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POP Goes The World!

Jun 2019

Anything & Everything




The Lonely Forest "Turn Off This Song and Go Outside" from Arrows (2011) on Trans


Hallelujah the Hills "Wave Backwards To Massachusetts" from Collective Psychosis Begone (2007) on Misra Records


The Flaming Lips "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" from At War With the Mystics (2006) on Warner Records










Sparks "Do-Re-Mi" from A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing (1973) on Rhino


Hilotrons "Emergency Street" from Happymatic (2008) on Kelp Records


Iran "Buddy" from Dissolver (2009) on Narnack Records


Boat "Lately (I've Been On My Back)" from Setting the Paces (2009) on Magic Marker Records


Royal Bangs "Poison Control" from Let It Beep (2009) on City Slang










The Apparitions "God Monkey Robot" from As This Is Futuristic (2006) on Machine


Future of the Left "Arming Eritrea" from Travels With Myself and Another (2009) on 4AD


The Kick "Armchair Politician" from Ready Steady Go - The Countdown Records Story (2012) on Ace Records


Tom Robinson Band "All Right All Night" from TRB 2 (2004) on Parlophone UK











The Dahlmanns "Dancing With Joey Ramone" from The Dahlmanns - EP (2010) on Pop Detective Records


Joan Jett & The Blackhearts "Let's Do It" from Tank Girl (1995) on Elektra Records


The Cheap Cassettes "Hieroglyphics in Lipstick" from Kiss the Ass of My Heart - EP (2019) on 1164932 Records DK


Sugar Stems "I Don't Wanna Be Around You" from Sweet Sounds Of (2010) on Dusty Medical Records


Bad Moves "Spirit FM" from Tell No One (2018) on Don Giovanni Records











The Peels "Only Son" from The Peels (2005) on Dim Mak Records


De Novo Dahl "Be Your Man" from Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound (2007) on Roadrunner Records


Soccer Team "I'll Never Fear Ghosts Again" from Play (2007) on DeSoto Records


Lemuria "Chautauqua County" from Chautauqua County - Single (2010) on Bridge Nine Records


Starky "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning" from Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre (2004) on Laughing Outlaw Records











Superchunk "FOH" from I Hate Music (2013) on Merge Records


Marvelous Darlings "Teenage Targets" from Single Life (2011) on Deranged Records


Ben Kweller "Mean to Me" from Go Fly a Kite (2012) on Fargo


The Blakes "Don't Bother Me" from The Blakes (2008) on Light In The Attic Records











Johan "Everytime I Think of You" from Everybody Knows - Single (1997) on Excelsior Recordings


Milky Wimpshake "La Di Da" from Heart and Soul in the Milky Way (2013) on Fortuna POP!


Timo Räisänen "Sweet Marie" from Love Will Turn You Around (2007) on Razzia


Tegan and Sara "On Directing" from Sainthood (2009) on Vapor/Sire


Crystal Stilts "Through the Floor" from In Love with Oblivion (2011) on Slumberland Records


Cool Ghouls "Things I seen" from Cool Ghouls (2013) on Empty Cellar Records









Oxford Collapse "The Birthday Wars" from Bits (2008) on Sub Pop Records

Last Year's Men "Spilled" from Sunny Down Snuff (2018) on Churchkey Records








Let's Wrestle "I Won't Lie to You" from In Loving Memory Of… (2008) on Stolen Recordings

Jun 2019

….. but first, the POP!



A Giant Dog "& Rock & Roll" from Pile 2016


Beach Slang "Future Mixtape for the Art Kids" from A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings 2016


Bare Wires "Seeking Love" from Seeking Love 2010


The Beat Merchants "Pretty Face" from Maximum R 'n' B 2011









Empire Dogs "Whole Lotta Love" from Love Attacks!!! 2004


The Mooney Suzuki "Singin' A Song About Today" from People Get Ready 2000


The Golden Dogs "Yeah!" from Everything In 3 Parts 2004


The Bloody Hollies "Delta Heart Attack" from Who to Trust, Who to Kill, Who to Love 2007










Archie Bronson Outfit "Two Doves On a Lake" from Wild Crush 2014


Brimstone Howl "Tomahawk" from Guts of Steel


Japanther "River Phoenix" from Skuffed Up My Huffy 2007


FIDLAR "No Waves" from Fidlar 2013


Jay Reatard "It Ain’t Gonna Save Me" from Watch Me Fall (Bonus Track Version) 2009










The Frights "You Are Going to Hate This" from You Are Going to Hate This 2016


Kids on a Crime Spree "It's in My Blood" from We Love You So Bad 2011


The Ettes "I Heard Tell" from Look at Life Again Soon 2010


Bad Moves "Give It a Shot" from Tell No One 2018








Jeff Rosenstock "USA" from POST- 2018


Fishbone "Sunless Saturday" from The Reality of My Surroundings 1991


New Model Army "51st State" from The Ghost of Cain 1986


The Clash "I'm So Bored With the U.S.A." from The Clash 1977










The Music "Freedom Fighters" from Welcome To the North 2004


La Vida Bohème "Radio Capital" from Nuestra 2011


Ned's Atomic Dustbin "Kill Your Television" from God Fodder 1991


Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine "An All American National Sport" from 101 Damnations (Bonus Edition) 1989










Ezra Furman "Slacker Adria" from Day of the Dog 2013


Mary's Danish "My Dear Heretic" from American Standard 1992


The Detroit Cobras "Shout Bamalama" from Life, Love and Leaving 2016


Tijuana Panthers "Crew Cut" from EP 2008


The Chats "Smoko" from Get This In Ya 2017


Supernova "Vitamins" from Ages 3 and Up 1995










Superpunk "Ich bin ein Snob" from A Bisserl was geht immer 2004


The Doughboys "Black Sheep" from Is It Now? 2007


The Love Me Nots "Give Em What They Want" from Let's Get Wrecked 2011


Evolfo "Vision of Sin" from Last of the Acid Cowboys 2017


The Barbaras "Day At the Shrine" from 2006-2008 2012


Me First and The Gimme Gimmes "Favorite Things" from Are a Drag 1999

Jun 2019

Blissfully POP




Wipers "When It's Over" from Youth of America 1981


No Age "Cruise Control" from Snares Like a Haircut 2018








The Clash "Somebody Got Murdered" from Sandinista! 1980


Billy Bragg "Accident Waiting to Happen" from Don't Try This at Home 2006


Pile "The Jones" from Dripping 2012


TV on the Radio "Halfway Home" from Dear Science 2008








The Yum Yums "Be My Baby" from Sweetest Candy 2009


Aaron Thomas "Out of Your Hands" from The Blues and Greens 2013


Right The Stars "My Melody" from Hello Yes Ok 2012


The Fernweh "The Liar" from The Fernweh 2018








The Flaming Stars "A Little Bit Like You" from Sunset & Void 2002


The Gizmos "The Midwest Can Be Allright" from Never Mind the Gizmos Here's the Gizmos (1978-1981) 2002


Dead Ghosts "Off the Hook" from S/T 2010


La Luz "Loose Teeth" from Floating Features 2018


Blondie "Accidents Never Happen" from Eat To the Beat 1979









Superchunk "The First Part" from Foolish (Remastered) 2011


Mikal Cronin "Tide" from Tide - Single 2011


Telekinesis "Foreign Room" from Telekinesis! 2009


Radio 4 "Enemies Like This" from Enemies Like This 2006


The Horrors "Who Can Say" from Primary Colours 2009








Kasabian "Reason Is Treason" from Kasabian 2004


The Joy Formidable "Austere" from The Big Roar 2010


Handsome Furs "Dead + Rural" from Plague Park 2007









The Afghan Whigs "Somethin' Hot" from 1965 1998


Les Savy Fav "Patty Lee" from Let's Stay Friends 2007


Talking Heads "Thank You for Sending Me an Angel" from More Songs About Buildings and Food 1978









The Ruts "In a Rut" from You Gotta Get Out of It 1980


Natural Child "B$G P$Mp$N" from Hard In Heaven 2012


The Satelliters "I Said Yeah Yeah Yeah" from What's Up With Timothy Dee 2013


Dave & The Diamonds "Think About Love" from Rare Mod Volume 3


The Remains "Don't Look Back" from The Remains 1966


The Vickers "The Only One" from Keep Clear 2009






China Syndrome "Cantopop" from China Syndrome 2007


Jun 2019




Ball Park Music "Fence Sitter" from Museum 2012


Ben Folds Five "Do It Anyway" from The Sound of the Life of the Mind 2012


The Mowgli's "San Francisco" from Love's Not Dead - EP 2012


Ben Lee "Catch My Disease" from Awake Is the New Sleep 2005








The Yum Yums "Come On Come On" from Blame It On the Boogie 2002


Peter Zaremba's Love Delegation "Let's Have a Good Time" from Spread the Word 1986


The Electric Mess "He Looks Like a Psycho" from Falling Off the Face of the Earth 2012


Thee Vicars "Feel so Good" from Feel so Good / Out of My Mind - Single 2009


Home Blitz "Two Steps" from Out of Phase 2009







Top Models "Gimme All Your Love" from Beautiful Señoritas 2005


The Pushtwangers "BOYFRIEND (feat. Nome, Gustaf Adolf Krantz, Erik Forslin, Peter Liljander & Matte Ronnerstam)" from We are the Pushtwangers and you're not 2005


The Shambles "(We've Got A) Groovy Thing" from (We've Got A) Groovy Thing - Single 2012


GG Allin "Unpredictable" from Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be 1995







Les Cox  "No Jokes and No Lies" from Neverheed 2008



Holly Golightly "Getting Mighty Crowded" from Laugh It Up 2006


Turbo Fruits "Get up Get on Down (Tonite)" from Echo Kid 2009


Fang Island "Daisy" from Fang Island 2009


Los Campesinos! "You! Me! Dancing!" from Hold On Now, Youngster... (Remastered Deluxe Edition) 2018








Joey Ramone "What a Wonderful World" from Don't Worry About Me 2002


Sorrows "Bad Times Good Times" from Bad Times Good Times 2010


The Men "Turn It Around" from Open Your Heart 2012


Stiff Little Fingers "Walkin Dynamite" from Guitar and Drum 2009







Ted Leo and the Pharmacists "The Sons of Cain" from Living With the Living 2007


White Flag "He's a Whore" from Your Birthday Present - White Flag 2013


The Soft Pack "C'mon" from The Soft Pack 2010


Gordon Gano "Hitting the Ground" from Hitting The Ground 2003







Fungi Girls "Honey Face" from Some Easy Magic 2011


The March Violets "Walk Into the Sun" from The Botanic Verses 1993


Foreign Born "Into Your Dream" from On the Wing Now 2007


The Prids "The Glow" from Until the World Is Beautiful 2006








The Genuine Fakes "Something New" from The Striped Album 2010


Adam Marsland "Have a Nice Day" from You Don't Know Me 2004


Tommy 16 "Record" from Shauna 2006


Cold Showers "I Don't Mind" from Love and Regret 2012








The Distillers "City of Angels" from Sing Sing Death House 2002


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