Beat (2002)













Tullycraft "Twee" from Beat Surf Fun (2002)


The Coral "Dreaming of You" from The Coral (2002)


Hot Hot Heat "Bandages" from Make Up the Breakdown (2002)


Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Machine" from Machine - Single (2002)


Gogol Bordello "When The Trickster Starts A-Poking (Bordello Kind Of Guy)" from Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony (2002)













The Polyphonic Spree "Light & Day / Reach for the Sun" from The Beginning Stages Of... (2002)


Sparks "Suburban Homeboy" from Lil' Beethoven (2002)


Spoon "The Way We Get By" from Kill the Moonlight (2002)


Los Super Elegantes "Je Suis Bien" from Channelizing Paradise (2002)


The Raveonettes "Beat City" from Whip It On (2002)













Nada Surf "The Way You Wear Your Head" from Let Go (2002)


Supergrass "Rush Hour Soul" from Life On Other Planets (2002)


Idlewild "You Held the World In Your Arms" from The Remote Part (2002)


The Vines "Outtathaway" from Highly Evolved (2002)


The Libertines "Up the Bracket" from Up the Bracket (2002)













The Mooney Suzuki "I Woke Up This Mornin'" from Electric Sweat (2002)


Interpol "PDA" from Turn On the Bright Lights (2002)


Bleu "I Won't Go Hollywood" from Redhead (2002)


The Flaming Stars "A Little Bit Like You" from Sunset & Void (2002)













Iron & Wine "Upward Over the Mountain" from The Creek Drank the Cradle 2002


Jan 2022

Proceed With Caution……The Best Of 2021





Talk Show Host

"You Asshole!" from Mid-Century Modern (2021)


The Mysterines

"Hung Up" from Reeling (2021)


The Beaches

"Let's Go" from Future Lovers (2021)


Likaiset Pikkarit

"Seksipöksyt" (2021)











Melt Yourself Down

"Pray For Me I Don't Fit In" (2021)


Illuminati Hotties

"Mmmoooaaaaayaya" from Let Me Do One More (2021)


Wet Leg

"Chaise Longue" (2021)


Kills Birds

"Cough Up Cherries" from Married (2021)


Bleib Modern

"Bitter Smile" from Afraid to Leave (2021)











Dick Dudley

"Soft Boy" (2021)


Goat Girl

"The Crack" from On All Fours (2021)



"Do Yourself Some Good (Ronin Edit)" (2021)


La Femme

"Paradigme" from Paradigmes (2021)


The Lazy Eyes

"Where's My Brain???" (2021)











Sam Fender

"Get You Down" from Seventeen Going Under (2021)


Steve Rosenbaum

"72 Days" from Have A Cool Summer! (2021)


War in the West

"Alex Chilton" (2021)


The Brothers Steve

"Next Aquarius" from Dose (2021)



"Friends Without Names" from Friends Without Names (2021)











Bad Sex

"Miranda" (2021)



"Great Success" from Swell (2021)


Axolotes Mexicanos

"Verano En Espiral" from :3 (2021)


Latvian Radio

"Make Believe" from Phooey! (2021)



"Lagoon" from Debonair (2021)


The Mylars

"Magic" from Pop's Station - EP (2021)












"Usual Suspects" (2021)


GG King

"Remain Intact" from Remain Intact (2021)



"Never Gonna Wake (Up)" from The Seven Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues (2021)


The Pulsebeats

"(She Sings Like) Joey Ramone" 2021



"Pariskunnat" (2021)










Pj Sykes

"Weebles Wobble" from Fuzz (2021)


Dec 2021

Commando Christmas




Enzo will only "loosely" enforce this rule for the duration of the show.



The Futureheads "Christmas Was Better In The 80s" from Christmas Was Better In The 80s - Single (2010)


The Vandals "Oi to the World!" from Oi to the World (1996)


Julian Casablancas "I Wish It Was Christmas Today" from Phrazes for the Young (2009)


Bad Religion "Little Drummer Boy" from Christmas Songs (2013)















Glam Chops "Countdown to Christmas" from Festivus (2012)


Pointed Sticks "Power Pop Santa" from Christmas Single - Single (2012)


Pezband "Baby it's Cold Outside" from Pezband (1977)


The Grip Weeds "Christmas, Bring Us" from Under the Influence of Christmas (2011)
















The Ravers "(It's Gonna Be A) Punk Rock Christmas" from Tales From the Rhino (1994)


Me First and The Gimme Gimmes "Favorite Things" from Are a Drag (1999)


Voodoo Glow Skulls "Feliz Navidad" from Baile De Los Locos (1997)


The Ergs "Linus & Lucy" from Hindsight Is 20​/​20, My Friend (2008)


Thurl Ravenscroft & Boris Karloff "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" from Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966)















Rebel Cats "Santa Claus Llego A La Ciudad" from Navidad Rock-A-Billy (2009)


JD McPherson "Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights)" from Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights) - Single (2012)


The Blue Hawaiians "We Four King (Little Drummer Boy)" from Christmas On the Big Island (1995)


The Waking Hours "Winter Wonderland" from A Very Waking Hours Christmas


Roar "Christmas Kids" from I Can't Handle Change (2010)















The Crookes "It's Just Christmas Without You" from It's Just Christmas Without You (2009)


Hurts "All I Want for Christmas Is New Year's Day" from Happiness (2010)


Rosie Thomas "Why Can't It Be Christmastime All Year" from A Very Rosie Christmas (2008)


The Boy Least Likely To "A Happy Christmas Baby" from Christmas Special (2010)


Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers "Abominable Snowman In The Market" from Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers (1976)















Kenny Vance & The Planotones "Mr. Santa" from Mr. Santa (2012)


Little Isidore "Party Hard" from The Christmas Gig: Two Thousand Ten (2010)


Little Jackie "Mrs.Claus Ain't Got Nothin' On Me" from The Christmas Gig: Two Thousand Ten (2010)


Brendan Hanlon & The Bat Men "Christmas Party" from Norton Records Presents the Wild Sounds of Christmas (2016)


Flat Duo Jets "I'll Have a Merry Christmas Without You" from I'll Have a Merry Christmas Without You (1994)















Tape Deck Mountain "Christmas Time is Here Again" from Christmas Was A Total Bummer (2010)


Minotaurs "Don't Save It All For Christmas Day" from Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada 4 (2012)


Analog Bell Service "Greedy Kids Can't Sleep" from The Eggnog Experience (2009)


The Flaming Lips "Christmas At the Zoo" from Clouds Taste Metallic (1995)















Fun. "Believe In Me" from Believe In Me - Single (2009)


The dB's "Holiday Spirit" from The dB's & Friends: Christmas Time Again! (2006)


Darker My Love "Snow is Falling" from The Christmas Gig: Two Thousand Ten (2010)


Wintersleep "Little drummer boy" from Little Drummer Boy (2011)















The Magnetic Fields "Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree" from Realism (2010)


Craig Wedren "Lollie Holiday" from Lollie Holiday


Dec 2021

Earth Boring



Man, alien graffiti sure is harsh.





The Amber Squad "Can We Go Dancing" from Arewehavinganotherinhereorwhat? (2008)


The Mylars "Magic" from Magic (2021)


The Eastern Dark "Johnny and Dee Dee" from Where Are All the Single Girls? (2000)


The Merton Parkas "Face In the Crowd" from Face In the Crowd / Gi's It (2007)










Makin' Time "Here Is My Number" from Rhythm! The Complete Countdown Recordings (2012)


The Directions "Three Bands Tonite" from Weekend Dancers (1980)


The Outcasts "Angel Face" from 1978-85 (2020)


The Barracudas "I Want My Woody Back" from Two Sides of a Coin 1979-84 (2009)


Nutmeg "And In England They're Going Mental" from And In England They're Going Mental (1987)











The Wasps "Something to Tell You" from Punkyronics (2020)


The Vibrators "Judy Says (Knock You In the Head)" from Batteries Included (1980)


Cartoon Rockers "Prostitute" from 7" (1984)


Hard-Ons "Just Being With You" from Suck And Swallow : 25 Years 25 Songs (2009)


Parasites "When I'm Here With You" from Retro-Pop Remasters (2009)











The Drones "Be My Baby" from The Albums (2020)


The Stiffs "Inside Out" from 7" (1979)


The Boys "Tcp" from The Punk Rock Anthology (2008)


Dogs "The Most Forgotten French Boy" from Short, Fast & Tight (2001)


The Dodgems "Science Fiction (Baby You're So)" from 7" (1979)











Flamin' Groovies "When I Heard Your Name" from At Full Speed... The Complete Sire Recordings (2006)


Those Naughty Lumps "Down At The Zoo" from Down At The Zoo EP (1980)


Fingerprintz "Fingerprince" from The Very Dab (1979)


Alex Chilton "Sugar Sugar / I Got the Feelin'" from Free Again: The "1970" Sessions (2011)











The Celibate Rifles "Tubular Greens" from Platters Du Jour (1990)


The Lemonheads "Ever" from Lick (1989)


The Meanies "It's True" from Waiting for You - Single (2019)


The 222s "I Love Susan" from I Love Susan - Single (2012)


Trusty "Kathy's Keen" from Kathy's Keen - Single (1992)











The Cramps "Peter Gunn" from Big Beat From Badsville (2014)


Travis Bretzer "Hurts So Bad" from Making Love (2013)


Djunah "Mirrors for Narcissists" from Ex Voto (2019)


M.O.T.O. "Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance to the Radio" from KILL MOTO (2003)











The Nipple Erectors "King of the Bop" from Bops, Babes, Booze & Bovver (2012)


Blitz "Strange Boy" from We're Ok Sod You - Single (2017)


Likaiset Pikkarit "Seksipöksyt" from Seksipöksyt (2021)











Sexton Ming "You Can't Polish A Turd" from Old Horse Of The Nation (1987)


Dec 2021

My Second Favorite ”F” Word




Can you guess what my favorite "F" word is?

(yes, that's a rhetorical question)




Spizzenergi "Work" from 1978-1988 A Decade of Spizz History (1980)


The Suicide Commandos "Real Cool" from Make a Record (1978


The Felines "Jack & Coke" from Want! (2014)


Plumtree "Go!" from Predicts the Future (2003)















Los Abandoned "Van Nuys (Es Very Nice)" from Mix Tape (2006)


Airbag "Ladrones de Cuerpos" from Gotham Te Necesita (2015)


The Maltese "Heroine" from Suncrush (2015)


Suzi Quatro "I Wanna Be Your Man" from Suzi Quatro (1973)















Splitsville "Here Come the Bastards" from Ultrasound (1997)


Spring King "Can I?" from Demons (2014)


Sick Sad World "Sweet Glory" from Fear and Lies (2015)


The Sights "Got What I Want" from Got What We Want (2019)


The Flaming Sideburns "Shake-In" from White Trash Soul (2001)









The Critics "6AM" from Noise and Popularity (2009)


Hey Elbow "Rael" from Every Other (2015)


Carousels "Sweet Honey" from Pop (2012)


Ash "Machinery" from Kablammo! (2015)


Ted Leo and the Pharmacists "Parallel or Together" from The Tyranny of Distance (2012)









Figurines "Cheap Place to Spend the Night" from When the Deer Wore Blue (2007)


Rococo "Follow That Car" from The Firestorm and Other Love Songs (1978)


Yachts "Suffice to Say" from Yachts (1979)


Easy Money "Standing In Your Shadow" from Single (1980)


The Cold "Three Chord City" from Three Chord City (1997)


Impo & the Tents "Peek After a Poke" from Peek After a Poke (2014)









The BellRays "Beginning From The End" from Have A Little Faith (2006)


Wand "Self Hypnosis in 3 Days" from Golem (2015)


The Presidents of the United States of America "Man (Opposable Thumb)" from Pure Frosting (1998)


The Maccabees "Marks to Prove It" from Marks to Prove It (2015)









The Works "The Chandelier" from Best Served Rare (2009)


The Murder City Devils "Every Day I Rise" from Every Day I Rise - Single (2012)


Radioactivity "Battered" from Silent Kill (2015)


Marvelous Darlings "I Don't Wanna Go to the Party" from Single Life (2011)


Masked Intruder "The Most Beautiful Girl" from M.I. (2014)









The Hexxers "Bones By My Bedside" from Freaks With the Savage Beat (2004)


The Happy Thoughts "Sweet Dirty Love" from The Happy Thoughts (2011)


Green Buzzard "(I Don't Wanna) Break Your Heart" from (I Don't Wanna) Break Your Heart (2016)


The Young Fresh Fellows "Rock'n'roll Pest Control" from Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific Northwest/Topsy Turvy (1989)


Dec 2021

Chocolate Glazed Angst!




(where my real inspiration comes from)







Fabulous Poodles "Convent Girls" from Unsuitable (1978)


The Favourites "Angelica" from New Feeling (2017)


Private Dicks "She Said Go" from 7" (1979)


Barreracudas "Young and Dumb" from Promises - Single (2014)










The Late Show "Sha La La (Wake Me When You're Done)" from Sha la La (2018)


Dan Miraldi "Record Collection" from Sugar & Adrenaline (2012)


Venigmas "Turn the Light Out" from Turn the Light Out (2007)


The Brothers Steve "Next Aquarius" from Dose (2021)


The Bats "Jewellers Heart" from Compiletely Bats (1990)










The Freshies "Tell Her I'm Ill" from Remembering the Freshies (2010)


The Amber Squad "I Can't Put My Finger On You" from Arewehavinganotherinhereorwhat? (2008)


Terry & Louie "(I'm) Looking for a Heart" from ... A Thousand Guitars (2018)


THE WIMPY'S "Isolation" from Best Selection (2020)


Latvian Radio "Make Believe" from Phooey! (2021)










The Neighborhoods "Prettiest Girl" from 7" (1979)


The Honeydogs "Sour Grapes" from Here's Luck (2000)


Jordan Jones "Be My Baby" from Jordan Jones (2019)


Baby Shakes "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" from Cause a Scene (2019)


The Number Ones "You're so Happy I Could Cry" from Another Side of the Number Ones - EP (2018)










The Waldos "Seven Day Weekend" from Rent Party (2011)


The Interrupters "Gave You Everything" from Fight the Good Fight (2018)


The Pulsebeats "(She Sings Like) Joey Ramone" from (She Sings Like) Joey Ramone - Single (2021)


Fast Cars "The Kids Just Wanna Dance" from Coming... Ready or Not! (2008)


The Business "Out In the Cold" from Official Bootleg 1980 - 81 (2007)


The Rivals "Here Comes the Night" from ...If Only (2008)










The Cry "Toys in the Attic" from Dangerous Game (2014)


Sorrows "Teenage Heartbreak" from Bad Times Good Times (2010)


The Fans "You Don't Live Here Any More" from You Don't Live Here Any More (Remastered) - Single (1980)


Pointed Sticks "Marching Song" from Perfect Youth (2005)


The Whiffs "I Need You Here" from Take a Whiff (2017)










The Knickerbockers "One Track Mind" from Knickerbockerism! Hits, Rarities, Unissued Cuts and More... (1997)


The Black Belles "Lies" from What Can I Do? - Single (2009)


The Quick "It Won't Be Long" from Mondo Deco (1976)


Lyres "She Pays The Rent" from Lyres Lyres (1986)


The Nerves "TV Adverts" from The Nerves - Single (2009)










Manual Scan "Plan of Action" from All Night Stand: The Best of Manual Scan 1980-1992


The Anemic Boyfriends "Fake I.D." from Fake I.D. / Bad Girls In Love - Single 2019


Nov 2021

Less Black Friday! More Black Francis!




Continuing my yearly quest to drown my justifiable contempt for that most heinous of American traditions, Black Friday.  







Frank Black "Freedom Rock" from Teenager of the Year (1994)


Bob Mould "Sunshine Rock" from Sunshine Rock (2019)


Jay Reatard "Wounded" from Watch Me Fall (2009)


Pixies "River Euphrates (Version Two)" from Complete "B" Sides (2001)













Asphalt Orchestra "Bone Machine" from Asphalt Orchestra Plays Pixies: Surfer Rosa (2014)


La Malice "Where Is My Mind" from Que des tubes (Compilation) (2014)


楊海崧 "Monkey Gone to Heaven" from Monkey Gone to Heaven - Single (2021)


DRUMKAN "Alec Eiffel" from Alec Eiffel - Single (1992)


Asphalt Orchestra "Something Against You" from Asphalt Orchestra Plays Pixies: Surfer Rosa (2014)













Ben Lee "Pop Queen" from Grandpaw Would (1995)


Pete Yorn "Here Comes Your Man (feat. Liz Phair)" from Pete Yorn Sings the Classics (2021)


The Raveonettes "Love In a Trashcan" from Pretty In Black (2005)


Richard Swift "The Bully" from Ground Trouble Jaw (2008)


Sub K & The Savage "Monkey Gone to Heaven" from Coffin Jukebox (2016)













The Hanged Man and the Moon "Here Comes Your Man" from Redoo (2012)


Glowbug "Where Is My Mind" from Covered In Lights (2011)


Vundabar "Oulala" from Gawk (2015)


The Elevator Drops "Space Song" from People Mover (1997)


Mad Staring Eyes "Radio Is Killing Me" from Bored of Looking Cool (2008)













Bonfire Madigan "Monkey Gone To Heaven" from Pixies Fuckin' Die! (A Tribute) (1999)


TV On The Radio "Mr. Greives" from Young Liars - EP (2003)


Shiko Shiko "Wave of Mutilation" from Redoo (2012)


Nilüfer Yanya "Hey" from Extraordinary Renditions (2016)


Reel Big Fish "Gigantic" from Where Is My Mind? - A Tribute to the Pixies (1999)













Le Duc Factory "Debaser" from Redoo (2012)


Bunnies "Alec Eiffel" from Dig for Fire - A Tribute to Pixies (2007)


Pixies "Trompe le Monde" from Trompe le Monde (1991)


Frank Black "Los Angeles" from Frank Black (1993)


Jeff the Brotherhood "Hey Friend" from We Are the Champions (2011)













The Evens "Cut from the Cloth" from Get Evens (2006)


Nada Surf "Where Is My Mind" from Where Is My Mind - Single (1999)


Frank Black Francis "Monkey Gone To Heaven" from Frank Back Francis (2004)


Nov 2021

Popped if you do. Popped if you don‘t.




.... either way, you're popped!





The Members "Handling the Big Jets" from Sound of the Suburbs (1995)


The Swingers "One Good Reason" from Counting the Beat (1981)


Young Marble Giants "Brand New Life" from Colossal Youth (1980)


The Reels "Love Will Find a Way" from The Reels - EP (1979)














Sunshine "Two Hundred Grand" from Sunshine (2013)


Xray Eyeballs "X" from Splendor Squalor (2012)


XTC "Making Plans for Nigel" from Live In Concert, 1980 (1992)


The Hotrats "The Lovecats" from Turn Ons (2020)















Amy Rigby "Dancing With Joey Ramone" from Little Fugitive (2005)


Kurt Baker "Hanging On The Telephone" from Got It Covered (2010)


The Monks "Love In Stereo" from Bad Habits (1979)


Pabst "Legal Tender" from Deuce Ex Machina (2020)


Brand New "I Am a Nightmare" from I Am a Nightmare (2016)














Wanderlust "Pornographic Version of You" from Record Time (2012)


Bike Thiefs "You're Allowed Your Feelings" from Leaking (2020)


Tsunami Bomb "Take the Reigns" from The Ultimate Escape (2002)


TRAAMS "A House on Fire" from A House on Fire - Single (2016)














Marvelous 3 "You're So Yesterday" from Hey! Album (1999)


The Fire Apes "3 O'clock (So Long)" from A Life In Letters (2011)


Ulysses "April Showers" from Kill You Again (2013)


Van Go "I Wish I Could Be Grateful" from Everyone Loves You When You're Gone (2018)


Herzog "Mad Men" from Mad Men (2014)














20/20 "Cheri" from 20/20 (1979)


The Popdogs "Kissin' Alicia" from Cool Cats for Pop Dogs (2013)


Superdrag "Phaser" from Regretfully Yours (1996)


School of Fish "Everyword" from Human Cannonball (2006)


Superchunk "The First Part" from Foolish (1994)














The Legends "Trouble Loves Me" from Up Against the Legends (2003)


Swag "Please Don't Tell" from Catch-All (2001)


The Redcoats "You Had No Right" from Meet the Redcoats (2011)


Ellie Pop "Seems I've Changed" from Ellie Pop (2014)














The Fleshtones "Comin' Home Baby" from Brooklyn Sound Solution (2011)


Hooded Fang "Wasteland" from Gravez (2013)


Nov 2021

Let‘s Connect In A Fake Way That Feels Real





Car Seat Headrest "Fill in the Blank" from Teens of Denial (2016)


Triptides "Wake" from Azur (2015)


Morgan Delt "Some Sunsick Day" from Phase Zero (2016)


Marching Church "King of Song" from This World Is Not Enough (2016)











Iceage "The Lord's Favorite" from Plowing into the Field of Love (2014)


Sweet Spirit "Baby When I Close My Eyes" from Cokomo (2015)


Bueno "Oh Lord I'm Confused" from Illuminate Your Room (2016)


Shilpa Ray "Shilpa Ray on Broadway" from Last Year's Savage (2015)


Sabina "Viva l'amour" from Toujours (2014)


Jacqueline Taïeb "7 am" from The French Mademoiselle (2002)











Blumfeld "Verstärker" from L'etat et moi (2006)


Haley Boner "Kismet Kill" from Impossible Dream (2016)


Grinderman "Palaces of Montezuma" from Grinderman 2 (2010)


Matt Berry "Theme from Snuff Box" from Theme to Snuff Box (2013)


Rey Pila "Alexander" from The Future Sugar (2015)











The Waking Hours "New Revolution" from How Does It Feel (2008)


The Garden "Vexation" from Haha (2015)


Naked Giants "Ya ya" from R.I.P. - EP (2016)


Flesh Panthers "The Lotus Eaters" from Willows Weep (2016)











Bauhaus "Third Uncle" from The Sky's Gone Out (1982)


Life Without Buildings "PS Exclusive" from Any Other City (2014)


Magazine "Shot By Both Sides" from Real Life (1978)


In Flagranti "Pick a Trick" from Brash & Vulgar (2009)


Lumerians "Burning Mirrors" from Transmalinnia (2011)











Acid Dad "Don't Get Taken" from Let's Plan a Robbery - EP (2016)


Frankie and the Witch Fingers "Revival" from Frankie and the Witch Fingers (2015)


The Dirtbombs "Underdog" from Ulltraglide In Black (2001)


White Denim "At Night in Dreams" from Corsicana Lemonade (2013)


Upper Wilds "Roy Sullivan" from Guitar Module 2017 (2017)











Meat Wave "Brother" from S / T (2012)


Here Lies Man "When I Come To" from Here Lies Man (2017)


WYLDLIFE "Contraband" from Out on Your Block (2017)


Ezra Furman & The Harpoons "Take Off Your Sunglasses" from Inside the Human Body (2008)


The Remains "Say You're Sorry" from The Remains (1965)


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