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POP Goes The World!

Jan 2021









"Alone" from Alone (2016)


Belle and Sebastian

"The Blues Are Still Blue" from The Life Pursuit (2006)


Evil Arrows

"Staring into Space" from Ep 4  (2015)


The Charlottes

"Liar" from Things Come Apart (1991)



"Starry Eyes" from Sweet Second Place (1999)









The Donkeys

"Don't Go" from Television Anarchy (2008)


The Only Ones

"City of Fun" from The Best of Another Girl Another Planet (2006)


Los Nikis

"Ernesto" from La Amenaza Amarilla (1982)


The Hotrats

"The Lovecats" from Turn Ons (2010)


Hector's Pets

"Station Wagon" from Pet-O-Feelia (2014)









The Weeklings

"Little Tease" from The Weeklings (2015)


Count Five

"Pretty Big Mouth" from Psychotic Reaction (1966)


Wyatt Blair

"You & I (Are Just Letters in the Alphabet)" from Banana Cream Dream (2014)



"Tinfoil" from Limblifter (1996)


Cheap Trick

"Heart on the Line" from Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello (2016)









Kill Creek

"Cosmetic Surgery" from St. Valentine's Garage (1994)


Color TV

"To Death" from Color TV  (2016)



"Gloria" from Coming Up With the Sun (2012)


The Dream Syndicate

"Definitely Clean" from The Days of Wine and Roses (1982)


Sema 4

"Up Down Around" from In Memory Of...  (2008)


The A's

"After Last Night" from The A's (1979)









Hockey Dad

"I Need a Woman" from Dreamin'  (2019)


Mercury Girls

"All That Heaven Allows" from Ariana - Single (2016)


The Courettes

"The Boy I Love" from Here Are the Courettes (2015)


Juniper Moon

"¿Volverás?" from El Resto de Mi Vida (2002)


Best Coast

"Crazy for You" from Crazy For You (2010)









The Brunettes

"Mars Loves Venus" from Mars Loves Venus (2004)


Los Flechazos

"Vívíendo en la Era Pop" from Haciendo Astillas el Reloj (1996)


Surf Dads

"Found Yourself in Thailand" from Summer Vacation  (2016)


Angry Angles

"Things Are Moving" from Angry Angles (2016)



"Punching Goodbye Out Front" from Down Below It's Chaos (2007)










"Let's Get Started" from The Subversive Sounds of Love (2000)



"Be Slowly" from Be Slowly (2014)


Ken Sharp

"Let's Be Friends" from New Mourning (2016)


The Bradburys

"Mary Goes Around" from Don't Pump The Swingset (2009)









Candy Butchers

"It's a Line" from Play With Your Head (2002)


Jan 2021







The Critics

"6AM" from Noise and Popularity (2009)


Art Brut

"The Replacements" from Art Brut vs Satan (2009)


The Presidents of the United States of America

"Man (Opposable Thumb)" from Pure Frosting (1998)


Bad Astronaut

"Needle In the Hay" from Acrophobe (2001)








The Tights

"7707" from 7707 (2006)


The Lodger

"Let Her Go" from Grown Ups (2007)


The Soundtrack of Our Lives

"Bigtime" from Origin (2004)


Pretty City

"Running Around" from Colorize (2017)



"Mates Rates" from Mates Rates (2015)








The Hexxers

"Bones By My Bedside" from Freaks With the Savage Beat (2004)


Legendary Wings

"Weather Advisory" from Do You See? (2014)



"Uma 14 Times" from Bad Move Space Cadet (1995)


Marvelous Darlings

"I Don't Wanna Go to the Party" from Single Life (2011)



"Battered" from Silent Kill (2015)


Jacuzzi Boys

"Happy Damage" from Happy Damage (2015)









"Go!" from Predicts the Future (2003)


Ex Norwegian

"Feelin' It" from Feelin' It (2014)


The Regrettes

"Hey Now" from Feel Your Feelings Fool! (2017)


The Rezillos

"Glad All Over" from Can't Stand the Rezillos (1993)









The Revelons

"Cindy" from Marty Thau Presents 2x5 (1980)



"Wednesday Night Melody" from Welcome the Worms (2016)


The Murder City Devils

"Every Day I Rise" from Every Day I Rise (2012)



"To Hell With Good Intentions" from Mclusky Do Dallas (2002)


The Ettes "Dead and Gone" from Shake the Dust (2006)








Green Buzzard

"(I Don't Wanna) Break Your Heart" from Eazy Queezy Squeezy (2016)



"The Return of Jackie and Judy" from End of the Century (1979)


The Maltese

"Heroine" from Suncrush (2015)



"Here Come the Bastards" from Ultrasound (1997)








Hey Elbow

"Rael" from Every Other (2015)


Night Beats

"Useless Game" from Night Beats (2011)


Tages "It's in a Dream" from Studio (1967)



"In Flux" from Mythologies (2015)


Black Mountain

"Florian Saucer Attack" from IV (2015)


Grant Hart

"You're the Reflection of the Moon On the Water" from Hot Wax (2009)








The Happy Thoughts

"Sweet Dirty Love" from The Happy Thoughts (2011)


Cheap Time

"Falling Down" from Cheap Time (2008)



Jan 2021

What’s the point of POP?






The Favourites

"S.O.S." from New Feeling (2017)



"Everytime I Think of You" from Everybody Knows - Single (1997)


The Quick

"It Won't Be Long" from Mondo Deco (1976)


The Diodes

"Red Rubber Ball" from The Diodes (1979)








Laurice & Grudge

"When Christine Comes Around" from Best of Laurice, Vol. 1 (2011)


The Elektrics

"Some Lovin' Tonight" from Current Events (2018)


Flamin' Groovies

"Yesterday's Numbers" from Teenage Head (1971)


Psychotic Pineapple

"I Wanna Wanna Wanna Get Rid Of You" from Where's The Party (1980)


The Eastern Dark

"Johnny and Dee Dee" from Where Are All the Single Girls? (2000)








The Riptides

"Tomorrows Tears" from Relics (2014)


Sylvain Sylvain

"Just One Kiss" from Syl Sylvain and the Teardrops (1981)


Wreckless Eric

"Rags and Tatters" from Wreckless Eric (1977)


Voodoo Glow Skulls

"Insubordination" from Who Is, This Is? (1993)








Unit 4 + 2

"Concrete and Clay" from Time (Special Edition)



"Love to Rule" from 40 (2019)


Teenage Exorcists

"Bomb" from Teenage Exorcists (2013)


The Whiffs

"Forget Your Name" from Take a Whiff (2017)


Senseless Things

"Too Much Kissing" from Postcard C.V. (2010)


Muck and the Mires

"She Blocked My Number" from Take Me Back to Planet Earth (2020)








The Innocents

"Sooner or Later" from A Baker's Dozen - The Best of the Innocents (2017)


The Barreracudas

"Promises" from Can Do Easy (2015)


Chainsaw Pop

"Neutral Corner" from Valley Blvd (2020)


The Interrupters

"On a Turntable" from Say It out Loud (2017)


Star Party

"No Excuse" from Demo 2020 (2020)


Eat Fast

"Byker Drone" from Fenham Dread(Lock) (2016)








The Reducers

"Let's Go" from REDUX (1991)


The Calamities

"Toutes les nuits" from The Calamities (1984)


Blood On the Wall

"Hibernation" from Liferz (2008)



"Destroy Yrself" from Hush (2017)








The Nerves

"TV Adverts" from The Nerves - Single (1978)



"Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance to the Radio" from KILL MOTO (2003)


White Reaper

"Last 4th of July" from White Reaper Does It Again (2015)


The Mice

"Not Proud of the USA" from For Almost Ever / Scooter (2004)


The Boys

"Sabre Dance" from To Hell with the Boys (1979)


Suzi Quatro "I Wanna Be Your Man" from Suzi Quatro (1973)









"Everything's All Right (I Think It's Time)" from King of Yesterday (2001)


Summer Heart

"I Wanna Go" from About a Feeling (2012)


Jan 2021

This POP Is Something Else!


Michael Faherty

"Give It Good" from Space in Your Heart EP - EP 2012



"Hanging By a Thread" from Beat Stampede 2012


The Vegetarians

"Be My Little Baby" from 24 Carrot Songs 2009



"A Little Bit Closer" from Concrete Depression / A Little Bit Closer - Single 2012








"Remember the Lightning" from 20/20 1979


Nick Lowe

"I Don't Want the Night to End" from Jesus of Cool 1978


Jacques Dutronc

"Le responsable" from En vogue 2004


Ed Tulipa

"Club Mónica" from Popterapia 2011


The Jelly Bean Bandits

"Happiness Girl" from The Jelly Bean Bandits 1967









"My Lunatic Friends" from Deathray 2000


Go Kart Mozart

"White Stilettos In the Sand" from On the Hot Dog Streets 2012


The Primitons

"All My Friends" from Don't Go Away: Collected Works 2012


The Toothaches

"Everything. Right. Now." from O! Be Joyful 2012








Art School

"Time to Look for Someone New" from Eleven Days at T Street 2003


The Response

"...i'm Lloyd Dobler" from With Friends Like You, Who Needs Enemies? 2007


Scott Wilk & The Walls

"You Scare Me to Death" from The Lost Sessions 2011


Veronica Falls

"Found Love In A Graveyard" from Veronica Falls 2011


The Go-Betweens

"Love Goes On!" from 16 Lovers Lane 2004









"Mirrors" from Sleep Forever 2010


The Brother Kite

"Get On, Me" from Waiting for the Time to Be Right 2006


The Clash

"Hateful" from London Calling 2013


Louis XIV

"God Killed the Queen" from The Best Little Secrets Are Kept 2005








Grand Duchy

"Volcano!" from Petit Fours 2009


The B-Sides

"Off Broadway" from Troubleshooting 2003


Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

"Parallel or Together" from The Tyranny of Distance 2012



"Generation Freakshow" from GENERATION FREAKSHOW 2012


Just Water

"Singin' In the Rain (US Version)" from Downtown and Brooklyn: The Complete Recordings 2007



"Hold Me In the River" from The Beatific Visions 2006








The Saints

"River Deep Mountain High" from Know Your Product - The Best of the Saints 1996


The Men

"Electric" from New Moon 2013



"Anything You Want" from Youth Is Wasted On the Young 1998


Meat Puppets

"Split Myself in Two" from II 2011


Josef K

"Forever Drone" from Entomology 2006








The Wee Trio

"Ashes to Ashes" from Ashes to Ashes: (A David Bowie Intraspective) 2012


The Moog Cookbook

"Ziggy Stardust" from Ye Olde Space Bande Plays the Classic Rock Hits 1997


Jan 2021

PGTW Presents “Cookies For Satan: The Best of 2020″





POP Goes The World kicks off the new year with a look back at some of the best tracks 2020 had to offer. A collection of tracks so reflective of 2020, that collectively, they can only be called "Cookies For Satan".




Ben Hopkins

"Laugh Track" 



"Let Down" 



"A.M. 180" 



"I Was a Teenage Insect" 








Youth Valley

"Young Sad Lovers" 


David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels

"My First Band" 


The Luxembourg Signal

"2: 22" 


The Beths

"Dying to Believe" 


The Vapors









The Brothers Steve

"Beat Generation Poet Turned Assassin" 


Tommy Ray

"Tuesdays Girl" 


Young Fresh Fellows

"Never Had It Bad" 



"I Can't Believe" 


Pacific Radio

"It's so Good to See My Baby" 








The Suns

"Go Girl Gone" 





Playboy Manbaby

"I Wish My Brain Was a Computer" 


Gad Whip

"Desk Gate" 


Bad Moves

"Party with the Kids Who Wanna Party with You" 









"Kiss and Tell" 


Allergic To Humans

"Uggly Things" 


Viagra Boys

"Lick the Bag" 


Bad Nerves

"New Shapes"








Bike Thiefs

"You're Allowed Your Feelings" 


Dry Cleaning 

"Scratchcard Lanyard" 


Panic Shack

"I Don't Really Like It" 


Pom Poko

"Like a Lady" 


Bee Bee Sea










"Here's Johnny"


Bartees Strange









Fontaines D.C.

"A Hero's Death" 


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