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POP Goes The World!

Apr 2021

In the beginning…..





......and the rest, as they say, is history.




Sandi Thom

"I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (with Flowers in My Hair)" from Smile...It Confuses People (2006)



"This Is the Day" from Apartment Life (2003)


Tahiti 80

"I.S.A.A.C" from Puzzle (2000)


Turin Brakes

"Pain Killer" from Ether Song (2003)









Los Amigos Invisibles

"Sexy" from The New Sound of the Venezuelan Gozadera (1998)


Soda Stereo

"Coral" from Comfort y Musica Para Volar (1996)



"Black and White Town" from Some Cities (2005)


Paul Weller

"A Town Called Malice (live acoustic)" 










"Trains to Brazil" from Through the Windowpane (2006)


Chris Mills

"Escape from New York" from The Wall to Wall Sessions (2005)


G. Love & Special Sauce

"Milk & Cereal" from Rappin' Blues EP (1999)


Gal Costa 

"Chiclete Con Banana" from Jackson Do Pandeiro: Revisto E Sampleado (1998)









Bad Manners

"Samson & Delilah" from The Very Best Of (2002)


Calypso Mama

"Yes, yes, yes" from Calypso Party



"Marie Laveaux" from Mardi Gras Mambo - ¡Cubanismo! In New Orleans (2000)


Squirrel Nut Zippers

"Suits Are Picking up the Bill" from Perennial Favorites (1998)









Joe Jackson

"Fools in Love/For Your Love" from Summer in the City: Live in New York (2000)



"Jesus Christ" from Folkways: A Vision Shared - A Tribute to Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly (1988)


Old 97's

"Time Bomb" from Too Far To Care (1997)



"Japanese Cowboy (Live)" from Paintin' the Town Brown: Ween Live '90-'98 (1999)









The Blasters

"Marie Marie" from American Music (1980)


Mary's Danish

"Porcupine" from American Standard (1992)


Camper Van Beethoven

"Tina" from Telephone Free Landslide Victory (1985)


The Majestic Twelve

"Condoleezza Check My Posse" from Schizophrenology (2006)









Freedy Johnston

"On the Way Out" from Never Home (1997)


The Coral

"Dreaming of You" from The Coral (2002)


Apr 2021

It’s like bubblegum…….with balls




Cloud Nothings

"I'm Not Part of Me" from Here and Nowhere Else (2014)


The Embarrassment

"Celebrity Art Party" from Heyday 1979-83 (1995)


Brass Bed

"How To Live In a Bad Dream" from The Secret Will Keep You (2012)



"Grace" from Life On Other Planets (2002)








The Morlocks

"Time to Move" from The Morlocks (2016)



"Pleaser" from Pebble (2011)


Tokyo Police Club

"Not My Girl" from Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness (2016)


Jim Boggia

"Johnnie's Going Down" from Misadventures In Stereo (2008)








John Cale

"Perfect" from Black Acetate (2005)


Strand of Oaks

"Goshen '97" from HEAL (2014)


The Fleshtones

"I Am What I Am" from Beachhead (2005)


The D4

"Come On!" from 6Twenty (2001)


The Black Angels

"Telephone" from Phosphene Dream (2011)


Reigning Sound

"Your Love Is a Fine Thing" from Too Much Guitar (2019)








King Khan & The Shrines

"Burnin' Inside" from Billiards At Nine Thirty (2005)


The Launderettes

"Don't Look Back" from Getaway (2013)


The Wackers

"I Hardly Knew Her Name" from Hot Wacks (1972)


The Times

"Whatever Happened to Thamesbeat?" from This Is London (1983)


Any Trouble

"Playing Bogart" from Where Are All the Nice Girls? (1980)









"Troll Day" from Curse My Lucky Stars (2016)


Willie Wisely

"Go Faster!" from She (1996)


The Delgados

"Mr Blue Sky" from The Complete BBC Peel Sessions (2006)



"Surfer Girl" from Betti Cola (1993)









"Work" from 1978-1988 A Decade of Spizz History (1980)



"Turtles Have Short Legs" from Turtles Have Short Legs (2017)


The Elevator Drops

"Happy the Clown" from Epidose 1 (2011)



"My Clown" from July (2007)








Acapulco Lips

"My Time" from Acapulco Lips (2016)


Mary Lou Lord

"The Inhibition Twist" from Baby Blue (2004)



"Believe Me Never" from Zücker (1993)


Eureka California

"Sign My Name with an X" from Versus (2016)



"Bourgeois Pop" from Confusion Moderne (2016)








39 Steps

"Slip Into the Crowd" from Slip Into the Crowd (2006)



"Careless Whisper" from Girl For You (2015)


The Zips

"I'm In Love" from Take Me Down (1979)



"Choking On Your Insides (From Ampeg Stud 1995)" from Ampeg Stud / Motoerectus / Golden Quarter Hour (2013)


Radio Days

"Why Don't You Love Me Anymore" from Back in the Day (2016)


Apr 2021

I’m going to take this too far, you should come with me







The Jellybricks

"DOA" from Some Kind of Lucky (2019)


Hotel Lux

"Tabloid Newspaper" from Barstool Preaching (2020)


The Innocents

"Directly From The Heart" from Directly From The Heart 7" (1980)


The Telefones

"A Sign of the Times" from Vibration Change (2020)











The Rub

"The Death of Pop" from Bikini Gospel (2016)


Bram Tchaikovsky

"Sarah Smiles" from Strange Man, Changed Man (1979)



"Love That Girl" from Pushups Is Pop (1979-80 Archival) (2020)


The Decibels

"Jackie" from The Bart Thurber Sessions (2020)


The Late Show

"What Can I Do" from Portable Pop (2012)











The Last

"This Kind of Feeling" from L.A. Explosion (1979)


The Kik

"Elektriciteit" from 2 (2014)


The Ugly Beats

"Please Don't Go" from Motor! (2010)


The Lucksmiths

"There Is a Boy That Never Goes Out" from Naturaliste (2003)



"Drown All Your Witches" from Antemasque (2014)











The Primitives

"Way Behind Me" from Lovely (1988)


Flyying Colours

"Goodtimes" from Fantasy Country (2021)


Goat Girl

"The Crack" from On All Fours (2021)


Man Man

"Top Drawer" from Rabbit Habits (2008)


Do Nothing

"LeBron James" from LeBron James - Single (2019)


Klaus Johann Grobe

"Between the Buttons" from Im Sinne der Zeit (2014)











Ty Segall

"I'm a Man" from Fudge Sandwich (2018)


The Go

"Keep On Trash" from Watcha Doin' (1999)


Desert Sessions

"Crucifire" from Vols. 11 & 12 (2019)



"Ego" from Uneasy Laughter (2020)











The Members

"Sound of the Suburbs" from Sound of the Suburbs - A Collection of the Members Finest (1995)



"That's Entertainment" from Fire & Skill - The Songs of The Jam (2000)


The Neat

"Hormones In Action" from Hormones In Action 7" (1979)


The Smirks

"To You" from Manchester North of England - A Story of Independent Music Greater Manchester 1977 - 1993 (2017)


The Sighs

"She's Not The Girl I Used To Know" from She Is Not The Girl I Used To Know 7" (1979)












"Das Ende beginnt" from Monoklub (2015)


Little Man Tate

"Sexy In Latin" from About What You Know (2006)


The Numbers

"Sideways Elevators" from Sideways Elevators 7" (1979)



"Over 'fore It Started" from Love for the Streets (2002)











Silver Jews

"Punks In the Beerlight" from Tanglewood Numbers (2005)


Kiwi jr.

"Murder in the Cathedral" from Football Money (2020)



Apr 2021

Make no mistake, the quest never ends….




.....and will continue this afternoon.




Adam Marsland

"Have a Nice Day" from You Don't Know Me (2004)


The Genuine Fakes

"Something New" from The Striped Album (2011)



"So Glad to See You Here" from Back to the Egg (1979)


Cheap Trick

"Come On Come On" from In Color (1977)











Ben Folds Five

"Do It Anyway" from The Sound of the Life of the Mind (2011)


Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

"Parallel or Together" from The Tyranny of Distance (2012)


Mike Viola

"Columbus Day Parade" from Electro de Perfecto (2011)


The Grip Weeds

"Vibrations" from Trip Around the Sun (2018)











The Mowgli's

"San Francisco" from Love's Not Dead (2012)


Ben Lee

"Catch My Disease" from Awake Is the New Sleep (2005)



"Let Me Be Mine" from They Want My Soul (2014)


The Sugarplastic

"Dunn the Worm" from Resin (2000)


Richard X. Heyman

"Incognito" from Incognito (2017)











The Thrills

"Don't Steal Our Sun" from So Much for the City (2003)


The Sneetches

"He's Frank" from 1985-1991 (1991)


The La's

"I Can't Sleep" from The La's - BBC In Session (2006)


The Ocean Blue

"Sunshower" from Waterworks (2014)


The Posies

"I May Hate You Sometimes" from Failure (1988)











King Khan & The Shrines

"Burnin' Inside" from Billiards At Nine Thirty (2005)


Ball Park Music

"Fence Sitter" from Museum (2012)


Turbo Fruits

"Get up Get on Down (Tonite)" from Echo Kid (2009)


Fang Island

"Daisy" from Fang Island (2009)











Birds of Avalon

"Bicentennial Baby" from Bazaar Bazaar (2007)


Ty Segall

"Oh Mary" from Ty Segall (2008)


Home Blitz

"Two Steps" from Out of Phase (2009)


Any Trouble

"Playing Bogart" from Where Are All the Nice Girls? (2013)


The Times

"Whatever Happened to Thamesbeat?" from This Is London (1983)











Gordon Gano

"Hitting the Ground" from Hitting the Ground (2003)


Secret Powers

"Dragon Slide" from More Songs About Her (2012)



"The Moon Is Shining Our Way" from The Moon Is Shining Our Way (2014)


Foreign Born "Into Your Dream" from On the Wing Now 2007


The Prids

"The Glow" from Until the World Is Beautiful... (2006)











Cold Showers

"I Don't Mind" from Love and Regret (2012)


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