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Nov 2020

Less Black Friday. More Black Francis!









"Ana" from Bossanova  (1990)


The Raveonettes

"Love In a Trashcan" from Pretty In Black  (2005)


Saturday Looks Good to Me

"Parking Lot Blues" from Sound on Sound  (2005)


Meaghan Smith

"Here Comes Your Man" from (500) Days of Summer (Music from the Motion Picture)  (2009)









Frank Black

"Freedom Rock" from Teenager of the Year  (1994)



"A Good Idea" from Copper Blue   (1992)


Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers

"Dead Man's March" from High School Sessions   (2005)


Richard Swift

"The Bully" from Ground Trouble Jaw  (2008)









Ben Lee

"Pop Queen" from Grandpaw Would   (1995)


Jeff the Brotherhood

"Hey Friend" from We Are the Champions  (2011)



"Alien Blues" from Gawk  (2015)



"Mahna, Mahna" from B-sides and Rarities  (2007)












Icarus Himself

"Digging Holes" from Mexico  (2010)


TV On The Radio

"Mr. Greives" from Young Liars   (2003)


Frank Black Francis

"Monkey Gone To Heaven" from Frank Back Francis  (2004)


Lala Lala

"I Get Cut" from The Lamb  (2018)


Reel Big Fish

"Gigantic" from Where Is My Mind? - A Tribute to the Pixies  (1999)









Le Duc Factory

"Debaser" from Redoo  (2012)


The Elevator Drops

"Maybe, I Don't Know" from People Mover  (1997)



"Blahblahblah" from Blahblahblah


Les Savy Fav

"The Sweat Descends" from Inches  (2007)



"Alec Eiffel" from Trompe le Monde  (1991)


Pretty & Nice

"Grab Your Nets" from Blue & Blue  (2007)











"Trompe le Monde" from Trompe le Monde  (1991)


Frank Black

"Los Angeles" from Frank Black  (1993)


Pixies/Thin Lizzy

"The Boys Are Back In Heaven" 


Nilüfer Yanya

"Hey" from Extraordinary Renditions  (2016)










"Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf Mix)" from Complete "B" Sides  (2001)



"Summertime" from Album  (2009)


Jay Reatard

"There Is No Sun" from Watch Me Fall  (2009)


The Dodos

"Confidence" from Carrier  (2013)










"River Euphrates" from Surfer Rosa  (1988)



"Seven and Seven Is" from Da Capo  (1967)


Nov 2020





This afternoons POP Goes The World show will either prove or disprove this theory




French Films

"Take You With Me" from Golden Sea  (2010)


The Photos

"Irene" from The Photos  (1980)



"Telefony" from 1991  (1991)


My Teenage Stride

"Is The Hotel" from Is The Hotel  (2019)


Jay Reatard

"I Know a Place" from Singles 06-07  (2008)








The Never Never

"We Just Wanna Have Fun" from We Just Wanna Have Fun  (2015)


The Suicide Commandos

"Real Cool" from Make a Record  (1978)


Les Cox (sportifs)

"Les Cox Special" from Neverheed  (2008)


Peter Perrett

"I'm Not Like Everybody Else" from Woke Up Sticky… Plus (1996)


Les Grys-Grys

"Brother Tobio" from Les Grys-Grys  (2019)








Freres Lapierre

"International Art Thief Declan Mcmanus" from Freres Lapierre (2014)


The Bees

"A Minha Menina" from Sunshine Hit Me  (2001)


Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

"Rockin' Shopping Center" from Roadrunner: The Beserkley Collection  (2004)


Faerground Accidents

"Back in Town" from We Hate the Same Things / Back in Town - Single  (2014)









"Right Way Home" from Right Way Home  (1978)


Average Times

"Summer Nights" from Average Times  (2014)


Eddie & The Hot Rods

"Circles" from Do Anything You Wanna Do: The Best Of  (2012)


Maxïmo Park

"Apply Some Pressure" from A Certain Trigger  (2005)









"Orpheus" from Meltdown  (2004)


Adam & the Relevants

"Live Forever" from VI - EP  (2013)


Beach Beach

"Just Like Before" from The Sea  (2014)


The Churchills

"Close My Eyes" from Big ideas  (2002)








Cocktail Slippers

"You Give Me" from People Talk  (2014)



"Salvaje" from Soft Gems  (2012)


Matt Curreri & The Exfriends

"Barbara Sans" from Exercise Music for the Lonely  (2006)


Title Fight

"Rose of Sharon" from Hyperview  (2014)








Even In Blackouts

"I Can See Clearly Now" from Fall of the House of Even  (2006)


The Replacements

"Anywhere's Better Than Here (Matt Wallace Mix)" from Dead Man's Pop  (2019)


The Menzingers

"Straight to Hell" from A Lesson In the Abuse of Information Technology  (2007)


The Rock*A*Teens

"Black Ice" from Cry (1997)









Swearing at Motorists

"Timing Is Everything" from Last Night Becomes This Morning (2006)


The Green Pajamas

"Like a Memory (Blue Eyes)" from 21st Century Seance  (2019)


Ballzy Tomorrow

"Maybe I'm Wrong" from Maybe I'm Wrong


The Anderson Council

"Gardening Man" from Looking at the Stars  (2016)


The Brian Jonestown Massacre

"Vad Hände Med Dem?" from Revelation  (2014)


Nov 2020

Pretty, Useless, POP








The Brixton Riot

"Can't Stop Now" from Close Counts  (2017)


Bad Moves

"Party with the Kids Who Wanna Party with You" from Untenable  (2020)


Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.

"The Quickening" from Catnip Dynamite  (2020)



"This Too Shall Pass" from Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky  (2010)









"Working For the Yankee Dollar" from Days In Europa  (1979)


Swine Tax

"Relax"  (2020)


Rex Orange County

"Sunflower"  (2017)


girl in red

"girls"  (2018)


Jack Lee

"Come Back and Stay" from Jack Lee's Greatest Hits Vol. 1  (1981)


DB Cooper

"Had Enough" from Buy American  (1980)









The Reflectors

"Storm and Thunder" from First Impression  (2020)


The Suns

"Go Girl Gone" from Big Break  (2020)


Benjamin B.

"Cherry Blossom"  (1996)



"Honest" from Teems  (2010)









The Figgs

"Step Back, Let's Go Pop" from Low-Fi at Society High  (1994)


Dave Aaronoff & The Details

"The Next Big Thing" from Your First Time With the Details  (2004)


Tommy Ray

"TUESDAYS GIRL" from First Hits Free (2020)


UV Rays

"Flowerhead" (2019)



"Sellout" from Demos,out-Takes, And Rarities (2020)


Eureka Machines

"Pop Star" from Remain in Hope  (2013)









Cool Blue Halo

"Too Much Kathleen" from Kangaroo (2017)


Guided By Voices

"Glad Girls" from Isolation Drills (2001)


Vinyl Kings

"A Little Trip" from A Little Trip (2002)


The Pencils

"I Won't Lie" from The Pencils Anthology (2012)



"So Used Up" from Squares (2019)


Gruppo Sportivo

"Hey Girl" from Back To 78 (1978)









The Whiffs

"What Do You Want Me To Do?" from Another Whiff (2019)


Tommy and the Commies

"Throwaway Love" from Here Come... (2018)


Allergic To Humans

"Uggly Things" from Infinity Crunch (2020)


The Rentals

"Great Big Blue" from Q36 (2019)


The Jeanies

"I Think You're the Wrong One" from The Jeanies (2015)











The Cheeks

"Some More Action" from Royal Pop Elevation (2009)


Young Fresh Fellows

"Never Had It Bad" from Gear Summer (2020)


Sunday Sun

"I Saw You with Another Guy" from We Let Go (2014)



"Smart Casual" from The Bliss Domestic (2003)



"Let's Be Friends" from Believe Me (2005)


Nov 2020

POP To Cope








"First of All" from Beets, Limes & Rice  (2011)



"Speed Racer" from Songs of Her's  (2016)


Belle and Sebastian

"Sukie In the Graveyard" from The Life Pursuit  (2006)


This Perfect Day

"It's a Shame" from Don't Smile  (1995)









"Let Down" from Let Down  (2020)


Sweater Curse

"I Wish I Was a Better Person Sometimes" from Push//Pull  (2020)


Les Savy Fav

"What Would Wolves Do?" from Let's Stay Friends  (2007)









David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels

"My First Band" from A Gateway to a Lifetime of Disappointment  (2020)


The Beths

"Dying to Believe" from Jump Rope Gazers  (2020)


Youth Valley

"Young Sad Lovers" from Youth Valley  (2020)


The Hit Parade

"You Didn't Love Me Then" from With Love From...  (2008)








Silver Sun

"Bubblegum" from Disappear Here  (2004)



"Hey Christo" from Hey Christo  (2019)


Electric Lo Fi Seresta

"A Light That Never Changes" from A Light That Never Changes  (2020)



"Shake It Maggie" from Maggie Says It Again  (2017)



"Marie tu pleures" from Les chemins de verre  (2010)









No Age

"Eraser" from Eraser  (2008)



"Lowest Dive" from Body Language (2008)


The Mae Shi

"Eat the Prize" from  Heartbeeps  (2005)



"Mine" from Mine  (2020)


Bad Nerves

"New Shapes" from Bad Nerves  (2020)


Bee Bee Sea

"Telephone" from Day Ripper  (2020)









"Honey" from Honey (2020)



"Some Kind of Sickness" from Virgins of Menace  (2011)



"I Can't Believe" from I Can't Believe  (2020)


Tapes 'n Tapes

"Le Ruse" from Walk It Off  (2008)


White Denim

"Let's Talk About It" from Let's Talk About It  (2007)








Stiff Richards

"Point Of You" from State Of Mind  (2020)


The Interrupters

"Title Holder" from Fight the Good Fight  (2018)


White Reaper

"I Don't Think She Cares" from White Reaper Does It Again  (2015)


The 88

"Go Go Go" from Not Only... But Also  (2008)


The Hold Steady

"Stay Positive" from Stay Positive  (2008)










"Un Musicien Parmi Tant D Autres" from Harmonium  (1974)


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