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Jun 2021

Who’s ready for the weekend? THIS GUY!







Phantom Planet

"The Happy Ending" from Phantom Planet (2003)


Clear Plastic Masks

"So Real" from Being There (2014)


TAB The Band

"Skip Your Class" from Long Weekend (2008)



"Fools and Horses" from Who Killed Tommy Cooper? (1996)









The Godfathers

"'Cause I Said So" from Birth, School, Work, Death (1988)



"U-Mass" from Trompe le Monde (1991)


The Fuzztones

"Bad News Travels Fast" from Horny As Hell (2008)



"Talking to the Dog" from I Blame You (2009)


Mary's Danish

"My Dear Heretic" from American Standard (1992)









Mojo Nixon

"Buck Up & Stop Your Whinin'" from Whereabouts Unknown (1995)


Car Bomb Inc.

"21 For The Money" from Locked & Cocked (1996)


The Monks

"Nice Legs Shame About the Face" from Bad Habits (1979)


Bare Wires

"Dancing On A Dime" from Seeking Love (2010)


The Whigs

"Like a Vibration" from Mission Control (2008)










The Matt Truman Ego Trip

"Industry Standard" from Everybody's Got One (2010)


The Mooney Suzuki

"Alive & Amplified" from Alive & Amplified (2004)


Walt Mink

"Miss Happiness" from Miss Happiness (1992)


Overwhelming Colorfast

"Strong Now" from Two Words (2007)


Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

"Gimme the Wire" from The Brutalist Bricks (2010)









The Bloody Hollies

"Watch Your Head" from If Footmen Tire You... (2005)



"You Can Run" from You Can Run (1979)



"Money City Maniacs" from Navy Blues (1998)



"Mystery Achievement" from Pretenders (2004)









The Dambuilders

"Smooth Control" from Ruby Red (1995)


The Golden Dogs

"Run Outta Luck" from Big Eye Little Eye (2006)


Pretty & Nice

"Yonkers" from Golden Rules for Golden People (2013)



"Shelter Song" from Colours To Life / Shelter Song - Single (2013)


The Black Angels

"Tired Eyes" from Clear Lake Forest (2014)









Manic Street Preachers

"Underdogs" from Send Away the Tigers (2007)


Mando Diao

"Long Before Rock 'n' Roll" from Long Before Rock 'n' Roll - EP (2007)



"Stardust" from Nuisance (1995)


Empire Dogs

"My Sweet Baby" from Love Attacks!!! (2004)










"Talk to Me" from Mink (2007)


The M's

"Big Sound" from Real Close Ones (2008)


The Oranges Band

"O.k. Apartment" from All Around (2003)


Jun 2021

Too Dumb To Stop







Eureka Machines

"Pop Star" from Remain in Hope (2013)


Liar's Club

"Come and Go" from Come and Go (2013)


First Base

"I'm All Alone Again" from First Base (2013)


The Nerves

"It's Hot Outside" from One Way Ticket (2008)










The Magnolias

"Hello Or Goodbye" from Off The Hook (1992)


Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

"Victim of Circumstance" from I Love Rock 'N Roll (1981)


Cyanide Pills

"Conquer the World" from Cyanide Pills (2010)


The Wigs

"Tijuana" from My Chauffeur (2013)



"Cinderella" from Dmz (2005)










Brighton 64

"Banderas Blancas" from Esta Vez Va en Serio (2012)


Ex Norwegian

"Pow3rfull" from Standby (2009)


The Madd

"Ce Soir Je Vais Boire" from The Madd Are Pretty Quick (2009)


The Five Americans

"Western Union" from The Five Americans (2005)










Sons of Hippies

"Man or Moon" from Griffons at the Gates of Heaven (2013)



"Mrs Drawnel" from Kill You Again (2013)


China Syndrome

"Let's Stay At Home and Let It All Hang Out" from Nothing's Not Worth Knowing (2011)


Jeff the Brotherhood

"Stay Up Late" from We Are the Champions (2011)


Nada Surf

"Tree House" from High / Low (1996)


Mind Spiders

"Don't Let Her Go" from Mind Spiders (2011)










Paul McCartney & Wings

"Spin It On" from Back to the Egg (1993)


Morgan Delt

"Beneath the Black and Purple" from Morgan Delt (2014)


The Buggles

"Clean, Clean" from The Age of Plastic (1999)


Hardy Nilsson

"Månens Syster" from Att Ha Och Inte Ha (2006)


The Trend

"Mama Thought You Were a Nice Girl" from The Trend Is In! (1982)










Teddy Geiger

"Bitter" from The Rocker (Music from the Motion Picture) (2008)


We Were Promised Jetpacks

"Quiet Little Voices" from These Four Walls (2009)


Franz Ferdinand

"Bullet" from Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (2013)


The Undertones

"You've Got My Number" from Hypnotised (1980)



"I Need That Record" from Perfect Fit (1980)










The Telescopes

"Flying" from As Approved By the Committee (2003)



"Headspins" from Comfort (2013)


Brass Bed

"Please Don't Go" from The Secret Will Keep You (2012)


Kids on a Crime Spree

"Sweet Tooth" from We Love You So Bad (2011)










Cheap Trick

"Everything Works If You Let It" from All Shook Up (1980)


The Whigs

"Waiting" from Enjoy the Company (2012)


Miles Kane

"Inhaler" from Colour of the Trap (2010)


The Gun Club

"Sex Beat" from Fire of Love (1981)











"Gone Completely" from Lux (2010)


Jun 2021





The Fuzz continues on this afternoons POP Goes The World show as PJ Sykes takes over to play tracks off his new album and other tracks he's been diggin' on lately.




Pj Sykes

"Holding On" from Fuzz (2021)



"Red" from Trendy Weapon (2020)



"Break the Glass" from What a Time to Be Alive (2018)












"Hell" from Cataclysm (2020)



"Grey and Blue (feat. J Mascis)" from Dream or Don't Dream (2020)


Amy Klein

"Nothing" from Winter / Time (2019)











Sharon Van Etten

"No One's Easy To Love" from Remind Me Tomorrow (2019)



"Path to Love" from Dreaming the Dark (2019)


Mikal Cronin

"Shelter" from Seeker (2019)











Pj Sykes

"Dunkin' on the General" from Fuzz (2021)


Bat Fangs

"Wolfbite" from Bat Fangs (2018)


Angels vs. Aliens

"Kittypurr" from 7 Of Science (2019)


Bleeding Rainbow

"Start Again" from Interrupt (2014)












"Too Many Husbands" from Coriky (2020)



"Danger Ahead" from Droopies (2015)


The Ebb

"Bean Plant" from The Ebb (2020)











Vertical Scratchers

"Song of Earth" from Song of Earth (2019)


Young Guv

"Didn't Even Cry" from GUV I & II (2019)



"Great Success" from Swell (2021)











Black Mountain

"Future Shade" from Destroyer (2019)



"Hold the Bow" from Awe (2019)


A Giant Dog

"Black Mirror" from Neon Bible (2019)











Pj Sykes

"Aerosol" from Fuzz (2021)


Apex Manor

"Where My Mind Goes" from Heartbreak City (2019)


Speedy Ortiz

"Lean In While I Suffer" from Twerp Verse (2018)


Jun 2021

Art Is Just Another Form Of Screaming




The only thing that separates insanity from art is an audience.

Be part of mine this afternoon so I can feel comfortable about screaming into the void.



The Love Language

"Calm Down"

from Ruby Red (2013)


Gay Dad


from Leisure Noise (1999)




from Indie Cindy (2013)


Pere Ubu

"Golden Surf II"

from Carnival of Souls (2014)












from Neu! '86 (2012)


Jay Reatard

"Before I Was Caught"

from Watch Me Fall (2009)


Mad Staring Eyes

"Well Done Son"

from Bored of Looking Cool (2008)




from Posters Fade (2008)










Super Furry Animals

"Venus & Serena"

from Phantom Power (2003)


The London Suede

"Beautiful Ones"

from Coming up (2011)



"The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead"

from Nonsuch (2001)


World Party

"Radio Days"

from Bang! (1993)











"Green Hearts"

from 7" Single (1979)




from Chorus (2014)


The Jam

"Going Underground"

from Setting Sons (1979)


The Jam

"Saturday's Kids (Demo version)"

from Extras (1992)










The Monks

"Johnny B. Rotten"

from Bad Habits (1980)


Joan Jett

"Bad Reputation"

from Bad Reputation (1981)


The Mooney Suzuki

"Primitive Condition"

from Alive & Amplified (2004)



"Money City Maniacs"

from Navy Blues (1998)


The Rubinoos

"Rock and Roll Is Dead"

from The Rubinoos (1977)










Alex Chilton

"Hey! Little Child"

from Like Flies On Sherbert (1979)


War in the West

"Alex Chilton"

from Alex Chilton - Single (2021)


Paul Westerberg

"Knockin' Em Back"

from Come Feel Me Tremble (2003)


The Replacements

"Date to Church"

from Don't Tell a Soul (1989)











"Two-Headed Coin"

from I Blame You (2009)


Fungi Girls

"Honey Face"

from Some Easy Magic (2011)


Mrs. Magician

"Don't Flatter Yourself"

from Strange Heaven (2012)


JD McPherson

"Let the Good Times Roll"

from Let the Good Times Roll (2015)











"Hanging On The Telephone"

from Wish You Were Dead (1996)


The Flaming Lips

"Turn It On"

from Transmissions from the Satellite Heart (1993)


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