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POP Goes The World!

Sep 2020

POP & Frisk






"End of the Line" from Small Talk  (2006)


Split Enz

"Lovey Dovey" from Second Thoughts  (1976)



"This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us" from Kimono My House  (1974)


Brendan Benson

"Borrow" from My Old, Familiar Friend  (2009)







Brendan Benson

"Happy Most of the Time" from What Kind of World  (2012)



"Goes Around" from Memories of the Never Happened  (2013)


Sandi Thom

"I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (with Flowers in My Hair)" from Smile...It Confuses People  (2006)


Georgie James

"Cheap Champagne" from Places  (2007)


The Shapes

"Escape from New York" from Faces We Make When We Dance (2008)








"Believe In Me" from Parallel Play  (2008)


The View

"Comin' Down" from Hats Off To the Buskers  (2007)


The Whereabouts

"TwentyThirtyThree" from TwentyThirtyThree  (2013)



"All I Want To Do Is Rock" from Good Feeling  (1997)


The Eastern Dark

"Johnny and Dee Dee" from Where Are All the Single Girls?  (2000)


Warm Soda

"Gumdrop" from I Don't Wanna Grow Up  (2017)







Soda Stereo

"Coral" from Comfort y Musica Para Volar  (1996)


The London Suede

"Money" from Sci-Fi Lullabies  (1997)


Gay Dad

"Joy!" from Leisure Noise  (1999)


Love Nut

"Green Tambourine" from Bastards of Melody  (1996)


The Grip Weeds

"Love's Lost On You" from Inner Grooves  (2013)








Super Furry Animals

"God! Show Me Magic" from Fuzzy Logic  (1996)


The Golden Dogs

"Dynamo" from Big Eye Little Eye  (2006)



"Pig" from Good Morning Spider  (1998)


Tokyo Explode

"Suffragette City" from Tokyo Explode  (2003)


The Brothers Steve

"Beat Generation Poet Turned Assassin" from #1  (2020)







Seminal Rats

"Rat Race" from Omnipotent  (1986)


Public Eye

"Lost Dog" from Music for Leisure  (2020)



"From Extremely Far Away" from Talking Cure  (2006)



"What's Wrong, Joy Division" from What's Wrong, Joy Division - Single  (2019)


The Screaming Tribesmen

"Igloo" from Bones and Flowers  (2017)







The Wants

"The Motor" from Container  (2019)


Sweeping Promises

"Falling Forward" from Hunger for a Way Out  (2020)


Pom Poko

"My Candidacy" from Cheater  (2020)


Pink Turns Blue

"Touch the Skies" from Meta  (1988)


Sep 2020

POP In The Age Of Disorder







"Shangri-La" from Earth  (2020)



"Nebeska Tema" from Odbrana I Poslednji Dani (2006)


Le Loup

"Outside of This Çar, the End of the World !" from The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium Général Assembly (2007)


The Warning

"Survive" from XXI Century Blood (2018)









"Beg Waves" from Ice Cream Spiritual (2008)


The Flaming Lips

"The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" from At War With the Mystics (2006)


Fontaines D.C.

"A Hero's Death" from A Hero's Death (2020)



"Sludge" from Sludge (2020)









Električni Orgazam

"Nebo" from Elektični Orgazam (2006)


Prince Rama

"Lightening Fossil" from Shadow Temple (2010)



"Bellawood" from The Evening Descends (2008)



"Chauvinism" from Chauvinism (2020)


Les Thugs

"Moon Over Marin" from Virus 100 (1995)









"Alphabet" from Alphabet (2020)


Naked Giants

"Walk of Doom" from The Shadow (2020)


Viagra Boys

"Lick the Bag" from Common Sense (2020)


Bee Bee Sea

"Day Ripper" from Day Ripper (2020)


Bad Nerves

"Electric 88" from Electric 88 (2020)









Afraid Of Mice

"Popstar" from Afraid of Mice (1981)


Gad Whip

"Desk Gate" from Farm Animals (2020)


Young Knives

"Swarm" from Swarm (2020)


Hotel Lux

"Eddie's Gaff" from Barstool Preaching (2020)









The Luxembourg Signal

"222" from The Long Now (2020)


Sweeping Promises

"Cross Me Out" from Hunger for a Way Out (2020)



"Saint Vitus" from The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable (2020)



"Svart Är Himlen" from Tio Bitar (2007)








The Zippers

"He's A Rebel" from He's a Rebel (1977)


The Riptides

"Tomorrows Tears" from Relics (2014)


The Innocents

"Without Time" from The Innocents (1982)


Lazarus Kane

"Night Walking" from Night Walking (2020)




Sep 2020

This POP Will Hurt Forever







Secret Powers

"Orange Trees" from The Electric Family Choir  (2009)



"Ya Had Me Goin'" from Alpacas Orgling  (2006)



"Just a Fan" from I Can't Handle Change  (2010)


girl in red

"bad idea!" from bad idea!   (2019)








Tracy Bryant

"Hey Spaceman!" from Subterranean  (2016)


Sea Pinks

"Lake Superior" from Freak Waves  (2018)


Shake Some Action!

"I Didn't Know What to Say" from Full Fathom Five  (2013)


The Honeycombs

"Have I the Right?" from Have I the Right - The Very Best of the Honeycombs  (2002)







The Delmonas

"Comin' Home Baby" from Dangerous Charms  (2009)



"Boom Babba Do Ba Dabba" from The Real Sound  (2014)


Shirley Ellis

"(That's) What the Nitty Gritty Is" from The Clapping Song... And More  (2016)



"Sunday Girl" from Parallel Lines  (1978)







The Blades

"The Last Man In Europe" from The Last Man In Europe  (2000)


The Candyskins

"You Better Stop" from You Better Stop  (2013)


The Frank & Walters

"Colours" from Grand Parade  (1997)


In Elvis Garage

"Dazed and Distraught" from Winning By Cheating  (2008)







Sex Clark Five

"She Collides With Me" from Strum and Drum!  (1986)


The Everly Brothers

"Gone Gone Gone" from Walk Right Back: The Everly Brothers On Warner Bros. 1960-1969  (1993)


Jon Auer

"City of Sister Love" from Through a Faraway Window: A Tribute to Jimmy Silva  (2010)


A.C. Newman

"Miracle Drug" from The Slow Wonder  (2004)


The Flashing Lights

"Half The Time" from Where The Change Is  (1999)







Little Murders

"One by One" from Dromana-Rama  (2019)


Any Trouble

"Turning Up the Heat" from Girls Are Always Right  (1980)


Sean Na Na

"Double Date" from My Majesty  (2003)


Smart Remarks

"Mary's Got Her Eye on Me" from Foreign Fields: 1982 - 1984 (2017)


Jet Electro

"For Sale By Owner" from Jet Electro  (2011)







The Waterboys

"Morning Came Too Soon" from Out of All This Blue  (2017)


Roy Orbison

"I Drove All Night" from The Essential Roy Orbison  (2006)


David Marks & The Marksmen

"That's Why" from The Ultimate Collector's Edition 1963 - '65  (2008)



"I Don't Like It Like That" from Bad Times Good Times


The Boys

"Independent Girl" from To Hell with the Boys  (1979)








Boss Martians

"Kill My Telephone" from The Set-Up  (2004)


Mean Jeans

"Steve Don't Party No More" from Are You Serious?  (2009)


Samantha 7

"Bonnie Bradley" from Samantha 7  (2000)


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