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POP Goes The World!

Aug 2021

….and then there’s that.

August 28, 2021








The Cavedogs

"Leave Me Alone" from Joy Rides For Shut-Ins (1990)


Nada Surf

"The Way You Wear Your Head" from Let go (2002)


Brendan Benson

"A Whole Lot Better" from My Old, Familiar Friend (2009)


Title Tracks

"Every Little Bit Hurts" from It Was Easy (2010)











The M's

"Plan of the Man" from Future Women (2006)



"The Good In Everyone" from One Chord to Another (1996)



"Interstate 5" from Setting the Paces (2009)



"Gabrielle" from Shinola, Vol. 1 (2005)


Diamond Nights

"Destination Diamonds" from Popsicle (2005)











Material Issue

"What If I Killed Your Boyfriend" from Telecommando Americano (1997)


The Undertones

"Jimmy Jimmy" from The Undertones (1979)


The Speedies

"Let Me Take Your Photo" from Speedy Delivery (2007)



"Punkrocker (feat. Iggy Pop)" from Soft Machine (2006)


The Vines

"Don't Listen to the Radio" from Vision Valley (2006)











The Boomtown Rats

"Nice n Neat" from The Fine Art of Surfacing (1979)



"Are You Receiving Me?" from Go 2 (1978)


The Jam

"Saturday's Kids" from Setting Sons (1979)


The Vapors

"Prisoners" from Turning Japanese - Best of the Vapors (1996)



"Drummer Man" from Drummer Man











The Plimsouls

"Lie, Beg, Borrow and Steal" from Everywhere at Once (1992)


Paul Collins' Beat

"Look But Don't Touch" from The Beat (1979)


Mother's Children

"What's Your Problem Now?" from Are You Tough Enough (2011)


Sonic Avenues

"Girls With Pearls" from Sonic Avenues (2009)


Magic Kids

"Superball" from Memphis (2010)











The View

"Comin' Down" from Hats Off To the Buskers (2007)


The Strypes

"Perfect storm" from Snapshot (2014)


Fuzzy Vox

"1789" from 1789 - Single (2014)


The Hives

"Die, All Right!" from Veni Vidi Vicious (2000)











The Mooney Suzuki

"Half of my heart" from People Get Ready (2000)


The Night Marchers

"Tropical Depression" from Allez! allez! (2013)


Rats On Rafts

"Powder Monkey" from Powder Monkey - Single (2015)


Hot Snakes

"Plenty for All" from Audit In Progress (2004)


The Rubinoos

"Rock and Roll is Dead" from The Rubinoos (1977)











The Evil Eye

"vicious circle" from Vicious Circle - Single (2011)


Bare Wires

"I Love You Tonight" from Seeking Love (2010)



"Do You Wanna Dance" from Rocket to Russia (1977)


White Reaper

"Cool" from White Reaper - EP (2014)


Terry Malts

"Something About You" from Killing Time (2012)