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Jul 2020

POP’s Eternal Question








Paul Collins Beat

 - "Rock N Roll Girl" from The Beat  (1980)


Joe Jackson

 - "Tonight and Forever" from Big World (Live At the Roundabout Theatre, New York City/1986) (1986)


The Rubinoos

 - "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" from Back To The Drawing Board  (1979)


Concrete Blonde

 - "Happy Birthday" from Free  (1989)







Marshall Crenshaw

 - "Whenever You're On My Mind" from Field Day  (1983)


The Colourfield

 - "Can't Get Enough of You Baby" from Virgins and Philistines  (1985)


The Coral

 - "Dreaming of You" from The Coral  (2002)


Split Enz

 - "How Can I Resist Her" from True Colours  (1980)








The Wolfgang Press

 - "A Girl Like You" from Queer  (1991)


The Cure

 - "The Perfect Girl" from Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me  (1987)


Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

 - "Home" from Up from Below  (2009)


Ezra Furman

 - "Love You So Bad" from Transangelic Exodus  (2018)



 - "Voodoo Lady" from Chocolate & Cheese  (1994)







Lou Reed

 - "Romeo Had Juliette" from New York  (1989)


Iggy Pop

 - "Candy" from Brick By Brick  (1990)



 - "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" from Ramones  (1976)


The Damned

 - "Love Song" from Machine Gun Etiquette  (1979)



 - "If This Is Love" from Yeah I Know  (2009)







Thomas Dolby

 - "Europa and the Pirate Twins" from The Golden Age of Wireless  (1982)


A Flock of Seagulls

 - "Space Age Love Song" from A Flock of Seagulls (1982)


New Order

 - "Temptation" from Substance  (1987)


The Postal Service

 - "Clark Gable" from Give Up  (2003)



 - "Tonight Let's Dance" from Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid  (2004)


The Vinylistic

 - "I'm Confessin' That I Love You" from I'm Confessin' That I Love You  (2003)







Altered Images

 - "Love & Kisses" from Happy Birthday  (1981)


Ballet School

 - "Cherish" from The Dew Lasts an Hour  (2014)


A Sunny Day In Glasgow

 - "In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry in the Tradition of Passing)" from Sea When Absent  (2014)


Asobi Seksu

 - "Transparence" from Hush  (2008)


Cocteau Twins

 - "A Kissed Out Red Floatboat" from Blue Bell Knoll  (1988)








 - "The Best Thing" from Apartment Life  (1997)



 - "It Must Be Love" from 7  (1981)


Josh Ritter

 - "Real Long Distance" from The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter  (2007)


The Divine Comedy

 - "At The Indie Disco" from Bang Goes the Knighthood  (2010)


Jul 2020

The 90s? Sure…..I remember the 90s







.....it's a bit hazy, but....







"Posters" from Puzzle (1992)


Ben Folds Five

"Sports & Wine" from Ben Folds Five  (1995)


Lauren Hoffman

"Rock Star" from Megiddo  (1997)


PJ Harvey

"Man-Size" from Rid of Me (1993)








"Mari In Love" from Pugs Bite the Red Knee (1997)



"Naz-Tee May'en" from The Reality of My Surroundings (1991)


Follow for Now

"Milkbone" from Follow For Now (1991)


The Dambuilders

"Smooth Control" from Ruby Red (1995)



"Dig for Fire" from Bossanova (1990)


Pere Ubu

"Wasted" from Story of My Life (1993)


Autour de Lucie

"Selon l'humeur" from Immobile (1997)







Soul Coughing

"Screenwriters Blues" from Ruby Vroom   (1994)


Inspiral Carpets

"Two Worlds Collide" from Revenge of the Goldfish (1992)


The Magnetic Fields

"Take Ecstasy with Me" from Holiday (1994)


Bran Van 3000

"Drinking in L.A." from Glee (1998)



"To All the Lovely Ladies" from Goldo (1998)


G. Love & Special Sauce

"Milk & Cereal" from Rappin' Blues EP (1999)








"The Good Life" from Pinkerton (1996)



"Friend" from Quickspace (1997)


Poster Children

"0 For 1" from RTFM (1997)


Frank Black

"Hang On to Your Ego" from Frank Black (1993)








"Mother Mary" from Water & Solutions (1998)



"Fingerpops" from Last Exit to Garageland (1996)



"Take Me (Back) To You" from Kerosene Hat (1993)


China Drum

"Can't Stop These Things" from Goosefair (1996)


Bad Religion

"Stranger Than Fiction" from Stranger Than Fiction (1994)








"Nursery Rhyme / Breather (feat. Badly Drawn Boy)" from Psyence Fiction (1998)


Drop Nineteens "The Dead" from National Coma (1993)


Whipping Boy

"Twinkle" from Heartworm (1995)






The Moog Cookbook "Buddy Holly" from The Moog Cookbook (1996)


Jul 2020

This Show Will Be In Seine



Eye roll all you want, that’s the best pun you’ll hear all week!





Philippe Chany

"La carioca (feat. Alain Chabat & Gérard Darmon)" from La cité de la peur (Bande originale du film)  (1994)



"Ulysse" from L'ange de mon démon  (2007)


France Gall

"Comment lui dire" from Evidemment  (2005)


Elli Medeiros

"Toi mon toît" from Bom Bom  (1987)








"Pendant que les champs brûlent" from Flammes  (2002)



"Tous les mêmes" from Racine carrée  (2013)


Nino Ferrer

"Mirza" from Nino Ferrer  (2004)


Louis Chedid

"Les horreurs du Musée des Horreurs" from Ainsi soit-il  (1981)



"Le slow" from Les voiles  (2013)







Stereo Total

"Supergirl" from Monokini  (1997)


Polo & Pan

"Arc-en-ciel" from Caravelle  (2018)



"Boum Boum Boum" from No Place In Heaven  (2015)



"Bernadette" from Wizzz French Psychorama (1966-1971), Vol. 1  (2010)


Danyel Gerard

"Sexologie" from Butterfly  (1975)









"Les Pommes De Lune" from Do You Know the Beast?  (2011)


Richard De Bordeaux & Daniel Beretta

"Psychose" from Wizzz French Psychorama, Vol. 1 (1966-1971)  (2010)


Charlotte Leslie

"Les filles c'est fait" from Pop a Paris - More Rock N' Roll and Mini Skirts Vol.2  (2004)


Les Surfs

"Reviens Vite Et Oublie" from Tendres années 60 : Les Surfs (2003)


Au Bonheur des Dames

"Rends-moi la ding dong" from Jour de fête  (1995)








Beautés Vulgaires

"Perdre la raison" from Zoo de nuit  (2001)


La Ruda Salska

"Le Devoir de Mémoire" from Le Prix Du Silence  (1996)


Mano Negra

"Mala Vida" from Patchanka  (1989)


Les Négresses Vertes

"Voilà l'été" from Mlah  (1988)


The Honeymoon Killers

"Route Nationale 7" from Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel  (1983)









La Femme

"Sur la planche 2013" from Psycho Tropical Berlin  (2013)



"À cause des garçons" from Pop Up  (2007)



"Complètement fou" from Complètement Fou  (2014)


Autour de Lucie

"Sur tes pas" from Immobile  (1997)








Stephane Varegeus

"Le Pape Du Pop" from Wizzz French Psychorama (1966-1971), Vol. 1  (1967)


Bernard Chabert

"Helga Selzer" from Wizzz French Psychorama (1966-1970), Vol. 3  (2015)


Les fleurs de pavot

"À dégager" from Les Fleurs de Pavot  (1968)


Les Papyvores

"Le papyvore" from Le papyvore  (1967)


Jul 2020

POP Chilled




POP Goes The World likes it's music like it likes it's Negronis, chilled!

It's not chill pop......it's POP CHILLED!


The Amazing Blondel

"Good time Gertie" from Inspiration  (1975)


The Idle Race

"The Birthday" from The Birthday Party  (1968)


The Nines

"I Am Lost" from Gran Jukle's Field  (2007)


Lake Street Dive

"You Go Down Smooth" from Bad Self Portraits  (2014)






Dwight Twilley Band

"Looking for the Magic" from Twilley Don't Mind  (1977)


Hot Hot Heat

"Middle of Nowhere" from Elevator  (2005)


Fever the Ghost

"Calico" from Crab in Honey  (2014)


Phantom Planet

"Dropped" from Raise the Dead  (2008)






The Jungle Giants

"She's a Riot" from Learn to Exist  (2013)


Modern Skirts

"My Bully" from Catalogue of Generous Men  (2003)



"Breaking Glass" from Baboon  (2006)


The Humbugs

"Mic Stand" from On the Up Side  (2009)


PT Walkley

"Up the Walls" from ...And the Adventures of Track Rabbit  (2007)







Sleepy Hollow

"Sincerely Yours" from Inspired By Badfinger  (2012)


Guantanamo Baywatch

"Blame Myself" from Desert Center  (2017)


Violent Femmes

"Special" from The Blind Leading the Naked  (1986)



"Rolling Stone" from Kessyou  (2014)


The Dragtones

"Insane" from Drag  (2012)

Brian Chevette

"Believe Me" from Believe Me  (2020)







Suzi Chunk "Barefoot In the Car Park" from Barefoot In the Car Park  (2014)


The Mojomatics

"She Loves" from Don't Pretend That You Know Me  (2010)


The Dennisons

"You Don't Know What Love Is" from Underground '60s British Invasion  (2009)


Dirty Looks

"Let Go" from The Stiff Singles, Vol. 1  (2006)



"You" from The Complete Eater  (2004)


The Legends

"Right On" from Up Against the Legends  (2003)







Shame "Lampoon" from Songs of Praise  (2018)



"Sci Flyer" from Raise  (1991)


Titus Andronicus

"Titus Andronicus Forever" from The Monitor  (2010)


Helen Love

"Punk Boy" from Love and Glitter, Hot Days and Muzik  (2000)


The Muffs

"Weird Boy Next Door" from Whoop Dee Doo  (2014)


The Yum Yums

"Anytime At All" from Whatever Rhymes With Baby  (2010)


TV on the Radio

"Lazerray" from Seeds  (2014)







Fluf "J'N It On the Net" from Road Rage  (1998)


Hanni El Khatib

"Family" from Head in the Dirt  (2013)


Go Betty Go

"The Pirate Song" from Nothing Is More  (2005)


The Groovie Ghoulies

"Let's Do It Again" from Go! Stories  (2002)








"Joan of Arc" from The Scene's Out of Sight  (2001)


Bos Angeles

"Beach Slalom" from Days of Youth/Beach Slalom  (2011)


Jul 2020

All Aboard The Clown Car Of Freedom!



What better way to kick of the Great American Circle Jerk weekend then by joy riding around in the Clown Car Of Freedom! 

Hop in!


Frank Black

"Freedom Rock" from Teenager of the Year  (1994)


Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

"Mourning In America" from The Brutalist Bricks  (2010)


Bad Religion

"The State of the End of the Millennium Address" from No Substance  (1998)



"Sluts of the USA" from The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll  (2014)







"The American Ruse" from Back In the USA  (1970)


The Music

"Freedom Fighters" from Welcome to the North  (2004)


Elliott BROOD

"President 35" from Ambassador  (2005)


Okkervil River

"The President's Dead" from The President's Dead  (2006)






Beaucoup Blue

"Oh America" from Free to Fall   (2009)


Dubioza kolektiv

"U.S.A." from Wild Wild East  (2011)


New Model Army

"51st State" from The Ghost of Cain  (1986)


Billy Bragg

"Help Save the Youth of America" from Talking with the Taxman About Poetry  (2006)


The La's

"Freedom Song" from The La's  (1990)







"The New World" from More Fun In the New World  (1983)


Violent Femmes

"America Is" from Add It Up (1981–1993)  (1993)


Plants and Animals

"American Idol" from La La Land  (2010)


Portugal. The Man

"So American" from In the Mountain In the Cloud  (2011)



"Freedom of '76" from Chocolate & Cheese  (2004)






Utah Phillips

"Stupid's Pledge" from Fellow Workers  (1999)


Boots Randolph

"Yakety Sax" from Boots Randolph's Greatest Hits  (1976)


Girls At Our Best!

"Politics" from Pleasure  (1981)


John Southworth

"American UFO" from Mars Pennsylvania  (1998)



"Living In America" from Sun Bronzed Greek Gods  (2011)


The Sounds

"Living In America" from Living In America  (2017)


Middle Class Rut

"USA" from No Name No Color  (2010)






The Quakes

"U.S.A." from Voice of America  (1992)


The Clash

"I'm So Bored With the U.S.A." from The Clash  (1977)


British Sea Power

"Waving Flags" from Do You Like Rock Music  (2008)



"River of Freedom" from Dewdrops In the Garden  (1994)


Bob Sinclar

"Sound of Freedom" from Soundz of Freedom  (2007)







"The National Front Disco" from Your Arsenal  (1992)


Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

"An All American National Sport" from 101 Damnations  (1989)


Heaven 17

"(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang" from Penthouse and Pavement (1981)






Elliott Smith

"Independence Day" from XO  (1998)


Bree Sharp

"America" from A Cheap and Evil Girl  (1999)




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