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POP Goes The World!

Aug 2020

Hot Sauce The World!



A collaborative independent radio station event!

Dj Special Sauce from Hot Sauce Lounge, heard every Thursday afternoon from 2-4p.m. on LPFM sister station WOWD in Takoma Park, Md., and Dj Enzo of WRIR's POP Goes The World.

The two die hard travelers have been jonesin' ever since covid restrictions put the kibosh on their travel plans. So they will exorcize their travel bug by taking a musical globe hopping jaunt. 

Each has chosen four different countries to showcase musically, and would like to take you along for the aural ride!

Grab your passport and strap in!









Serge Gainsbourg

"Comic Strip" from Initials B.B.  (1968)


France Gall

"Jazz à gogo" from N'écoute pas les idoles  (1964)


Anna Karina

"Roller Girl (Comédie Musicale "Anna")" from Anna (BOF)  (1967)


Jacqueline Taïeb & Amsterdam Beatclub

"7 Pm" from 7h Du Soir / Partir À Amsterdam


Sylvie Vartan

"Le loco-motion" from Best of Sylvie Vartan  (2007)











"Il Meglio Deve Ancora Venire" from Arrivederci, Mostro! (2010)



"Paracetamolo" from Evergreen  (2018)



"50 Special" from ...Squérez?  (1999)


Pinguini Tattici Nucleari

"Sudowoodo" from Diamo un calcio all'aldilà  (2015)







New Zealand



Princess Chelsea

"Cigarette Duet" from Lil' Golden Book  (2011)


The Brunettes

"The Record Store" from Mars Loves Venus  (2004)


Kane Strang

"In Thailand" from In Thailand  (2014)


Cut Off Your Hands

"Happy As Can Be" from You & I  (2008)










The Mary Onettes

"Lost" from The Mary Onettes  (2007)


This Perfect Day

"Could Have Been Friends" from C-60  (1997)


I'm from Barcelona

"Dr. Landy" from Forever Today  (2011)


The Raveonettes

"Choke on Love" from Atomized  (2016)







South America



Anarkia Tropikal

"Lola" from Cumbia Punk 201666  (2020)


Anarkia Tropikal

"La C.N.I Se Llevo a Mi Washi" from Cumbia Punk 201666  (2020)


Mákina Kandela

"Déjalo Libre" from Cumbiakistan  (2014)


Kumbia Queers

"Gascon" from Pecados Tropicales  (2012)











"Re:Re:" from Best Hit AKG 2 (2018)



"Idosodachi" from Jinsei, Yamaori Taniori  (2017)



"Yasashii Higeki" from Feminism  (1995)










Los Colorados

"What I Like About You" 


Selo i Ludy

"Money For Nothing" from Bunch One  (2019)


The Ukrainians

"Batyar (Bigmouth Strikes Again)" from Kultura  (1994)


Kamyaniy Gis

"Paint It Black" 










Brighton 64

"Modernista" from Modernista  (2015)



"La Fuerza" from La Fuerza  (2012)


Ed Tulipa

"Club Mónica" from Popterapia  (2011)


Futuro Terror

"El Paso Dyatlov" from Precipicio  (2017)


Aug 2020

POP Goes The World Salutes The Class Of 2024




…… while magnanimously dispensing some valuable wisdom to them.
(and by “wisdom”, I mean some classic 80s tracks)
Hey, if I don’t teach the children, who will?





"Living in the Real World" from Eat to the Beat  (1979)


Oingo Boingo

"Ain't This the Life " from Ain't This the Life  (1980)



"People" from Space Race  (1980)







The Godfathers

"Birth School Work Death" from Birth, School, Work, Death   (1988)


Pursuit of Happiness

"I'm an Adult Now" from Love Junk  (1988)


The B-52's

"Song for a Future Generation" from Whammy!  (2015)


Red Box

"Lean on Me (Ah-li-ayo)" from The Circle & the Square (1984)


Marc Almond

"Tears Run Rings" from The Stars We Are  (1988)








"Rain" from Body and the Beat  (1984)


The Psychedelic Furs

"Heaven" from Mirror Moves  (1984)



"Reap the Wild Wind" from Quartet  (1982)


Wire Train

"Chamber of Hellos" from In a Chamber  (1983)



"Whistling In the Dark" from Contenders  (1986)







The Specials

"Little Bitch" from Too Much Too Young  (1979)



"Lyin' Ass Bitch" from Fishbone  (1985)


The Baloney Heads

"I'm A Drunk" from I'm a Drunk / Life's Rough (1980)


The Untouchables

"FBI (I Spy for The)" from Wild Child  (1985)







Simple Minds

"Waterfront" from Sparkle in the Rain  (1984)


The Stranglers

"Always The Sun" from Dreamtime  (1986)


Kate Bush

"The Big Sky" from Hounds of Love  (1985)


The The

"Giant" from Soul Mining  (1983)







Alley Cats

"Nothing Means Nothing Anymore" from Urgh! A Music War  (1981)


Dead Kennedys

"Moon Over Marin" from Plastic Surgery Disasters / In God We Trust, Inc.  (1981)


The Downsiders

"Another Horns Cry" from The Downsiders  (1987)


Drop Nineteens

"Winona" from Delaware  (1992)







Zero Boys

"Livin' In The 80's" from Vicious Circle  (1982)


Concrete Blonde

"Still In Hollywood" from Concrete Blonde  (1986)



"Last Cigarette" from Stuck in Wonderamaland  (1989)


Aug 2020

Intentionally Blank






The Peels

"Only Son" from The Peels  (2005)


A Giant Dog

"& Rock & Roll" from Pile  (2016)


Hunx & His Punx

"Tonite Tonite" from Too Young to Be In Love  (2011)


Toy Dolls

"Nellie the Elephant" from Dig That Groove Baby  (1983)








"Bonin' In the Boneyard" from Truth and Soul  (1988)


Funnel Cake

"Jessie's Girl" from Teen Feeding Frenzy!  (2003)


The Ergs

"Linus & Lucy" from Hindsight Is 20​/​20, My Friend  (2009)


Jennifer Trynin

"Happier" from Cockamamie  (1994)



"Devil In Me" from 22-20s  (2004)


The Murder City Devils

"I Want a Lot Now (So Come On)" from Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts  (1998)








"Art Is Hard" from The Ugly Organ  (2003)


Beach Slang

"Future Mixtape for the Art Kids" from A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings  (2016)


The Futureheads

"Sun Goes Down" from The Chaos  (2010)


Good Luck

"Stars Were Exploding" from Into Lake Griffy  (2008)


New Swears

"Midnight Lovers" from Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever (2015)



"No Waves" from FIDLAR  (2013)







The Golden Dogs

"Travel Time" from Coat of Arms  (2010)


Pretty & Nice

"Grab Your Nets" from Get Young  (2008)


Male Bonding

"All Things This Way" from Nothing Hurts  (2010)


Overwhelming Colorfast

"Strong Now" from Two Words  (2007)







Red Dons

"Pariah" from Fake Meets Failure  (2010)


The Dialated Pupils

"White Night" from White Night


The Evens

"Cut from the Cloth" from Get Evens  (2006)



"Party Hard (acoustic Andrew WK cover)" from Party Hard (acoustic Andrew WK cover)







Flight of the Conchords

"The Most Beautiful Girl In the Room (Live)" from The Distant Future  (2007)


Alex Chilton

"What's Your Sign Girl" from A Man Called Destruction  (2017)



"Cornflake Girl" from Jawbox  (1996)


Girls Against Boys

"One Dose Of Truth" from Series 7  (2001)







Downtown Boys

"Dancing in the Dark" from Full Communism  (2015)


Futuro Terror

"Precipicio" from Precipicio  (2017)


The Hives

"Walk Idiot Walk" from Tyrannosaurus Hives  (2004)


Arctic Monkeys

"I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor" from Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not  (2006)


The Bloody Hollies

"Dirty Water" from If Footmen Tire You...  (2005)







Dirty Pretty Things

"Bang Bang You're Dead" from Waterloo to Anywhere  (2006)


Aug 2020

Cognitive POP Quiz




Does everyone have their #2 pencils?

Good, then we may begin......




 - "Babies" from His 'n' Hers  (1994)


El Guincho

 - "Palmitos Park" from Alegranza  (2008)



 - "Never Let Me Down Again" from 8-Bit Operators - Tribute To Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Science  (2014)


Happy Mondays

 - "Kinky Afro" from Pills 'N' Thrills and Bellyaches  (1990)







The Soft Boys

 - "Insanely Jealous of You" from Underwater Moonlight  (1980)



 - "Thursday" from Cure for Pain  (1993)


Husking Bee

 - "The Sun and the Moon" from Four Color Problem  (2000)



 - "Summertime" from Album  (2009)







Charlie & the Moonhearts

 - "I Hate You" from Split Lp  (2009)


Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake

 - "Sea Saw" from Modern Surf Classics  (2015)


King Salami and the Cumberland Three

 - "Do the Wurst" from Fourteen Blazin' Bangers!!  (2010)


Lost Sounds

 - "I Get Nervous" from Lost Sounds  (2004)


Otoboke Beaver

 - "S'il Vous Plaît" from Bakuro Book - Single  (2016)


The Regrettes

 - "Hot" from Feel Your Feelings Fool!  (2017)







Les Thugs

 - "I Love You So" from I.A.B.F  (1991)



 - "New Music Machine" from FANTASMA  (2010)


Japanese Breakfast

 - "Everybody Wants to Love You" from Psychopomp  (2016)



 - "Now It's On" from Sumday  (2003)


Oh No Oh My

 - "I Love You All the Time" from Oh No! Oh My!  (2006)


Goodnight Radio

 - "Sophia So Far" from Sophia So Far - Single  (2013)







Local H

 - "Wolf Like Me" from Local H's Awesome Mix Tape #1  (2010)


Thee Oh Sees

 - "The Dream" from Carrion Crawler / The Dream  (2011)


The Walkmen

 - "The Rat" from Bows + Arrows  (2004)


Flat Worms

 - "Red Hot Sand" from Red Hot Sand - Single  (2016)







Faith Healer

 - "Light of Loving" from Try ; -)  (2018)


David Nance

 - "Negative Boogie" from Negative Boogie  (2017)


The Peep Tempel

 - "Neuroplasticity" from Joy  (2016)



 - "Alien Blues" from Gawk  (2015)


Ezra Furman

 - "Maraschino-Red Dress $8.99 at Goodwill" from Transangelic Exodus  (2018)







The Sunshine Underground

 - "Put You In Your Place" from Raise the Alarm  (2006)


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