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POP Goes The World!

Sep 2021

PGTW Salutes The Class of 2025…..

September 4, 2021




....... for better or for worse.





Mando Diao

"Long Before Rock 'N Roll (Live)" from The Malevolence Of Mando Diao (2002)


New York Dolls

"Dance Like a Monkey" from One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This (2006)


The Strypes

"Monkey" from Snapshot (2014)


The Detroit Cobras

"Right Around the Corner" from Life, Love and Leaving (2001)











The Spitfires

"So Long" from A Thousand Times (2016)


The Arrivals

"Simple Pleasures in America" from Volatile Molotov (2010)


Telephone Lovers

"Gone for the Summer" from Telephone Lovers (2017)


Radio Birdman

"Zeno Beach" from Zeno Beach (2006)











Skinny Lister

"Trouble on Oxford Street" from Down on Deptford Broadway (2015)



"You Probably Won't Die for a While" from Holiday Food (2017)


The Soft Pack

"Answer to Yourself" from The Soft Pack (2020)


The Breakers

"Dance The Go-Go" from Here For A Laugh (2006)


The Wolfmen

"Needle In the Camel's Eye" from Modernity Killed Every Night (2008)












"Figuring It Out" from Drive North (2016)


The Frights

"You Are Going to Hate This" from You Are Going To Hate This (2016)



"Alien Blues" from Gawk (2015)


Beach Goons

"Reservoir Dawgs" from Boisad (2016)











No Vacation

"Dream Girl" from Summer Break Mixtape - Single (2015)


Hot Flash Heat Wave

"Gutter Girl" from Neapolitan (2015)


The Shivas

"You Make Me Wanna Die" from You Know What to Do (2014)



"Man in the Sixties" from Quiet Dreamer (2014)


The Buttertones

"Orpheus Under the Influence" from Buttertones (2014)











The (International) Noise Conspiracy

"Smash It up!" from Survival Sickness (2000)


Department of Eagles

"Teenagers" from In Ear Park (2008)


Lift To Experience

"Just as Was Told" from The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads (2017)


The Monks

"Drugs In My Pocket" from Bad Habits (1979)


The Specials "Friday Night, Saturday Morning" from More Specials (1980)


The Stranglers

"Nice 'N' Sleazy" from Black and White (2001)












"Prince of Tacoma" from Setting the Paces (2009)


White Reaper

"Half Bad" from White Reaper (2014)


Royal Headache

"Another World" from High (2015)


Middle Class Rut

"Usa" from No Name No Color (2010)











A House

"Here Come the Good Times" from Wide Eyed and Ignorant (1994)



"House of Fun" from Madness (1983)


The Housemartins

"Freedom" from London 0 Hull 4 (1986)