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Sep 2018

Pre-Teen Angst



Sloan “Money City Maniacs” from Navy Blues (1998)

The Rubinoos “Rock and Roll is Dead” from The Rubinoos (1977)

Razz “You can Run” from You Can Run (1979)

The Slickee Boys “Here to Stay” from Here To Stay (1982)




The Romantics “tomboy” from National Breakout (1980)

A Giant Dog “Sex & Drugs” from Pile (2016)

The Datsuns “Blacken My Thumb” from Outta Sight/Outta Mind (2004)

The Atlantics “Weekend” from ATLANTICS (2006)

Chris Spedding “Motor Bikin'” from Chris Spedding (Expanded Edition) (1976)




The Quick “It won't be long” from Untold Rock Stories (2003)

Alex Chilton “Jumpin' Jack Flash” from Free Again: The "1970" Sessions (2012)

The Last “The Rack” from L.A. Explosion (1979)

Flamin' Groovies “Please Please Girl” from Shake Some Action (1976)

The Poppees “If She Cries” from Pop Goes the Anthology (2010)




The Records “Teenarama” from Smashes, Crashes and Near Misses (1988)

Teenage Exorcists “bomb” from Teenage Exorcists (2013)

The Bristols “Little baby” from Tune In With… (2001)

The Ettes “Girls Are Mad” from Look At Life Again Soon (2008)

Dirty Looks “let go” from Dirty Looks / Turn It Up - The Complete Stiff Years (2007)




Cheap Trick “He's a Whore” from Cheap Trick (1977)

4 Out Of 5 Doctors “Waiting for Roxanne” from Second Opinion (1982)

Pointed Sticks “Out of Luck” from Perfect Youth (1980)

Modernettes “Barbra” from Get It Straight (2005)

The Speedies “Let Me Take Your Photo” from Speedy Delivery (2007)




Mind Spiders “Ripped” from Ripped (2010)

Obits “Beggin' Dogs” from Moody, Standard and Poor (2011)

Diamond Nights “Destination Diamonds” from Popsicle (2005)

Wolf Parade “Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts” from Apologies to the Queen Mary (2005)




The Futureheads “sun goes down” from The Chaos (2010)

Fires of Rome “Love Is a Burning Thing” from You Kingdom You (2008)

The Dead Weather “Are Friends Electric?” from Hang You from the Heavens / Are Friends Electric? - Single (2009)

Throwing Muses “Not Too Soon” from The Real Ramona (1991)

The Oranges Band “Ride The Nuclear Wave” from The World and Everything In It (2005)




Manic Street Preachers “Found That Soul” from Know Your Enemy (2001)

China Drum “Can't Stop These Things” from Goosefair (1996)

Material Issue “What If I Killed Your Boyfriend” from Telecommando Americano (1997)




Overwhelming Colorfast “Yap” from Overwhelming Colorfast (1992)

Sep 2018

POP Goes The Weekend



Setting you free into the weekend with a kiss on the forehead and some thunder in your hearts.


Mando Diao “Long Before Rock'n'Roll (Live)” from Long Before Rock'n'Roll - EP (2007)

New York Dolls “Dance Like a Monkey” from One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This (2006)

The Strypes “monkey” from Snapshot (2014)

Mad Staring Eyes “Talk dirty” from Bored of Looking Cool (2008)




Male Bonding “Tame the Sun” from Endless Now (2011)

La Casa Al Mare “At All” from At All - Single (2015)

The (International) Noise Conspiracy “Smash it Up” from Survival Sickness (2000)

Gramercy Arms “automatic” from Gramercy Arms (2008)

Psychic TV “Godstar” from Allegory & Self (1985)




Department of Eagles “Teenagers” from In Ear Park (2008)

Lift To Experience “Just as Was Told” from The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads (2017)

The Monks “Drugs in My Pocket” from Bad Habits (1979)

The Specials “Friday Night, Saturday Morning” from More Specials (1980)

The Stranglers “Nice n' Sleazy” from Black and White (1978)




Drink Up Buttercup “Even Think” from Born and Thrown On a Hook (2010)

Jay Reatard “Before I Was Caught” from Watch Me Fall (Bonus Track Version) (2009)

Hokus Pick “I'm so happy” from Snappy (1997)

A House “Here Come the Good times” from Wide-Eyed and Ignorant (1994)

The Housemartins “freedom” from London 0 Hull 4 (1986)




Madness “House of Fun” from Madness (1982)

Hunters & Collectors “99th Home Position” from Human Frailty (1986)

Dont “Blahblahblah” from Blahblahblah

Suburban Lawns “anything” from Suburban Lawns (1981)

The Furys “Say Goodbye To The Black Sheep” from Say Goodbye To The Black Sheep (1978)

Humans “I Live In The City” from Play (1980)




Darlings “If This Is Love” from Yeah I Know (2009)

Starlit “Modern Love” from She Was A Spicy She Wolf (2005)

Ned's Atomic Dustbin “Selfish” from God Fodder (1991)

New Order “Sub-Culture (7" Edit)” from Singles (2005)

TV On The Radio “mercy” from Mercy - Single (2013)




The Human League “The Lebanon” from Hysteria (1984)

The Magnificents “Get it Boy” from Year of Explorers (2007)

Gerling “in the city” from Bad Blood!!! (2003)




The Go! Team “Junior Kickstart” from Thunder, Lightning, Strike (2004)


Sep 2018

Florence Schmorlence, POP Goes The World is on!


I offer you a two hour respite from waiting for, hearing about, reading about, and making memes about Hurricane Florence.


The Hillbilly Moon Explosion “Enola gay” from Buy, Beg or Steal (2011)

Imelda May “psycho” from Mayhem (2010)

The Detroit Cobras “Right Around the Corner” from Life, Love and Leaving (2001)

Joe Strummer “It's a Rockin' World” from Joe Strummer 001 (1998)




The Fleshtones “Pretty Pretty Pretty” from Beachhead (2005)

Telephone Lovers “Gone for the Summer” from Telephone Lovers (2017)

The Breakers “Dance the Go-go” from Here for a Laugh (2006)

The Singles “you're the only one” from Sweet Tooth (2017)




Skegss “You Probably Won'T Die for a While” from Holiday Food - EP (2017)

The Arrivals “Simple Pleasures in America” from Volatile Molotov (2010)

The Spitfires “so long” from A Thousand Times (2016)

The Wolfmen “Needle in the Camel's Eye” from Modernity Killed Every Night (2008)




The Frights “You Are Going to Hate This” from You Are Going to Hate This - Single (2016)

SWMRS “Figuring It Out” from Drive North (2016)

Vundabar “alien blues” from Gawk (2015)

Inner Wave “American Spirits” from III (2013)

Balue “Man in the Sixties” from Quiet Dreamer (2014)

Jay Som “next to Me” from Turn Into (2016)




No Vacation “Dream Girl” from Summer Break Mixtape - Single (2015)

Varsity “So Sad, So Sad” from Cult of Personality - So Sad, So Sad - Single (2015)

The Growlers “Going Gets Tough” from Chinese Fountain (2014)

The Krayolas “Catherine” from La Conquistadora (2008)

Diners “Good Zone” from Always Room (2014)




Hot Flash Heat Wave “Gutter Girl” from Neapolitan (2015)

The Buttertones “Orpheus Under the Influence” from Buttertones (2014)

Surf Curse “Forever Dumb” from Sad Boys - EP (2015)

The Shivas “You make me wanna die” from You Know What to Do (2014)

Beach Goons “Reservoir Dawgs” from Boisad (2016)

Shannon & the Clams “Troublemaker” from I Wanna Go Home (2009)




Nobunny “I Am a Girlfriend” from Love Visions (2012)

Royal Headache “another world” from High (2015)

Jeff Rosenstock “Hey Allison!” from We Cool? (2015)

White Reaper “Half Bad” from White Reaper - EP (2014)

Middle Class Rut “Usa” from No Name No Color (2010)




Bass Drum Of Death “Get Found” from Gb City (2011)

Radio Birdman “Zeno Beach” from Zeno Beach (2006)

Sep 2018

POP Free




Circus Monkey “Rest of the World” from The Band Wagon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)(1996)

Paul Westerberg “Trumpet Clip” from Eventually (1996)

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks “Stick Figures In Love” from Mirror Traffic (2011)

The Connells “Stone Cold Yesterday” from One Simple Word (1990)




Marshall Crenshaw “Whenever You're On My Mind” from Field Day (1983)

Marshall Crenshaw “Someday, Someway” from Marshall Crenshaw (Remastered) (1982)

Magic Kids “Cry with Me Baby” from Memphis (2010)

Boat “Tough Talking the Tulips” from Setting the Paces (2009)

Guided By Voices “Game of Pricks” from Human Amusements at Hourly Rates - The Best of Guided By Voices (1995)




Gino Washington “Around the Town” from Out of This World (1999)

Billy Childish & Dan Melchior “Bottom of the sea” from Devil in the Flesh (1997)

Sun City Girls “the shining path” from Torch of the Mystics (2015)

Richard Swift “Lady Luck” from Ground Trouble Jaw - EP (2008)




The Detroit Cobras “Hey Sa-Lo-Ney” from Life, Love and Leaving (2001)

Flamin' Groovies “Headin' for the Texas Border” from Flamingo (1970)

Thee Vicars “3) Lights” from I Wanna Be Your Vicar (2012)

The Maharajas “I'm Crackin' Up” from A Third Opinion (2005)

The Hentchmen “april” from Three Times Infinity (2002)




The Dirtbombs “Livin' for the City” from Ulltraglide In Black (2001)

Oranger “Mr. Sandman” from Stubbs the Zombie (Soundtrack from the Video Game) (2005)

Hollywood Brats “Then he Kissed Me” from Hollywood Brats (1980)

The Readymen “Shortnin' Bread” from I Hate CDs: Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Collection, Vol. 1(1995)




Barrence Whitfield & the Savages “Daddy's Gone to Bed” from Dig Thy Savage Soul (2013)

The Devil Dogs “Baby I'm a King” from 30 Sizzling Slabs! (1991)

Oblivians “call the police” from Desperation (2013)

The Pleasure Seekers “Gotta get away” from What a Way to Die (2011)




Charlie & the Moonhearts “I hate you” from Split Lp (2009)

Coachwhips “I Knew Her, She Knew Me” from Bangers Vs Fuckers (2003)

The Spaceshits “by my side” from Winter Dance Party (1997)

Nobunny “gone for Good” from First Blood (2010)




Cud “Rich and Strange” from Rich and Strange: The Anthology (2006)

Masters of Reality “King Richard TLH” from Pine / Cross Dover (2009)

Audacity “Punk Confusion” from Mellow Cruisers (2012)

Bass Drum Of Death “Crawling After You” from Bass Drum of Death (2013)

Lost Sounds “I Get Nervous” from Lost Sounds (2004)




Lost Sounds “I Sit I Watch I Wait” from Lost Sounds (2004)

The Guilty Hearts “Devil's Tail” from Pearls Before Swine (2008)

Sep 2018

End Of Summer Blowout!




Giving away tix to see Real Estate at Capital Ale House Wed. night!


Orkestra Obsolete “Blue Monday” from Blue Monday

Nena “Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann” from Einmal ist keinmal (2004)

Pet Shop Boys “Girls and Boys (Live In Rio) [2001 Remastered Version]” from Very: Further Listening 1992-1994 (Remastered)




Blondie “Living in the Real World” from Eat to the Beat (1979)

Paul Collins & The Beat “u.s.a.” from The Beat (1979)

The Blasters “Marie marie” from The Blasters Collection (1991)

The English Beat “Two Swords” from I Just Can't Stop It (Remastered) (1980)

Joe Jackson “Throw it Away” from Look Sharp! (Bonus Track Version) (1980)




The Mooney Suzuki “I Woke Up This Mornin'” from Electric Sweat (2002)

Mink “get it right” from Mink (2007)

The Clutters “Living Thing” from Don't Believe a Word (2007)

Japanther “River Phoenix” from Skuffed Up My Huffy (2007)

The Cavedogs “la la la” from Joy Rides For Shut-Ins (1990)




Devo “Mongoloid” from Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (1978)

Sparks “Suburban Homeboy” from Lil' Beethoven (2002)

I'm from Barcelona “Dr. Landy” from Forever Today (2011)

Midnight Juggernauts “Into the Galaxy” from Dystopia (2007)

M83 “Kim & Jessie (Montag Remix)” from Saturdays=Youth Remixes & B-Sides (2015)

Placebo “Running up that Hill” from Sleeping With Ghosts (2003)




Oranjuly “Her Camera” from Oranjuly (2010)

Love Nut “Green Tambourine” from Bastards of Melody (1996)

Derby “streetlight” from Posters Fade (2008)

Peachfuzz “Change Her Mind” from Catch Your Snap (2012)

Marshall Crenshaw “Our Town” from Field Day (1983)

Tommy Keene “Long Time Missing” from Isolation Party (1998)




The Dambuilders “Smooth Control” from Ruby Red (1995)

Pere Ubu “Golden Surf II” from Carnival of Souls (2014)

Male Bonding “bones” from Endless Now (2011)

Overwhelming Colorfast “Strong Now” from Two Words (1994)




The Fuzztones “Bad News Travels Fast” from Horny As Hell (2008)

King Khan & His Shrines “Kukamonga Boogaloo” from Smash Hits (2003)

The Ettes “Girls Are Mad” from Look At Life Again Soon (2008)

Obits “Beggin' Dogs” from Moody, Standard and Poor (2011)




Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves “The High Water” from Chris Wollard + The Ship Thieves (2008)

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