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Sep 2021

”Free Thinking Is Unpatriotic”

September 11, 2021







WYLDLIFE "Kiss and Tell" from Kiss and Tell - Single (2020)


The Distillers "Drain the Blood" from Coral Fang (2003)


The Interrupters "Title Holder" from Fight the Good Fight (2018)


Even In Blackouts "I Can See Clearly Now" from Fall of the House of Even (2006)









UV Rays "Flowerhead" from Try and Begin - EP (2019)


Bully "I Remember" from Feels Like (2015)


Julian Casablancas "Boy / Girl" from Boy / Girl - Single (2015)


Kills Birds "Volcano" from Kills Birds (2019)


Dazey and the Scouts "Wet" from Maggot (2017)









Stiff Richards "Point Of You" from State Of Mind (2020)


Bee Bee Sea "Telephone" from Day Ripper (2020)


The Mae Shi "Eat the Prize" from Heartbeeps (2005)


Tsunami Bomb "Take the Reigns" from The Ultimate Escape (2002)


Me First and The Gimme Gimmes "Jolene" from Love Their Country (2006)









BLITZ VEGA "Hey Christo" from Hey Christo - Single (2019)


Art Brut "Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out!" from Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out! (2018)


White Denim "Shake Shake Shake" from Fits (2009)


Grand Island "Oh, You Know Me Well" from Della Loved Steve (2013)


Deerhunter "Snakeskin" from Fading Frontier (2015)









No Age "Eraser" from Nouns (2008)


Monotonix "Lowest Dive" from Body Language - EP (2008)


Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. "The Quickening" from Catnip Dynamite (2020)


The Members "Handling the Big Jets" from Sound of the Suburbs - A Collection of the Members Finest (1995)


Satan's Pilgrims "The Godfather" from Plymouth Rock (2004)









Bad Manners "Lip Up Fatty" from Viva La Ska Revolution (1997)


Tim Timebomb "She's Drunk All the Time" from Tim Timebomb and Friends (2014)


The Slackers "Married Girl" from Redlight (1997)


The Vandals "My Girlfriend's Dead" from Hitler Bad, Vandals Good (1998)









The Figgs "Step Back Let's Go Pop" from Low-Fi at Society High (1994)


The Shivas "Playing On the Radio" from Dark Thoughts (2019)


Bad Sex "Miranda" from Miranda - Single (2021)


The Popdogs "Kissin' Alicia" from Cool Cats for Pop Dogs (2013)


The Swingers "It Ain't What You Dance It's the Way You Dance It" from Counting the Beat (1981)









Goat "Let It Bleed" from World Music (2012)


Westkust "Swirl" from Last Forever (2015)


Beatnik Filmstars "Curious Role Model" from Cat Scan Aces (2009)