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Apr 2018

POP Priorities





I DARE you to tell me my priorities aren't in the right place!



The Lovetones “mantra” from Provenance - Collected Works (2012)

The Red Button “Cruel Girl” from She's About to Cross My Mind (2008)

The Singles “you're the only one” from Sweet Tooth (2017)

Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls “Rock'n'Roll Babe” from Chewing out Your Rhythm on My Bubblegum (2016)




Astrid “Kitchen Tv” from Strange Weather Lately (2010)

Ron Ron Clou “Sports & Wine” from Our Favourite Shops - Roots Of KOGA Melody (2007)

Fountains Of Wayne “Denise” from Utopia Parkway (1999)

Teenage Exorcists “Bomb” from Teenage Exorcists (2013)




Starky “girl talk” from Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre (2004)

The City Lights “what you gonna do?” from Escape from Tomorrow Today (2004)

The Waking Hours “Where The Hel You Been” from Where The Hel You Been

Ross “The Supersonic Spacewalk” from Supersonic Spacewalk (1997)

Sloan “Spin Our Wheels” from Spin Our Wheels - Single (2018)




KO and the Knockouts “you're on my mind” from Ko & the Knockouts (2008)

The Breakers “Dance the Go-go” from Here for a Laugh (2006)

The Forty Fives “My Kind of Girl” from Fight Dirty (2002)

The Arrivals “Simple Pleasures in America” from Volatile Molotov (2010)

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists “Me and Mia” from Shake the Sheets (2004)




Telephone Lovers “Gone for the Summer” from Telephone Lovers (2017)

The Spitfires “so long” from A Thousand Times (2016)

The Greenhornes “Can't stand It” from The Greenhornes (2001)

Reigning Sound “Straight Shooter” from Time Bomb High School (2002)




Skinny Lister “Trouble on Oxford Street” from Down on Deptford Broadway (2014)

The Rumble Strips “The Boys are back in town” from Alarm Clock E.P. (2007)

The Boys Next Door “These Boots Are Made For Walking” from These Boots Are Made For Walking (1978)

The Wolfmen “Needle in the Camel's Eye” from Modernity Killed Every Night (2008)




The Soft Pack “Answer to Yourself” from The Soft Pack (2010)

Radio Birdman “Zeno Beach” from Zeno Beach (2006)

Joyce Manor “Video killed the radio star” from Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired (2012)

Funnel Cake “Jessie's Girl” from Teen Feeding Frenzy! (2002)

DM3 “1 Time, 2 Times Devastated” from One Time, Two Times, Three Red Light (1993)




Sugar “A Good Idea” from Copper Blue (Remastered) (1992)

Marvelous Mark “Speed with Goldie” from Marvelous Mark - Buzzin' LP (2017)

Martin Luther Lennon “I'm in Love With the Puppet Girl” from Escape to Paradox Island (1999)

The Insomniacs “yeah yeah yeah” from Just Enjoy It! (2011)

The Fleshtones “Pretty Pretty Pretty” from Beachhead (2005)




The Condors “Girl Trouble” from Joie de vivre - EP

Apr 2018

“Normal” POP




Joe Jackson “Fools In Love/For Your Love” from Summer In The City (2000)

Ben Folds Five “The Last Polka” from Ben Folds Five (1995)

Barenaked Ladies “Box/Set” from Gordon (1992)

Adrian Belew “one of Those Days” from Salad Days (1999)




Camper Van Beethoven “Good Guys and Bad Guys” from Camper Van Beethoven (1986)

The Shaky Hands “Summer's Life” from The Shaky Hands (2006)

The Shins “Goodbye Girl” from Levi's Pioneer Sessions 2010 Revival Recordings (2010)

Spoon “I Summon You” from Gimme Fiction (2005)

Split Enz “sweet dreams” from Second Thoughts (1976)




Dr. Dog “Rock & Roll” from B-Room (2013)

King Khan & The Shrines “Stone Soup” from Mr. Supernatural (2004)

Fishbone “Naz-Tee May'en” from The Reality of My Surroundings (1991)

The Bees “Chicken Payback” from Free the Bees (2005)

The King Khan & BBQ Show “Animal Party” from Invisible Girl (2009)




Big Audio Dynamite “Esquerita” from Tighten Up, Vol. '88 (1988)

Shannon & the Clams “Rip Van Winkle” from Dreams in the Rat House (2013)

The Creatures “right now” from A Bestiary Of the Creatures (1981)

Los Super Elegantes “Je suis bien” from Channelizing Paradise (2002)

The Pietasters “Don't wanna know” from All Day (2007)




Seu Jorge “Carolina” from Carolina: Deluxe Edition (2002)

Flight of the Conchords “Business Time” from Flight of the Conchords (2008)

DAG “Our Love Would Be Much Better (If I Gave a Damn About You)” from Apartment #635 (1998)

Bran Van 3000 “old school” from Glee (1998)




Born Again Floozies “Small Penis Compensation Vehicle” from Novelties, Addenda, and Ephemera (2006)

Gogol Bordello “When The Trickster Starts A-Poking (Bordello Kind Of Guy)” from Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony (2002)

Los Amigos Invisibles “Cuchi-Cuchi” from Arepa 3000 (2000)

PfarcydeMidnight moon” from Midnight moon




Dangerman “Let's Make a Deal” from Dangerman (1999)

Akron/Family “Silly Bears” from S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT (2011)




Nobody.one “The Duck Song” from Head Movies

Apr 2018

Too Much Perfection Is A Mistake




Pavement “Stereo (Remastered)” from Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed. (1997)

Elliott Smith “coast to coast” from From a Basement On the Hill (2004)

Bad Astronaut “Needle in the Hay” from Acrophobe (2001)

Mrs. Magician “There is no God” from Strange Heaven (2012)




The Moonlandingz “Sweet Saturn Mine” from Interplanetary Class Classics (2017)

Kids on a Crime Spree “Trumpets of Death” from We Love You So Bad (2011)

Best Coast “heaven sent” from California Nights (2015)

Cold Beat “mirror” from Over Me (2014)

Beach Fossils “Careless” from Clash the Truth (2013)




Girls “Summertime” from Album (Bonus Track Version) (2009)

Crashfaster “Never Let Me Down Again” from 8 Bit Operators - Tribut To Depeche Mode: Enjoy The Science (2014)

Temples “Strange or Be Forgotten” from Volcano (2017)

Car Seat Headrest “Fill in the Blank” from Teens of Denial (2016)




Matt Berry “Lord Above” from The Small Hours (2016)

Saturday Looks Good to Me “Parking lot blues” from Sound on Sound (2006)

Alex Winston “Choice Notes” from King Con (2012)

Ringo Deathstarr “Imagine Hearts” from Colour Trip (2011)

Dude York “love is” from Sincerely (2017)




ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION “Re: Re:” from Best Hit AKG 2 (2012-2018) (2018)

B Boys “get a Grip” from No Worry No Mind (2016)

The Guilty Hearts “Devil's Tail” from Pearls Before Swine (2008)

The Bloody Hollies “dirty water” from If Footmen Tire You... (2005)




Nobunny “Chuck Berry Holiday” from Love Visions (2012)

Charlie & the Moonhearts “I hate you” from Split Lp (2009)

Speedball Baby “Hanky-Joe Digger” from The Blackout (2002)

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Bellbottoms” from Orange (1994)

THE ORAL CIGARETTES “Kyouran Hey Kids!!” from Fixion (2016)




The Woggles “Baby, I'll Trust You When You're Dead” from Big Beat (2013)

The Manikins “I Want My Baby Dead” from Crocodiles (2008)

Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls “Baby i Love You So” from Chewing out Your Rhythm on My Bubblegum (2016)

The Little Killers “Jenna Lee” from The Little Killers (2003)

Fuzzy Vox “Bo Diddley” from No Landing Plan (2016)




The Sights “how do you sleep?” from Most of What Follows Is True

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