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Jun 2020

Beef Fizz





Our drink special this afternoon in the saloon is a nice cool glass of Beef Fizz!

Come on in and cool off with one!



Cracker "Sweet Thistle Pie" from The Golden Age  (2000)


Glyn Bailey "Yahoo!" from Songs from the Old Illawalla  (2007)


Mister Heavenly "Charlyne" from Out of Love  (2011)


Valerie June "You Can't Be Told" from Pushin' Against a Stone 2013

Josh Ritter "Snow Is Gone" from Hello Starling 2005

The Jayhawks "Settled Down Like Rain" from Hollywood Town Hall (Expanded Edition) 1992

Bronze Radio Return "Down There" from Shake! Shake! Shake! 2011

Shakey Graves "Dearly Departed (feat. Esmé Patterson)" from And the War Came 2014

Simple Kid "Lil' King Kong" from 2 2007

Pete Krebs "Sweet Ona Rose" from Sweet Ona Rose 1999

Trampled By Turtles "Wait So Long" from Palomino 2010

Squirrel Nut Zippers "I've Found a New Baby" from The Inevitable Squirrel Nut Zippers 1995

Preservation Hall Jazz Band "Short Dressed Gal" from New Orleans Preservation, Vol. 1 2009

Naomi & Her Handsome Devils "Take It Easy Greasy" from Naomi & Her Handsome Devils 2014

Wanda Jackson "Thunder On the Mountain" from The Party Ain't Over 2011

Si Cranstoun "Old School" from Old School 2016

Roy Milton "Big Fat Mama" from Big Fat Mama 2009

Helen Humes "Real Fine Daddy" from They Raided the Joint: Greatest Big Hits & Highlights, Vol. 3 2014

The Coasters "Three Cool Cats" from The Very Best Of 2014

Los Lobos "Peace (Live at the Barns of Wolf Trap, 1992)" from Just Another Band from East L.A.: A Collection 1993

Gomez "Not Fade Away" from Live At The Wireless

Rockpile "Heart" from Seconds of Pleasure 1980

Marshall Crenshaw "The Usual Thing" from Marshall Crenshaw 1988

Chuck Berry "3/4 Time (Enchiladas)" from Chuck 2017

Patrick & Eugene "Old Times" from Postcard From Summer Isle 2004

Tom Waits "Misery Is the River of the World" from Blood Money (Remastered) 2017

Benjamin Shepherd "Friday Fantasy" from Hold the Line 2019

Kurt Vile "Feel My Pain" from It's a Big World Out There (And I Am Scared) 2013

Elliott Smith "Son of Sam" from Figure 8 2000

Sean Walsh "Float" from American Music 2007

Griffin House "Judas" from Upland 2003


Jun 2020

*In these trying times*©, this is the best advice I can give you…




It's worked for me!




39 Steps

"Slip Into the Crowd"  from Slip Into the Crowd  (2006)


Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

"Love Is All Around"  from Greatest Hits  (2010)


The Dickies

"Stukas Over Disneyland"  from Stukas Over Disneyland  (1998)



"Nuclear Boy"  from Look Out!  (2012)









"Dull Joy"  from Predatory Headlights  (2015)


Prima Donna

"Cruel Summer"   (2019)


Now, Now

"Thread"  from Threads  (2012)


Eternal Summers

"In the Beginning"  from The Dawn of Eternal Summers  (2012)



"You've Got a Life of Your Own"  from Sell Your Memories  (2013)







The Essex Green

"Don't Know Why (You Stay)"  from Cannibal Sea  (2006)


Cheap Trick

"On Top of the World"  from Heaven Tonight  (1978)



"In My Arms Again"  from Double Exposure  (2007)


Pete Yorn

"Life On a Chain"  from Musicforthemorningafter  (2001)







Paul Revere & The Raiders

"Hungry for Some Lovin'"  from Country Wine... Plus  (1972)


Ron Gallo

"Young Lady, You're Scaring Me"  from Heavy Meta  (2017)



"No Good"  from A / B  (2016)



"Thank God I'm Not You"  from Thank God I'm Not You  (2017)


Diamond Rugs

"Gimme a Beer"  from Diamond Rugs  (2012)







The Black Lips

"Crystal Night"  from Satan's Graffiti or God's Art?  (2017)


Richard X. Heyman

"Incognito"  from Incognito  (2017)


Cold War Kids

"Love Is Mystical"  from LA DIVINE  (2017)


Off Broadway

"Light Up The Night"  from Fallin In  (1997)







Sofa City Sweetheart

"Stop the Thinking"  from Super(b) Exitos  (2019)



"I Need You More"  from Life Goes On  (2013)


The Sneetches

"He's Frank"  from 1985-1991  (1991)


The Legends

"The Kids Just Wanna Have Fun"  from Up Against the Legends  (2004)






Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

"All Tomorrow's Parties"  from Kicking Against the Pricks  (1986)


Steve Wynn

"Amphetamine"  from What I Did After My Band Broke Up/Visitation Rights  (2005)



"Lampoon"  from Songs of Praise  (2018)


Toothpaste 2000

"Instant Action"  from Instant Action  (2002)








"Shine"  from Crush  (1993)


60 Ft Dolls

"Pig Valentine"  from The Big 3  (1996)


Blood Red Shoes

"I Wish I Was Someone Better"  from Box of Secrets  (2008)


Jun 2020

James, Is That You I Smell?





Aurora Nealand & The Royal Roses

"Ferry Man" from The LookBack Transmission  (2014)


The Judy Chops

"Anti-Pop Superstar" from Bad Like Me (2016)


The Ditty Bops

"Wishful Thinking" from The Ditty Bops  (2004)


Puss N Boots

"Don't Know What It Means" from No Fools, No Fun (2014)







Preservation Hall Jazz Band

"Rattlin' Bones" from That's It!  (2013)


Charles Sheffield

"It´s Your Voodoo Working" from It's Your Voodoo Working  (1961)


Otis Spann

"It Must Have Been the Devil" from Walking the Blues (1961)


Professor Longhair

"Go to the Mardi Gras" from Go To The Mardi Gras (1997)


Creole String Beans

"Blues Cha Cha" from Golden Crown  (2016)







The Epileptic Hillbilly's

"Alabama Monster Man" from Take 2 (2014)


The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

"Enola Gay" from Buy Beg Or Steal (2011)


The Spectres

"The Great Erotic Zombie Shakedown" from The Great Erotic Zombie Shakedown (2003)


Dex Romweber Duo

"Blue Surf" from Images 13 (2014)


The Strange Blue Dreams

"Reverberatin' Love" from The Strange Blue Dreams (2017)







Slim Harpo

"Baby, Scratch My Back" from The Excello Singles Anthology (2003)


Amos Milburn

"Down The Road Apiece" from Down The Road Apiece  (2009)


David & Roselyn

"Hoochie Coochie Woman" from Praha Live (1999)


The Mannish Boys 

"Border Town Blues" from Big Plans (2007)


Black Oak Arkansas

"Hey Ya'll" from Street Party (1974)


Dave Edmunds

"Get Out of Denver" from Get It  (1977)







Hackensaw Boys

"Radio" from Look Out  (2007)


Blue Rodeo

"Til I Am Myself Again" from Casino (1990)


Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves

"The Same to You" from Chris Wollard + The Ship Thieves (2008)


Josh Ritter

"Next to the Last Romantic" from The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter (2007)



"Options" from Whatever's On Your Mind (2011)







Richard Hawley

"Valentine" from Lady's Bridge (2007)


Eugene McGuinness

"Those Old Black and White Movies Were True" from Eugene McGuinness (2008)


Chris Pureka

"Compass Rose" from Dryland (2006)


George Ezra

"Budapest" from Wanted On Voyage (2014)


Simple Kid

"A Song of Stone" from 2 (2007)







Iron & Wine

"The Rooster Moans" from The Creek Drank the Cradle (2002)


Benjamin Shepherd

"You Got Caught" from Hold the Line (2019)


Jun 2020

Keeping Reality At Bay





"Orpheus" from Meltdown  (2004)


Adam & the Relevants

"Live Forever" from VI   (2013)


Average Times

"Summer Nights" from Average Times  (2014)


Eddie & The Hot Rods

"Circles" from Do Anything You Wanna Do: The Best Of  (2012)



"Right Way Home" from Right Way Home  (1978)








Les Cox (sportifs)

"Les Cox Special" from Neverheed  (2008)


Freres Lapierre

"International Art Thief Declan Mcmanus" from Freres Lapierre  (2014)


The Bees

"A Minha Menina" from Sunshine Hit Me  (2001)


Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

"Rockin' Shopping Center" from Roadrunner: The Beserkley Collection  (2004)








The Photos

"Irene" from The Photos  (1980)


French Films

"Take You With Me" from Golden Sea   (2010)


Beach Beach

"Just Like Before" from The Sea  (2014)


The Churchills

"Close My Eyes" from Big ideas  (2002)







The Green Pajamas

"Like a Memory (Blue Eyes)" from 21st Century Seance  (2005)


Ballzy Tomorrow

"Maybe I'm Wrong" from Maybe I'm Wrong


The Anderson Council

"Gardening Man" from Looking at the Stars  (2016)



"Brother Tobio" from Les Grys-Grys  (2019)







Cocktail Slippers

"You Give Me" from People Talk  (2014)


The Never Never

"We Just Wanna Have Fun"   (2015)


Even In Blackouts

"I Can See Clearly Now" from Fall of the House of Even  (2006)



"Salvaje" from Soft Gems  (2012)


The Suicide Commandos

"Real Cool" from Make a Record  (1978)







The Brian Jonestown Massacre

"Vad Hände Med Dem? " from Revelation  (2014)


For Against

"Stranded In Greenland" from December  (1988)



"Telefony" from 1991  (1991)


The Menzingers

"Straight to Hell" from A Lesson In the Abuse of Information Technology  (2007)


The Replacements

"Anywhere's Better Than Here (Matt Wallace Mix)" from Dead Man's Pop  (2019)


The Rock*A*Teens

"Black Ice" from Cry  (1997)






Swearing at Motorists

"Timing Is Everything" from Last Night Becomes This Morning  (2006)


Peter Perrett

"I'm Not Like Everybody Else" from Woke Up Sticky… Plus  (1996)


Jay Reatard

"I Know a Place" from Singles 06-07  (2008)


My Teenage Stride

"Is The Hotel" from Is The Hotel  (2019)


Fearground Accidents

"Back In Town" from We Hate The Same Things/Back In Town  (2014)








Title Fight

"Rose of Sharon" from Hyperview  (2014)


Matt Curreri & The Exfriends

"Barbara Sans" from Exercise Music for the Lonely  (2006)


Maxïmo Park

"Apply Some Pressure" from A Certain Trigger  (2005)


Jun 2020

Flattening Your Curves



Ezra Furman

"Anything Can Happen" from Day of the Dog  (2013)


J. Roddy Walston & The Business

"Used to Did" from J. Roddy Walston & the Business  (2010)


Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves

"The High Water" from Chris Wollard + The Ship Thieves  (2008)


Ha Ha Tonka

"Usual Suspects" from Death of a Decade  (2011)







My Pet Dragon

"Moonshine" from Mountains and Cities  (2011)


The London Souls

"How Can I Get Through" from Here Come the Girls  (2015)


Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

"(Baby) Hold Me Tight"  (2008)



"Whippin' Piccadilly" from Bring It On  (1998)


Dinosaur Feathers

"Family Waves" from Fantasy Memorial  (2011)







Young Hines

"Just Say No (Sometimes)" from Give Me My Change  (2012)


Matthew E. White

"Rock & Roll Is Cold" from Fresh Blood  (2015)


Los Lobos

"Papa Was A Rolling Stone/I Can't Understand" 



"Love Vigilantes" from Trawler  (1994)






Boo Hewerdine & Darden Smith

"Reminds Me (A Little Of You)" from Evidence  (1989)


Alberta Cross

"Lucy Rider" from The Thief & the Heartbreaker  (2008)


 Tom Waits

"Whistlin' Past the Graveyard" from Blue Valentine  (2018)


Pokey LaFarge

"Something In the Water" from Something In the Water  (2015)


Jesse Dee

"My Two Feet" from Bittersweet Batch  (2012)


Great Lakes Myth Society

"Summer Bonfire" from Compass Rose Bouquet  (2007)






Kurt Vile

"Freak Train" from Childish Prodigy  (2009)


The Special Pillow

"My Poor Skull" from Sleeping Beauty  (2007)


Dr. Dog

"Mirror, Mirror" from Shame, Shame (2010)



"Random Name Generator" from Star Wars  (2015)







Josh Ritter

"Rumors" from The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter  (2007)


Richard Hawley

"I'm Looking For Someone To Find Me" from Lady's Bridge  (2007)


Ferraby Lionheart

"Harry and Bess" from The Jack of Hearts  (2010)


The Moondoggies

"Black Shoe" from Don't Be a Stranger  (2016)


The Wood Brothers

"Postcards From Hell" from Loaded  (2008)







Koot Hoomi

"Kiss On My List (suite)" from Koot Hoomi Presents: The Dark Side of Hall and Oates - A Tribute  (2010)


Jun 2020

It’s my turn to play some music now




"The Good In Everyone" from One Chord to Another  (1996)


The Golden Dogs

"Dynamo" from Big Eye Little Eye  (2006)


Pere Ubu

"Golden Surf II" from Carnival of Souls (2014)


Mad Staring Eyes

"Well Done Son" from Bored of Looking Cool  (2008)










"Gee Angel" from File Under: Easy Listening (1994)


Tommy Keene

"Long Time Missing" from Isolation Party  (1998)


Brendan Benson

"Misery" from My Old, Familiar Friend  (2009)


Jason Falkner

"Evangeline" from All Quiet On the Noise Floor  (2009)


The Love Language

"Calm Down" from Ruby Red  (2013)










"In the City" from Bad Blood!!!  (2003)


Georgie James

"Cheap Champagne" from Places  (2007)


French Kicks

"One More Time" from The Trial of the Century  (2013)



"Tonight Let's Dance" from Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid  (2004)


The Rosebuds

"Cemetery Lawn" from Night of the Furies  (2007)









Nada Surf

"Concrete Bed (Original)" from B-Sides  (2014)


Fruit Bats

"When U Love Somebody" from Mouthfuls  (2003)


The Thrills

"The Irish Keep Gate-Crashing" from Let's Bottle Bohemia  (2004)


Ten Ten

"When It Rains" from Walk On  (1986)


Snow Patrol

"Take Back the City" from A Hundred Million Suns  (2008)


The Soundtrack of Our Lives

"Sister Surround" from Behind the Music  (2001)


Gay Dad

"Joy!" from Leisure Noise  (1999)








The Leaving Trains

"Leaving Trains" from Well Down Blue Highway  (1984)


Tex & the Horseheads

"Oh Mother" from The Enigma Variations  (1984)


Chainsaw Kittens

"Mother (Of the Ancient Birth)" from Violent Religion  (1990)


Overwhelming Colorfast

"Yap" from Overwhelming Colorfast  (1992)










Jay Reatard

"It Ain’t Gonna Save Me" from Watch Me Fall  (2009)



"River Phoenix" from Skuffed Up My Huffy  (2007)


Ned's Atomic Dustbin

"Kill Your Television" from God Fodder  (1991)



"Planet of Sound" from Trompe le Monde  (1991)








The View

"Comin' Down" from Hats Off to the Buskers  (2007)


The Monks

"Johnny B. Rotten" from Bad Habits  (1980)



"I Don't Wanna Grow Up" from ¡Adios Amigos!  (1995)


Sir Douglas Quintet

"Night Train" from Kansas City & Other Favorites  (2009)


Jun 2020

In the saloon, the glass is always half full ……




......never half empty.



Willie Nile   "Run Free" from New York at Night  (2020)


Jason Anderson    "July 4, 2004" from So Long  (2019)


Macon Greyson    "Minnesota Weather Map" from 20th Century Accidents  (2007)


Alejandro Escovedo    "Castanets" from A Man Under the Influence  (2001)







The Paladins   "Keep On Lovin' Me Baby" from Let's Buzz!  (1990)


Merchants Of Venus   "Surfin' The Milky Way" from Merchants Of Venus  (1991)


Reacharound    "Big and Mean" from Who Killed Tommy Cooper?  (1996)


The Blasters   "So Long Baby, Goodbye" from The Blasters Collection  (1990)


Rockpile   "You Ain't Nothin' But Fine" from Seconds of Pleasure  (1977)







The Pleasure Barons   "Closing Time" from Live In Las Vegas  (1993)


The Blues Brothers   "Riot In Cell Block #9" from The Essentials: The Blues Brothers  (2003)


Lyle Lovett   "That's Right (You're Not from Texas)" from The Road to Ensenada


Mad Tea Party   "Whaddaya Want" from Found a Reason  (2008)


Field Trip   "Keyhole" from Headgear  (1990)








Vampire Beach Babes   "Devilman" from Beach Blanket Bedlam!  (2004)


Downsiders   "Old Black Crow" from All My Friends Are Fish  (1988)


Bob Schneider   "Wicked Little Man" from Saxon Pub | Austin, TX | 09​.​10​.​2012  (2012)


The Devil Makes Three   "Ten Feet Tall" from The Devil Makes Three  (2008)


Dead Professional   "Hold Back" from Hard Hard Hard  (2014)


Scott H. Biram   "Jack of Diamonds" from Nothin' But Blood  (2014)






Kurt Vile   "Pretty Pimpin" from B'lieve I'm Goin Down...  (2015)


Meat Puppets   "The Monkey and the Snake" from Sewn Together  (2009)


The Moonbees   "Decorating Your Own Cage" from Everything's Simple, Everything's Complicated  (2010)


Hezekiah Jones   "Mind Malaise" from Have You Seen Our New Fort?  (2011)






Dex Romweber Duo   "Lover's Gold" from Ruins of Berlin  (2009)


Phil & The Firefly   "Kitty" from Nature Hikes  (2008)


Pokey LaFarge   "Central Time" from Pokey LaFarge  (2013)


The Two Man Gentlemen Band   "Hey, Officer!" from Drip Dryin' with the Two Man Gentlemen Band  (2009)


Bill Evans   "A Hard Day's Night" from In Good Company  (2012)


Graeme James  "Bittersweet Symphony" from Play One We All Know, Vol. II  (2017)






The Rave-Ups   "Mickey of Alphabet City" from The Book of Your Regrets  (1988)


Dancing Hoods   "Baby's Got Rockets" from Hallelujah Anyway  (1988)


Jun 2020

Imagine Killing Revolution Heroes






Rage Against the Machine "Killing In the Name"


The Beatles "Revolution" 


John Lennon "Imagine" 


David Bowie "Heroes" 








Dub Silence "Killing in the Name" 


Resistência "Revolution" 


DJ Nu-Mark & Pomo "Imagine" 


Paralisis Permanente "Héroes" 








The Apples "Killing In The Name" 


Swingle Sisters "Revolution" 


Light In Babylon "Imagine" 


TV On The Radio "Heroes" 









Discoverland "Killing In the Name"


Santo & Johnny "Revolution" 


Peppermint Creeps "Imagine" 


Ted Leo "Heroes" 











Thrill Collins "Killing in the Name" 


Billy Bragg "Revolution" 


Gut Buster "Imagine" 


Charlie Baum "Heroes" 










Die JAZZpartie "Killing in the Name"


Nina Simone "Revolution"


Apollo Poetry "Imagine" 


Stereo Total "Heroes"










Besidos/feat.Dubioza Kolektiv "Killing in the Name"


Grandaddy "Revolution" 


A Perfect Circle "Imagine" 


Friccion "Héroes" 











Richard Cheese "Killing in the Name" 


Jun 2020

Knock Knock. Who’s There?




The Lost Music Saloon.

The Lost Music Saloon who?

The Lost Music Saloon is on damnit, let me in!




The London Souls

"The River" from Here Come the Girls  (2015)


Ezra Furman

"At the Bottom of the Ocean" from Day of the Dog  (2013)


Guadalcanal Diary

"Johnny B. Goode (Live Version)" from Walking In the Shadow of the Big Man  (2005)


Todd Snider

"Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues" from Near Truths and Hotel Rooms Live  (2003)


Josh Ritter

"To The Dogs Or Whoever" from Live At The 9:30 Club  (2010)








Beat Farmers

"God Is Here Tonight" from Best of Beat Farmers  (1995)



"Jesus Christ" from Folkways: A Vision Shared - A Tribute to Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly  (1988)


Old 97s

"Time Bomb" from Too Far To Care  (1997)


Blue Rodeo

"You're Everywhere" from Casino  (1990)


Chuck Ragan

"California Burritos" from Feast or Famine  (2007)







Asylum Street Spankers

"Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego" from God's Favorite Band  (2009)


Born Again Floozies

"Born Again Floozies Theme Song" from 7 Deadly Sinners  (2007)


Jesse Dee

"Slow Down" from Bittersweet Batch  (2012)


Cowboy Mouth

"Bad" from Mercyland  (1998)


Martin Sexton

"Diner" from Black Sheep  (1996)









Frightened Rabbit

"Old Old Fashioned" from The Midnight Organ Fight  (2008)


Frank Turner

"I Am Disappeared" from England Keep My Bones  (2011)


Billy Bragg

"Levi Stubbs' Tears" from Talking with the Taxman About Poetry  (1986)


Bishop Allen

"The Monitor" from The Broken String  (2007)


Dead Professional

"Downtown At Sundown" from Young Hardware - EP  (2015)


Jill Sobule & John Doe

"Under the Bridge" from A Day at the Pass  (2011)








John Doe

"Poor Girl" from This Far: The John Doe Roadmap  (2014)


David Dondero

"One Legged Man and the Three Legged Dog" from Simple Love  (2007)


Big Country "13 Valleys (Live)" from Without the Aid of a Safety Net  (2005)



"Hurry On Sundown" from Thing of the Past  (2008)








Van Morrison

"I'm Confessin'" from Magic Time  (2005)


Fabienne Delsol

"I'm Gonna Catch Me a Rat" from Between You and Me  (2007)


Miss Tess

"This Affair" from Sweet Talk  (2012)


Ane Brun

"Song No.6 (feat. Ron Sexsmith)" from A Temporary Dive  (2005)


Elliott Smith

"Waltz, No. 2 (XO)" from Xo  (1998)







Murray Attaway

"Allegory" from DGC Rarities, Vol. 1  (1994)


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