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Oct 2020

See You In Hell!



Sharon Needles

"Everyday Is Halloween (feat. Armen Ra)" from PG-13  (2013)



"Running Up That Hill" from Covers  (2003)



"Modern Love" from She Was A Spicy She Wolf  (2005)


Leningrad Cowboys

"Play That Funky Music" from Zombies Paradise  (2006)








British Sea Power

"Something Wicked" from The Decline of British Sea Power  (2003)


The Birthday Party

"Release the Bats" from Junkyard  (1982)


Thee Oh Sees

"Devil Again" from Singles Collection, Vol. 3  (2013)


Go Getters

"Welcome to My Hell" from Hot Rod Roadeo (2008)


Alex Chilton

"Devil Girl" from A Man Called Destruction (1995)








The Reverend Horton Heat

"The Devil's Chasing Me" from The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds of the Reverend Horton Heat  (1993)


Johnny Otis

"Castin' My Spell" from The Capitol Years (1970)


Lily Allen

"Straight To Hell (ft. Mick Jones)" from War Child Presents Heroes  (2009)


Wild Beasts

"The Devil's Crayon" from Limbo, Panto  (2008)


Robyn Hitchcock

"The Devil's Radio" from Moss Elixir  (1996)









The Wood Brothers

"Postcards From Hell" from Loaded  (2008)


The White Stripes

"Catch Hell Blues" from Icky Thump  (2007)



"Devil In Me" from 22-20s  (2005)


The Cure

"The Blood" from The Head On the Door (1985)


The Smiths

"Handsome Devil" from Hatful of Hollow  (1984)



"Who Killed the Cheerleader" from Return of the Loving Dead  (2002)








The Rocky Horror Picture Show

"The Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show  (1975)


The Amazing Crowns

"Do the Devil" from The Amazing Crowns (2009)


Boy O Boy

"The Munsters" from Ska Gone South  (1994)


The Five Blobs

"The Blob" 


The Slickee Boys

"The Brain That Refused to Die" from Here To Stay  (1982)









"Ghosts" from Velocifero  (2008)


Codeine Velvet Club

"The Black Roses" from Codeine Velvet Club (2010)


Tom Waits

"The Black Rider" from The Black Rider  (1993)








Cliff Richard

"Devil Woman" from I'm Nearly Famous  (1976)


Oct 2020

It’s POP - Not Art!





This afternoons POP Goes The World show has absolutely no delusions of grandeur.





"Reason Is Treason" from Kasabian  (2004)


The Joy Formidable

"Austere" from The Big Roar  (2010)


Handsome Furs

"Dead + Rural" from Plague Park  (2007)







The Clash

"Somebody Got Murdered" from Sandinista!  (1980)


Billy Bragg

"Accident Waiting to Happen" from Don't Try This at Home  (2006)



"The Jones" from Dripping  (2012)


TV On The Radio

"Halfway Home" from Dear Science  (2008)







The Yum Yums

"Be My Baby" from Sweetest Candy  (2009)


Aaron Thomas

"Out of Your Hands" from The Blues and Greens  (2013)


Right The Stars

"My Melody" from Hello Yes Ok  (2012)


The Fernweh

"The Liar" from The Fernweh  (2018)







The Flaming Stars

"A Little Bit Like You" from Sunset & Void  (2002)


The Gizmos

"The Midwest Can Be Allright" from Never Mind the Gizmos Here's the Gizmos (1978-1981)  (2002)


Dead Ghosts

"Off the Hook" from S/T  (2010)


La Luz

"Loose Teeth" from Floating Features (2018)



"Accidents Never Happen" from Eat To the Beat  (1979)







The Ruts

"In a Rut" from You Gotta Get Out of It (1980)


Natural Child

"B$G P$Mp$N" from Hard In Heaven  (2012)


The Satelliters

"I Said Yeah Yeah Yeah" from What's Up With Timothy Dee  (2013)


Dave & The Diamonds

"Think About Love" from Rare Mod Volume 3


The Remains

"Don't Look Back" from The Remains  (1966)


The Vickers

"The Only One" from Keep Clear  (2009)






The Afghan Whigs

"Somethin' Hot" from 1965  (1998)


Les Savy Fav

"Patty Lee" from Let's Stay Friends (2007)


Talking Heads

"Thank You for Sending Me an Angel" from More Songs About Buildings and Food  (1978)








"The First Part" from Foolish (1994)


Mikal Cronin "Tide" from Tide (2011)



"Foreign Room" from Telekinesis!  (2009)


Radio 4

"Enemies Like This" from Enemies Like This  (2006)


The Horrors

"Who Can Say" from Primary Colours  (2009)








"When It's Over" from Youth of America (1981)


No Age

"Cruise Control" from Snares Like a Haircut  (2018)


Oct 2020

POP Validity






Teenage Fanclub

"Get Funky" from Thirteen  (1993)



"Making Plans for Nigel" from Live In Concert 1980  (1992)


The Monks

"Love In Stereo" from Bad Habits  (1979)


The Vapors

"Crazy" from Together  (2020)









"Two Hundred Grand" from Sunshine  (2013)


The Vapour Trails

"Strange" from Golden Sunshine  (2020)


The Popdogs

"Kissin' Alicia" from Cool Cats for Pop Dogs  (2013)


The Swingers

"It Ain't What You Dance It's the Way You Dance It" from Counting the Beat  (1981)


White Denim

"Shake Shake Shake" from Fits  (2009)


Grand Island

"Oh, You Know Me Well" from Della Loved Steve  (2013)









"Zuretzako Hitz Ederrak" from Peiremans   (2005)



"Shane MacGovan" from Caligula  (2008)


Bloodthirsty Butchers

"I've Been Lost" from +/- {Plus/Minus} vs. Bloodthirsty Butchers  (2007)







The Tights

"Howard Hughes" from Howard Hughes  (1978)


The Wrecks

"Favorite Liar" from We Are the Wrecks  (2016)


A View of Earth from the Moon

"One Thousand Miles Apart" from Closer to a Ghost  (2017)


Carolina Liar

"Last Night" from Coming to Terms  (2009)







San Cisco

"Fred Astaire" from San Cisco  (2012)


Marvelous 3

"You're So Yesterday" from Hey! Album  (1999)


The Fire Apes

"3 O'clock (So Long)" from A Life In Letters  (2011)


Van Go

"I Wish I Could Be Grateful" from Everyone Loves You When You're Gone  (2018)



"April Showers" from Kill You Again  (2013)








"Kiss and Tell" from Kiss and Tell  (2020)


The Bayonets

"So Easy Rider" from Crash Boom Bang!  (2017)



"Please Don't Tell" from Catch-All  (2001)


The dB's

"That Time Is Gone" from Falling Off the Sky  (2012)



"Un-Alone" from No Time Like Now  (1983)







The Powerchords

"Dream Girl" from Think I'm Gonna  (2008)


The Resonars

"Gone Is the Road" from No Exit  (2019)


Brand New

"I Am a Nightmare" from I Am a Nightmare  (2016)



"Ready for the Magic" from Ready for the Magic (2016)



"Pornographic Version of You" from Record Time  (2012)


Deleted Waveform Gatherings

"Little Baby Warfare" from Baby Warfare  (2008)








"Phaser" from Regretfully Yours  (1996)


School of Fish

"Everyword" from Human Cannonball  (2006)


Oct 2020

Nothing For You







"If It Feels Good Do It" from Pretty Together  (2001)


The Super Friendz

"Good to Feel Like" from Love Energy  (2003)


The Waking Hours

"Where The Hell You Been" 


The City Lights

"What You Gonna Do?" from Escape from Tomorrow Today  (2004)







The Creases

"Answer To" from Tremolow  (2017)


Young Marble Giants

"Brand - New - Life" from Colossal Youth  (2007)


Amy Rigby

"Dancing With Joey Ramone" from Little Fugitive  (2005)


Kurt Baker

"Hanging On The Telephone" from Got It Covered  (2010)


The Vandals

"My Girlfriend's Dead" from Hitler Bad, Vandals Good  (1998)


Bike Thiefs

"You're Allowed Your Feelings" from Leaking  (2020)








The Distillers

"Drain the Blood" from Coral Fang  (2003)


The Interrupters

"Take Back the Power" from The Interrupters  (2014)


The Tuts

"Let Go of the Past" from Update Your Brain  (2016)


Lady Pills

"Eat Them" from Despite  (2018)


Tiger Trap

"Super Crush" from Tiger Trap  (1993)







The Fleshtones

"Comin' Home Baby" from Brooklyn Sound Solution  (2011)


Bad Manners

"Lip Up Fatty" from Viva La Ska Revolution  (1997)


Tim Timebomb "She's Drunk All the Time" from Tim Timebomb and Friends  (2014)


Common Rider

"Classics of Love" from Last Wave Rockers  (1999)


Street Dogs

"Punk Rock and Roll" from Street Dogs  (2010)


Me First and The Gimme Gimmes

"Jolene" from Love Their Country  (2006)








Tsunami Bomb

"Take the Reigns" from The Ultimate Escape  (2002)


Dazey and the Scouts

"Wet" from Maggot  (2017)


The Slackers

"Married Girl" from Redlight  (1997)


The Members

"Handling the Big Jets" from Sound of the Suburbs - A Collection of the Members Finest  (1995)


The Swingers

"One Good Reason" from Counting the Beat  (1981)







"Oh!" from One Beat  (2002)


Jack Off Jill

"Strawberry Gashes" from Clear Hearts Grey Flowers  (2000)


The Julie Ruin

"Girls Like Us" from Run Fast  (2013)


Playboy Manbaby

"I Wish My Brain Was a Computer" from Debbie from Zumba  (2020)



"I Was a Teenage Insect" from Amanita Pantherina  (2020)









Television Personalities

"Part Time Punks" from Yes Darling, but Is It Art  (1995)



"Killer Bangs" from Honeyblood  (2014)



"Hooray for Me" from Together Again for the First Time  (2001)


Hot Water Music

"Trusty Chords" from Caution  (2002)


Chainsaw Pop

"Mother Secretary" from Mother Secretary








Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers

"If Romance Is Dead, Then I Want to Be Dead Too" from Bliss  (2019)


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