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POP Goes The World!

Sep 2021

Keepin‘ It Simple

September 18, 2021





Carmen Costa "Los Viejos Vinagres (feat. Jessy Bulbo & Uili Damage)" from Los Viejos Vinagres (feat. Jessy Bulbo & Uili Damage) - Single (2015)


Blumfeld "Verstärker" from L'etat et moi (2006)


Abwärts "Computerstaat" from Amok Koma (1980)


Go-Kart Mozart "White Stilettos In the Sand" from On the Hot Dog Streets (2012)











Texxcoco "Sunset Eyes" from Psychonaut (2016)


The BellRays "Black Lightning" from Black Lightning (2013)


The Cynics "I Need More" from Spinning Wheel Motel (2011)


Guadalupe Plata "Baby Me Vuelves Loco" from Guadalupe Plata - EP (2009)


MFC Chicken "Royal We" from Music for Chicken (2012)











Brighton 64 "Modernista" from Modernista (2015)


Biznaga "Una Ciudad Cualquiera" from Sentido del Espectáculo (2017)


Futuro Terror "Urgentes" from Precipicio (2017)


Utopians "Trastornados" from Trastornados (2012)


Los Punsetes "Mabuse" from ¡Viva! (2017)











Mono No Aware "井戸育ち" from Jinsei, Yamaori Taniori (2017)


THE ORAL CIGARETTES "Kyouran Hey Kids!!" from Fixion (2016)


Asian Kung-Fu Generation "Re:Re:" from Best Hit AKG 2 (2012-2018) (2018)


Tokyo Explode "Suffragette City" from Rocker Boyfriend - Single (2004)


The Neanderthals "Space Oddity" from The Neanderthals In Space (2005)











The Hillbilly Moon Explosion "Can't Take My Eyes off You (feat. Mark Sparky Phillips)" from The Sparky Sessions (feat. Mark Sparky Phillips) (2019)


Granville "Nancy Sinatra" from Les voiles (2013)


Chorusgirl "Girls of 1926" from Chorusgirl (2015)


Triangulo de Amor Bizarro "Baila Sumeria" from Salve Discordia (2016)


Neuman "Turn It" from If (2014)











Bigott "Cannibal Dinner" from The Orinal Soundtrack (2011)


Cycle "Saturday Girl" from Dance All Over (2015)


Hund am Strand "Jungen Mädchen" from Adieu Sweet Bahnhof (2005)


Belako "Sea of Confusion" from Eurie (2013)


Los Retrovisores "Mentiras" from Sonido Joanic (2016)


Los Vinagres "Chibichanga" from Los volcanes (2018)











Giuda "Number 10" from Racey Roller (2012)


Los Colorados "Let It Be" from Move It! (2012)