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POP Goes The World!

Jul 2021

Damaged but adorable





The Blades

"The Last Man In Europe" from The Last Man In Europe (2000)


The Candyskins

"You Better Stop" from You Better Stop - Single (2013)


The Frank & Walters

"Colours" from Grand Parade (1997)


In Elvis Garage

"Dazed and Distraught" from Winning By Cheating (2008)











Secret Powers

"Orange Trees" from The Electric Family Choir (2009)



"Ya Had Me Goin'" from Alpacas Orgling (2006)



"Just a Fan" from I Can't Handle Change (2010)


girl in red

"bad idea!" from bad idea! - Single (2019)











Tracy Bryant

"Hey Spaceman!" from Subterranean (2016)


Sea Pinks

"Lake Superior" from Freak Waves (2018)


Shake Some Action!

"I Didn't Know What to Say" from Full Fathom Five (2013)


The Honeycombs

"Have I the Right?" from Have I the Right - The Very Best of the Honeycombs (2002)











Sex Clark Five

"She Collides With Me" from Strum and Drum! (1986)


The Everly Brothers

"Gone Gone Gone" from Walk Right Back: The Everly Brothers On Warner Bros. 1960-1969 (1993)


Jon Auer

"City of Sister Love" from Through a Faraway Window: A Tribute to Jimmy Silva (2010)


A.C. Newman

"Miracle Drug" from The Slow Wonder (2004)


The Flashing Lights

"Half The Time" from Where The Change Is (1999)











The Waterboys "Morning Came Too Soon" from Out of All This Blue (2017)


Roy Orbison

"I Drove All Night" from The Essential Roy Orbison (2006)


David Marks & The Marksmen

"That's Why" from The Ultimate Collector's Edition 1963 - '65 (2008)



"I Don't Like It Like That" from Bad Times Good Times











The Delmonas

"Comin' Home Baby" from Dangerous Charms (2009)



"Boom Babba Do Ba Dabba" from The Real Sound (2014)


Shirley Ellis

"(That's) What the Nitty Gritty Is" from The Clapping Song... And More (2016)



"Sunday Girl" from Parallel Lines (1978)











Little Murders

"One by One" from Dromana-Rama (2019)


Any Trouble

"Turning Up the Heat" from Girls Are Always Right (1980)


Sean Na Na

"Double Date" from My Majesty (2003)


Smart Remarks

"Mary's Got Her Eye on Me" from Foreign Fields: 1982 - 1984 (2017)


Jet Electro

"For Sale By Owner" from Jet Electro (2011)











Boss Martians

"Kill My Telephone" from The Set-Up (2004)


Mean Jeans

"Steve Don't Party No More" from Are You Serious? (2009)


Samantha 7

"Bonnie Bradley" from Samantha 7 (2000)


The Boys

"Independent Girl" from To Hell with the Boys (1979)




Jul 2021

We all have a guardian angel. Mine takes drugs.





Joe Jackson

"You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want)" from Live 1980/86 (1988)


The Jam

"Move On Up" from Extras (1992)


Paul Weller

"Bull-Rush / Magic Bus" from Paul Weller: Live Wood (1994)



"Everyday Sunshine" from The Reality of My Surroundings (1991)








The English Beat

"Two Swords" from I Just Can't Stop It (1980)


The Clash

"Police On My Back" from Sandinista! (1980)


The Rumble Strips

"Alarm Clock" from Girls & Weather (2007)


The Blasters

"I'm Shakin'" from The Blasters (1981)


The Wans

"Black Pony" from He Said, She Said (2014)








The Woodentops

"Move Me" from Move Me - EP (1985)


Violent Femmes

"Good For / At Nothing" from Happy New Year - EP (2015)


Ezra Furman

"And Maybe God Is a Train" from Day of the Dog (2013)


Paul Westerberg

"Trumpet Clip" from Eventually (1996)



"True Love, Pt. 2" from More Fun In the New World (1983)








Guadalcanal Diary

"Johnny B. Goode (Live Version)" from Walking In the Shadow of the Big Man (1984)



"Chuck Berry Holiday" from Love Visions (2012)


Fuzzy Vox

"Bo Diddley" from No Landing Plan (2017)


The Damned

"Help" from Damned Damned Damned (1977)


The Ergs

"Not a Second Time" from Hindsight Is 20​/​20, My Friend (2009)








The Wombats

"Let's Dance to Joy Division" from A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation (2007)



"What's Wrong, Joy Division" from What's Wrong, Joy Division - Single (2019)


The Futureheads

"Sun Goes Down" from The Chaos (2010)



"Not Even Jail" from Antics (2004)








The View

"Wasted Little DJ's" from Hats Off to the Buskers (2007)


The Waking Hours

"123" from The Black & White Album (2008)



"Change Her Mind" from Catch Your Snap (2007)


The Tender Idols

"For Love I'd Die" from Self Titled (1996)


Ten Ten

"When It Rains" from Walk On (1986)


The Downsiders

"Another Horns Cry" from The Downsiders (1987)








Nude Beach

"For You" from 77 (2014)


Bay City Rollers

"Rock N Roll Love Letter" from Rock n' Roll Love Letter (1976)


The Cure vs The Commodores

"Easy Heaven" from Self released


Jul 2021

Wake Me When It’s All Over








The Mooney Suzuki

"Singin' A Song About Today" from People Get Ready (2000)



"She Says What She Means" from Navy Blues (1998)


Celebrity Skin

"S.O.S." from Celebrity Skin (1990)


Cheap Trick

"Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace" from Cheap Trick (1977)











Butch Walker and The Lets Go Out Tonight

"Hot Girls In Good Moods" from The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites (2006)


The Struts

"Primadonna Like Me" from YOUNG&DANGEROUS (2018)


Silver Ginger 5

"(Whatever Happened To The) Rock 'n' Roll Girls" from Black Leather Mojo (2005)


The Resistoleros

"Rock 'n' Roll Napalm" from Rock 'n' Roll Napalm (2003)











Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

"Everyone Knows" from Naked (2004)


Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls

"Rock'n'Roll Babe" from Chewing out Your Rhythm on My Bubblegum (2016)


KO and the Knockouts

"You're On My Mind" from Ko & the Knockouts (20080


The Detroit Cobras

"Bad Girl" from Mink, Rat or Rabbit (1999)


Hunx & His Punx

"You Think You're Tough" from Street Punk (2013)











The Raveonettes

"That Great Love Sound" from Chain Gang of Love (2003)


Joanna Gruesome

"Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers" from Weird Sister (2013)



"The Return Of Jackie And Judy" from End of the Century (1979)


The Downbeat 5

"Dum Dum Ditty" from Victory Motel (2006)



"Vision Of Sin" from Last of the Acid Cowboys (2017)











Bad Astronaut

"Needle In The Hay" from Acrophobe (2001)


Joyce Manor

"Video Killed The Radio Star" from Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired (2012)


Ron Ron Clou

"Sports & Wine" from Our Favourite Shops - Roots of Koga Melody (2007)


Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

"Me and Mia" from Shake the Sheets (2004)











The Saints

"Porno Movies" from Nothing Is Straight In My House (2005)


The Stooges

"Free & Freaky" from The Weirdness (2007)


The Barbaras

"Day At the Shrine" from 2006-2008 (2012)



"Girl Talk" from Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre (2004)


The Love Me Nots

"Give Em What They Want" from Let's Get Wrecked (2011)


Killer Barbies

"Feeling Alone" from Coolest Songs In the World, Vol 3











Bad Moves

"Give It a Shot" from Tell No One (2018)


The Doughboys

"Black sheep" from Is It Now?



"Gone For Good" from First Blood (2010)


White Reaper

"Make Me Wanna Die" from White Reaper Does It Again (2015)












The Chesterfield Kings

"Somewhere Nowhere" from The Mindbending Sounds of the Chesterfield Kings (2007)


Tijuana Panthers

"Crew Cut" from ep (2008)


We Are the Physics

"We Doctors Diagnose Ourselves" from Faraday Stolichnaya 2008 (2008)


Mike Krol

"Neighborhood Watch" from Turkey (2015)


Buke & Gase "Houdini Crush" from General Dome 2013


British Sea Power

"Apologies to Insect Life" from The Decline of British Sea Power (2003)


Jul 2021

Better Living Through POP!








Stellar Corpses

"Dead Stars Drive-In" from Dead Stars Drive-In (2012)


The Adjusters

"Drinkin' Red Wine" from Reckless Relations (2010)


¡Más Shake!

"Break It All (Rompan Todo)" from Real It All (2011)


The Len Price 3

"Lai-ha Lam" from Chinese Burn (2007)














Dee Rangers

"Miss My Girl" from Five Spanish Minutes (2005)


Bad Bad Hats

"Shame" from Psychic Reader (2015)


The Manics

"One Line of Love" from Headphones (2016)


Los Planetas

"Qué Puedo Hacer" from Super 8 (1994)















"Pills" from A Youthful Dream (2016)


Pleasure Leftists

"You You" from The Woods of Heaven (2015)


Phantom Planet

"Badd Business" from Phantom Planet: Live 2004 (2004)


Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes

"Splashing Along" from 7" single (1986)



"Flame" from The Sebadoh (2007)













"Goin' Out" from In the Valley of Dying Stars (2001)


The Split Squad

"Now Hear This" from Now Hear This... (2014)


Talk Show Host

"You Asshole!" from Mid-Century Modern (2021)


The Awkward Stage

"Hey, Modern School Girl" from Slimming Mirrors, Flattering Lights (2008)



"On Warmer Music" from Set You Free (1997)














The A-Sides

"Sidewalk Chalk" from Hello, Hello (2019)


The Vaselines

"High Tide Low Tide" from V for Vaselines (2014)


The Top Boost

"What If She Loves You?" from Turn Around (2016)


A. Sinclair

"Let It Go" from Let It Go (2016)


The Sitting Tenants

"Tickled Pink" from From The Ground Up..... (2012)














Teenage Fanclub

"I'm in Love" from Here (2016)


The Greenberry Woods

"Oh Janine" from Big Money Item (1995)



"The Popular" from The Complete Pet Soul (2001)


The Singles

"She's Not Interested" from Look How Fast a Heart Can Break (2014)



"Bulldozer" from The Blue Swell (2016)














Admiral Twin

"In My Veins" from The Center of the Universe (2007)


Ken Sharp

"Dynamite & Kerosene" from New Mourning (2016)


Fletcher C Johnson

"Messin' Up My Mind" from Messin' Up My Mind / Lost My Head (2012)


The Fiery Furnaces

"Tropical Iceland" from EP (2005)














Broder Daniel

"I'll Be Gone" from Forever (1998)



"Choking On Your Insides" from Ampeg Stud / Motoerectus / Golden Quarter Hour (2013)


1000 Mona Lisas

"Jet" from New Disease (1995)


Jul 2021

Happy 4th of Jul-high!








"The New World" from More Fun In the New World (1983)


New Model Army

"51st State" from The Ghost of Cain (1986)


Plants and Animals

"American Idol" from La La Land (2010)


Black Before Red

"Teenage America" from Belgrave to Kings Circle (2006)








Portugal, The Man

"So American" from In the Mountain In the Cloud (2011)


British Sea Power

"Waving Flags" from Do You Like Rock Music (2008)


Billy Bragg

"Help Save the Youth of America" from Talking with the Taxman About Poetry (1986)


Bree Sharp

"America" from A Cheap and Evil Girl (1999)


Dubioza kolektiv

"U.S.A." from Wild Wild East (2011)








Parquet Courts

"Stoned & Starving" from Light Up Gold + 2 (2013)


Cuckoo Chaos

"Jesus Flag American Fish" from Woman (2011)


Elliott BROOD

"President 35" from Ambassador (2005)


Okkervil River

"The President's Dead" from The President's Dead (2006)


Bad Religion

"The State of the End of the Millennium Address" from No Substance (1998)








Girls At Our Best!

"Politics" from Pleasure (1981)



"Sluts of the USA" from The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll (2014)


Dash Rip Rock

"(Let's Go) Smoke Some Pot" from Get You Some of Me (1995)


Violent Femmes

"America Is" from Add It Up (1981–1993) (1993)


Utah Phillips

"Stupid's Pledge" from Fellow Workers (1999)


John Wesley Harding

"The People's Drug" from The Name Above the Title (1991)








Frank Black

"Freedom Rock" from Teenager of the Year (1994)


Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

"Mourning In America" from The Brutalist Bricks (2010)


The Music

"Freedom Fighters" from Welcome to the North (2004)


The Sounds

"Living In America" from Living In America (2017)



"Surf Wax America" from Weezer (1994)









"Living In America" from Sun Bronzed Greek Gods (2011)



"River of Freedom" from Dewdrops In the Garden (1994)


Bob Sinclar

"Sound of Freedom" from Soundz of Freedom (2007)


Heaven 17

"(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang" from Penthouse and Pavement  (1981)


Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

"An All American National Sport" from 101 Damnations (1989)


The La's

"Freedom Song" from The La's (1990)








The Dandy Warhols

"Smoke It" from Smoke It - Single (2005)


The Fleshtones

"American Beat '84" from American Beat '84 - Single (1984)


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