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POP Goes The World!

Nov 2021

Less Black Friday! More Black Francis!




Continuing my yearly quest to drown my justifiable contempt for that most heinous of American traditions, Black Friday.  







Frank Black "Freedom Rock" from Teenager of the Year (1994)


Bob Mould "Sunshine Rock" from Sunshine Rock (2019)


Jay Reatard "Wounded" from Watch Me Fall (2009)


Pixies "River Euphrates (Version Two)" from Complete "B" Sides (2001)













Asphalt Orchestra "Bone Machine" from Asphalt Orchestra Plays Pixies: Surfer Rosa (2014)


La Malice "Where Is My Mind" from Que des tubes (Compilation) (2014)


楊海崧 "Monkey Gone to Heaven" from Monkey Gone to Heaven - Single (2021)


DRUMKAN "Alec Eiffel" from Alec Eiffel - Single (1992)


Asphalt Orchestra "Something Against You" from Asphalt Orchestra Plays Pixies: Surfer Rosa (2014)













Ben Lee "Pop Queen" from Grandpaw Would (1995)


Pete Yorn "Here Comes Your Man (feat. Liz Phair)" from Pete Yorn Sings the Classics (2021)


The Raveonettes "Love In a Trashcan" from Pretty In Black (2005)


Richard Swift "The Bully" from Ground Trouble Jaw (2008)


Sub K & The Savage "Monkey Gone to Heaven" from Coffin Jukebox (2016)













The Hanged Man and the Moon "Here Comes Your Man" from Redoo (2012)


Glowbug "Where Is My Mind" from Covered In Lights (2011)


Vundabar "Oulala" from Gawk (2015)


The Elevator Drops "Space Song" from People Mover (1997)


Mad Staring Eyes "Radio Is Killing Me" from Bored of Looking Cool (2008)













Bonfire Madigan "Monkey Gone To Heaven" from Pixies Fuckin' Die! (A Tribute) (1999)


TV On The Radio "Mr. Greives" from Young Liars - EP (2003)


Shiko Shiko "Wave of Mutilation" from Redoo (2012)


Nilüfer Yanya "Hey" from Extraordinary Renditions (2016)


Reel Big Fish "Gigantic" from Where Is My Mind? - A Tribute to the Pixies (1999)













Le Duc Factory "Debaser" from Redoo (2012)


Bunnies "Alec Eiffel" from Dig for Fire - A Tribute to Pixies (2007)


Pixies "Trompe le Monde" from Trompe le Monde (1991)


Frank Black "Los Angeles" from Frank Black (1993)


Jeff the Brotherhood "Hey Friend" from We Are the Champions (2011)













The Evens "Cut from the Cloth" from Get Evens (2006)


Nada Surf "Where Is My Mind" from Where Is My Mind - Single (1999)


Frank Black Francis "Monkey Gone To Heaven" from Frank Back Francis (2004)


Nov 2021

Popped if you do. Popped if you don‘t.




.... either way, you're popped!





The Members "Handling the Big Jets" from Sound of the Suburbs (1995)


The Swingers "One Good Reason" from Counting the Beat (1981)


Young Marble Giants "Brand New Life" from Colossal Youth (1980)


The Reels "Love Will Find a Way" from The Reels - EP (1979)














Sunshine "Two Hundred Grand" from Sunshine (2013)


Xray Eyeballs "X" from Splendor Squalor (2012)


XTC "Making Plans for Nigel" from Live In Concert, 1980 (1992)


The Hotrats "The Lovecats" from Turn Ons (2020)















Amy Rigby "Dancing With Joey Ramone" from Little Fugitive (2005)


Kurt Baker "Hanging On The Telephone" from Got It Covered (2010)


The Monks "Love In Stereo" from Bad Habits (1979)


Pabst "Legal Tender" from Deuce Ex Machina (2020)


Brand New "I Am a Nightmare" from I Am a Nightmare (2016)














Wanderlust "Pornographic Version of You" from Record Time (2012)


Bike Thiefs "You're Allowed Your Feelings" from Leaking (2020)


Tsunami Bomb "Take the Reigns" from The Ultimate Escape (2002)


TRAAMS "A House on Fire" from A House on Fire - Single (2016)














Marvelous 3 "You're So Yesterday" from Hey! Album (1999)


The Fire Apes "3 O'clock (So Long)" from A Life In Letters (2011)


Ulysses "April Showers" from Kill You Again (2013)


Van Go "I Wish I Could Be Grateful" from Everyone Loves You When You're Gone (2018)


Herzog "Mad Men" from Mad Men (2014)














20/20 "Cheri" from 20/20 (1979)


The Popdogs "Kissin' Alicia" from Cool Cats for Pop Dogs (2013)


Superdrag "Phaser" from Regretfully Yours (1996)


School of Fish "Everyword" from Human Cannonball (2006)


Superchunk "The First Part" from Foolish (1994)














The Legends "Trouble Loves Me" from Up Against the Legends (2003)


Swag "Please Don't Tell" from Catch-All (2001)


The Redcoats "You Had No Right" from Meet the Redcoats (2011)


Ellie Pop "Seems I've Changed" from Ellie Pop (2014)














The Fleshtones "Comin' Home Baby" from Brooklyn Sound Solution (2011)


Hooded Fang "Wasteland" from Gravez (2013)


Nov 2021

Let‘s Connect In A Fake Way That Feels Real





Car Seat Headrest "Fill in the Blank" from Teens of Denial (2016)


Triptides "Wake" from Azur (2015)


Morgan Delt "Some Sunsick Day" from Phase Zero (2016)


Marching Church "King of Song" from This World Is Not Enough (2016)











Iceage "The Lord's Favorite" from Plowing into the Field of Love (2014)


Sweet Spirit "Baby When I Close My Eyes" from Cokomo (2015)


Bueno "Oh Lord I'm Confused" from Illuminate Your Room (2016)


Shilpa Ray "Shilpa Ray on Broadway" from Last Year's Savage (2015)


Sabina "Viva l'amour" from Toujours (2014)


Jacqueline Taïeb "7 am" from The French Mademoiselle (2002)











Blumfeld "Verstärker" from L'etat et moi (2006)


Haley Boner "Kismet Kill" from Impossible Dream (2016)


Grinderman "Palaces of Montezuma" from Grinderman 2 (2010)


Matt Berry "Theme from Snuff Box" from Theme to Snuff Box (2013)


Rey Pila "Alexander" from The Future Sugar (2015)











The Waking Hours "New Revolution" from How Does It Feel (2008)


The Garden "Vexation" from Haha (2015)


Naked Giants "Ya ya" from R.I.P. - EP (2016)


Flesh Panthers "The Lotus Eaters" from Willows Weep (2016)











Bauhaus "Third Uncle" from The Sky's Gone Out (1982)


Life Without Buildings "PS Exclusive" from Any Other City (2014)


Magazine "Shot By Both Sides" from Real Life (1978)


In Flagranti "Pick a Trick" from Brash & Vulgar (2009)


Lumerians "Burning Mirrors" from Transmalinnia (2011)











Acid Dad "Don't Get Taken" from Let's Plan a Robbery - EP (2016)


Frankie and the Witch Fingers "Revival" from Frankie and the Witch Fingers (2015)


The Dirtbombs "Underdog" from Ulltraglide In Black (2001)


White Denim "At Night in Dreams" from Corsicana Lemonade (2013)


Upper Wilds "Roy Sullivan" from Guitar Module 2017 (2017)











Meat Wave "Brother" from S / T (2012)


Here Lies Man "When I Come To" from Here Lies Man (2017)


WYLDLIFE "Contraband" from Out on Your Block (2017)


Ezra Furman & The Harpoons "Take Off Your Sunglasses" from Inside the Human Body (2008)


The Remains "Say You're Sorry" from The Remains (1965)


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