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Oct 2021

POP In A Handbasket




Kicking off the halloween weekend!

Don't worry, I have plenty of handbaskets for everyone.

Hop in, it'll be a hell of a ride!





Sharon Needles "Everyday Is Halloween" from PG-13 (2013)


Placebo "Running Up That Hill" from Covers (2003)


Starlit "Modern Love" from She Was A Spicy She Wolf (2005)


Leningrad Cowboys "Play That Funky Music" from Zombies Paradise (2006)









Sea Power "Something Wicked" from The Decline of British Sea Power (2003)


M83 "Graveyard Girl" from Saturdays = Youth (2008)


White Lies "Death" from To Lose My Life (2009)


A Flock of Seagulls "Nightmares" from Listen (1983)


David Bowie "Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps)" from Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps) (1980)









The Cure "The Blood" from The Head On the Door (1985)


Codeine Velvet Club "The Black Roses" from Codeine Velvet Club (2009)


The Woggles "Dracula's Daughter" from Monster Party 2000 (2000)


Nekromantix "Who Killed the Cheerleader" from Return of the Loving Dead (2002)









The Reverend Horton Heat "The Devil's Chasing Me" from The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds of the Reverend Horton Heat (1993)


Johnny Otis "Castin' My Spell" from The Capitol Years (1989)


Lily Allen "Straight To Hell" from War Child Presents Heroes (2009)


Wild Beasts "The Devil's Crayon" from Limbo, Panto (2008)









The Wood Brothers "Postcards From Hell" from Loaded (2008)


Robyn Hitchcock "The Devil's Radio" from Moss Elixir (1996)


Tom Waits "The Black Rider" from Beautiful Maladies - The Island Years (1998)


The White Stripes "Catch Hell Blues" from Icky Thump (2007)


22-20s "Devil In Me" from 22-20s (2004)


Pixies "Dead" from Doolittle (1989)









The Birthday Party "Release the Bats" from Junkyard (1982)


Thee Oh Sees "Devil Again" from Singles Collection, Vol. 3 (2013)


Go Getters "Welcome to My Hell" from Hot Rod Roadeo (2008)


Ezra Furman "Tell Em All to Go to Hell" from Day of the Dog (2013)









The Rocky Horror Picture Show "The Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)


The Five Blobs "The Blob" from Halloween Classics: The Evil, The Demented, and The Just Plain Weird (2007)


Oct 2021

Here’s to the little station that could!





The Damned "Love Song" from Machine Gun Etiquette (1979)


Slaughterhouse 5 "You're Not So Beautiful" from Wide Open (1993)


The Riverdales "Outta Sight" from Riverdales (1995)


Ramones "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue" from Ramones (1976)


Baby Bee "High Heel Leather Boots" from The Shaker (2013)












Fishbone "Sunless Saturday" from The Reality of My Surroundings (1991)


Sparks "This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us" from Kimono My House (1974)


Cabbage "I Was a Teenage Insect" from Amanita Pantherina (2020)












Bee Bee Sea "Day Ripper" from Day Ripper (2020)


Ted Leo and the Pharmacists "Gimme the Wire" from The Brutalist Bricks (2010)


Golden Fang "The Ghosts Of Your Golden Age" from Lucky Money Sunshine (2018)


Chainsaw Kittens "Mother (Of the Ancient Birth)" from Violent Religion (1990)












The Slickee Boys "Gotta Tell Me Why" from Here To Stay (1982)


U.K. Subs "She's Not There" from Greatest (2012)


Pixies "Something Against You" from Surfer Rosa (1988)












Red Dons "Pariah" from Fake Meets Failure (2010)


The Dialated Pupils "White Night" from White Night


The Bloody Hollies "The Rain" from Who to Trust, Who to Kill, Who to Love (2007)


Brimstone Howl "Heart Attack" from Guts of Steel (2007)












Bare Wires "Nice to Know You" from Seeking Love (2010)


The Star Spangles "I Live for Speed" from Bazooka!!! (2003)


Naked Raygun "Home" from Raygun...Naked Raygun (1990)


Bad Religion "Stranger Than Fiction" from Stranger Than Fiction (1994)












Latte+ "I Miss You" from Next To Ruin (2020)


Fuzzy Vox "I Got a Girl" from No Landing Plan (2017)


Royal Bangs "Poison Control" from Let It Beep (2009)


The Lillingtons "War of the Worlds" from Death By Television (2005)












Hunkpapas "Eh Vous Les Fous!" from LAISSEZ


Voodoo Glow Skulls "Charlie Brown" from Firme (1996)


The Specials "Monkey Man" from The Specials (1980)


Talk Show Host "You Asshole!" from Mid-Century Modern (2021)


Oct 2021

Psst….hey kid….listen to PGTW….come on, no one else is doing it!








The Morning Benders "Waiting for a War" from Talking Through Tin Cans (2008)


Oh No Ono "Keeping Warm In Cold Country" from Yes (2006)


The Telefones "She's in Love (With the Rolling Stones)" from She's in Love (With the Rolling Stones) (2019)


Hard Girls "996 Tears" from A Thousand Surfaces (2014)









The Look "I Am the Beat" from The Look (1981)


Easy Money "Standing In Your Shadow" from Single (1980)


Filhos da Judith "Drive N' Beat" from Filhos da Judith (2011)


Brighton 64 "La casa de la bomba" from La banda de la casa de la bomba (1993)









Phil Krauth "Saharan Girl" from 1997 Teen Beat Sampler (1997)


The Birdinumnums "She Say Go" from She Say Go (2008)


The Dahlmanns "Forever My Baby (feat. Andy Shernoff)" from Forever My Baby (feat. Andy Shernoff) (2017)


Grandpaboy "Aaa" from Mono (2008)


Fastball "Til I Get It Right" from Keep Your Wig On (2004)









The Speedies "Something On My Mind" from You Need Pop (2005)


Any Trouble "Open Fire" from Wheels In Motion (1981)


Paul Collins "Reach Out I'll Be There" from Feel the Noise (2014)


Dr. Feelgood "Watch Your Step" from Malpractice (1975)









Marcus Hook Roll Band "Natural Man" from Tales of Old Grand-Daddy (1973)


Terrible Feelings "Days To Come" from Shadows (2012)


Reigning Sound "Let Yourself Go" from Too Much Guitar (2019)


Elvis Costello & The Attractions "Luxembourg" from Trust (1981)









Mekons "Memphis Egypt" from The Mekons Rock 'n' Roll (1989)


The Blue Bonnets "Texas Gold" from Tonewrecker (2017)


Los Punsetes "Mabuse" from ¡Viva! (2017)


Charly Bliss "Percolator" from Guppy (2017)


Soft Swells "Go On" from Be Young (2017)









Heavy Metal Kids "Delirious" from Kitsch (2009)


The Extroverts "Tactical Squad" from Extroverts Demo 1979 (2018)


Wire "Short Elevated Period" from Silver / Lead (2017)


Grass Show "All That She Wants" from Something Smells Good In Stinkville (1996)


The Fans "Following You" from You Don't Live Here Anymore (2004)









Big Eyes "Back From The Moon" from Back from the Moon - Single


Nervebreakers "My Girlfriend Is a Rock" from Hijack the Radio


Dwarves "Sluts of the USA" from The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll (2014)


The Gizmos "See About You" from The Midwest Can Be Allright - 1981 NYC Demos (1981)


Peter Berry & The Shake Set "You Could Have Been Loved" from For Goodness Shake! (2007)


Oct 2021

Time-Less POP




Music doesn't exist.

POP Goes The World exists!





The View "Comin' Down" from Hats Off To the Buskers (2007)


The Rakes "Strasbourg" from Capture / Release (2005)


Sonic Avenues "New Vogues" from Mistakes (2014)


Warm Soda "Waiting for Your Call" from Someone For You (2013)











Space "Dark Clouds" from Spiders (1996)


Sunbears! "Laughing Girl!" from Future Sounds (2014)


Twin Peaks "Stand in the Sand" from Sunken (2013)


TV Girl & Monster Rally "Average Guy" from Average Guy (2013)











Fucked Up "The Other Shoe" from David Comes to Life (2011)


Serpent Power "Golden Dawn" from Electric Looneyland (2017)


Psychic TV "Just Like Arcadia" from Allegory & Self (2017)


The Dandy Warhols "Minnesoter" from The Dandy Warhols Come Down (1997)


Jarvis Cocker "Black Magic" from Jarvis (2020 Complete Edition) (2006)











Stellastarr* "My Coco" from Stellastarr* (2003)


Sad Lovers & Giants "Colourless Dream" from Epic Garden Music (1982)


La Luz "Sure As Spring" from It's Alive (2013)


Blondie "In the Sun" from Blondie (1976)











Shannon & The Clams "Heads or Tails" from Dreams in the Rat House (2013)


Violent Femmes "Hey Nonny Nonny" from Why Do Birds Sing? (1991)


The Woodentops "Move Me" from Move Me - EP (1985)


Sparks "Moustache" from Angst In My Pants (1982)


The Elevator Drops "Proto" from People Mover (1997)











Switches "Drama Queen" from Drama Queen - EP (2007)


Sloan "She Says What She Means" from Navy Blues (1998)


Manic Street Preachers "Found That Soul" from Know Your Enemy (2001)


The I Don't Cares "Born for Me" from Wild Stab (2015)


The Thrills "The Irish Keep Gate-Crashing" from Let's Bottle Bohemia (2004)


Low "California" from The Great Destroyer (2005)











James Clarke Five "Sexbombe Über Alles" from Sexbombe Über Alles (2013)


The Chuddy Nuddies "Do the Chud" from Unearthed Liverpool Cult Classics, Vol. 1 (2001)


Half Man Half Biscuit "National Shite Day" from CSI: AMBLESIDE (2008)


Silver Jews "Punks In the Beerlight" from Tanglewood Numbers (2005)









King Khan & The Shrines "I Wanna Be A Girl" from What Is?! (2007)


Oct 2021

Rollin‘ Into October Like…..









Leisure Kings "Play That Funky Music" from Total Loungification (2007)


Gerty Molzen "Walk On The Wild Side" from Von Flensburg nach New York (2013)


Frazier Chorus "Anarchy In the UK" from Sloppy Heart (1989)


Radioactive Kids "Love Will Tear Us Apart" from Radioactive Kids (2013)












The London Suede "The Drowners" from Suede (2011)


David Bowie "Be My Wife" from Low (1977)


The Dresden Dolls "Girl Anachronism" from The Dresden Dolls (2003)


Codeine Velvet Club "Vanity Kills" from Codeine Velvet Club (2010)


The Creatures "Right Now" from A Bestiary of (Spectrum) (1983)












Adamski "Ascendere verso la cima" from Adamski's Thing (1998)


Cocteau Twins "Lorelei" from Treasure (1984)


Pinkshinyultrablast "Holy Forest" from Everything Else Matters (2014)


Airiel "Thinktank" from The Battle of Sealand (2011)


Chapterhouse "Breather" from Whirlpool (1990)












The Death Of Pop "Whenever" from Fifths (2014)


Beach Fossils "Careless" from Clash the Truth (2013)


The House of Love "Shine On" from House of Love (1990)


The Bolshoi "Away" from Friends (1986)


Fires of Rome "Love Is a Burning Thing" from You Kingdom You (2008)












Sparks "Moon Over Kentucky" from A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing (1973)


Dungen "Svart Är Himlen" from Tio Bitar (2007)


Failure "Enjoy the Silence" from For the Masses (1998)


Azeda Booth "Ran" from In Flesh Tones (2008)


Fredrik "Na Na Ni" from Na Na Ni (2008)












The Wolfgang Press "A Girl Like You" from Everything Is Beautiful: A Retrospective (1983-1995) (2001)


The Chameleons "The Fan and the Bellows" from The Fan and The Bellows (1986)


DIIV "Geist" from Oshin  (2013)


大波浪 "What's Wrong, Joy Division" from What's Wrong, Joy Division - Single (2019)












Hot Snakes "10th Planet" from Automatic Midnight (2018)


The Murder City Devils "Rum to Whiskey" from In Name and Blood (2000)


Baby Bee "The Daddy" from The Daddy - Single (2015)


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