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Dec 2017

Merry Christmas from POP Goes The World!



Yes, people, it's that time!
The annual Pop Goes The World Christmas fiasco........I mean.......EXTRAVAGANZA!!!



The Futureheads “Christmas Was Better In The 80s” from Christmas Was Better In The 80s - Single

The Vandals “Oi To the World” from Oi To the World (1996)

Julian Casablancas “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” from We Love Green 2015

The Ergs “Linus & Lucy” from Hindsight Is 20​/​20, My Friend




The Ravers “(It's Gonna Be A) Punk Rock Christmas” from Punk Rock Christmas

The Grip Weeds “Christmas, Bring Us” from Under the Influence of Christmas

Darker My Love “Snow Is Falling” from The Christmas Gig

Pointed Sticks “Power Pop Santa” from Christmas Single - Single (2012)




Glam Chops “Countdown to Christmas” from Festivus (2012)

Pezband “Baby it's Cold Outside” from Pezband (Remastered)

Fun. “Believe in me” from Believe In Me (Single)




Kenny Vance & The Planotones “Mr. Santa” from Mr. Santa

Brendan Hanlon & The Bat Men “Christmas Party” from Christmas Doo Wop & Pop, Vol. 1 (2013)

Little Jackie “Mrs. Claus” from Mrs. Claus - Single

Little Isidore “Party Hard” from Party Hard

JD McPherson “Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights)” from Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights) - Single




Rosie Thomas “Why Can't It Be Christmastime All Year” from A Very Rosie Christmas

The Walkmen “Holiday Road (Lindsey Buckingham cover)” from Holiday Road (Lindsey Buckingham cover)

Crystal Antlers “10,000” from The Christmas Gig

The dB's “Holiday Spirit” from Christmas Time Again




Tape Deck Mountain “Christmas Time Is Here Again” from Christmas Time Is Here Again

Minotaurs “Don't Save It All For Christmas Day” from Don't Save It All For Christmas Day

Analog Bell Service “Greedy Kids Can't Sleep” from The Eggnog Experience

Wintersleep “Little Drummer Boy” from Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada 4




The Magnetic Fields “Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree” from Realism (2009)

Brendan Benson “Merry Christmas Everybody (acoustic Slade cover)” from Merry Christmas Everybody

Craig Wedren “Lollie Holiday” from Lollie Holiday

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers “Abominable Snowman In The Market” from The Modern Lovers

The Flaming Lips “Christmas At the Zoo” from Clouds Taste Metallic (1995)




Los Campesinos “Kindle The Flame Of Her Heart” from Kindle The Flame Of Her Heart

Werbo “Jesus Are You Santa?” from Ho Ho Ho Canada III

Dylan Thomas Band “For Christ's Sake (It's Christmas)” from For Christ's Sake (It's Christmas) - Single

The Crookes “It's Just Christmas Without You” from It's Just Christmas Without You

Hurts “All I Want for Christmas Is New Year's Day” from Happiness (2010)

The Rescues “Everything's Gonna Be Better Next Year” from Blah Blah Love and War




Dr. Seuss “Mr. Grinch” from Mr. Grinch

Dec 2017

Just sayin’…..





The Smithereens “Only a Memory” from Green Thoughts (1988)

Deep Six “Stay Right Here” from Luxury Condos - Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon (1985)

The Grip Weeds “Speed of Life” from Strange Change Machine (2010)

Fountains Of Wayne “Sink to the Bottom” from Fountains of Wayne (1996)




The Smithereens “Cut Flowers” from 11 (1989)

The dB's “Storm Warning” from Repercussion (1981)

The Downsiders “Another Horns Cry” from The Downsiders (1987)

Delta Spirit “Bushwick Blues” from History from Below (2010)




Ezra Furman “Slacker Adria” from Day of the Dog (2013)

Five Eight “Weirdo” from Weirdo (1994)

Freedy Johnston “On the Way Out” from Never Home (1997)

Adrian Belew “Men In Helicopters” from Young Lions (1990)




The Bongos “Nuts & Bolts (unreleased single)” from Drums Along the Hudson (1982)

Translator “When I am with You” from Heartbeats and Triggers (1982)

The Feelies “Raised Eyebrows” from Crazy Rhythms (1980)

Arms “Glass Harmonica” from Summer Skills (2011)




The Smithereens “Girl Don't Tell Me (Originally Performed By the Beach Boys)” from The Smithereens Cover Tunes Collection

Gumball “Real Gone Deal” from Super Tasty (Expanded Edition) (1993)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Not What You Wanted” from Baby 81 (2007)

The Black Angels “Tired eyes” from Clear Lake Forest (2014)




Drink Up Buttercup “Even Think” from Born and Thrown On a Hook (2010)

The Dambuilders “Smooth Control” from Ruby Red (1995)

Amusement Parks On Fire “In Our Eyes” from Young Fight (2009)

Cheatahs “The Swan” from Extended Plays (2013)




A. Sinclair “Suit Up” from Pretty Girls (2014)

Hüsker Dü “Could You Be the One?” from Warehouse: Songs and Stories (1987)

Chainsaw Kittens “Mother (Of the Ancient Birth)” from Violent Religion (1990)

The Bloody Hollies “Watch your head” from If Footmen Tire You... (2005)




Bare Wires “Nice To Know You” from Seeking Love (2010)

Bob Mould “The Descent” from Silver Age (Bonus Track Version) (2012)

The Golden Dogs “Travel Time” from Coat of Arms




The Godfathers “Cause I Said So” from Birth, School, Work, Death (Expanded Edition) (1988)

Dec 2017





The Whereabouts “TwentyThirtyThree” from TwentyThirtyThree

The Strypes “Perfect storm” from Snapshot (2014)

Fuzzy Vox “1789” from 1789 - Single (2014)

The Dirtbombs “Sugar On Top” from Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey! (2013)




Nobunny “Blow Dumb” from First Blood (2010)

The King Khan & BBQ Show “Love You so” from The King Khan & BBQ Show (2005)

Bad Sports “Teenage Girls” from Kings of the Weekend (2012)

The Spits “all I want” from The Spits V (2011)




Hot Snakes “Plenty for All” from Audit In Progress (2004)

The Night Marchers “Tropical Depression” from Allez! allez! (2013)

Rats On Rafts “Powder Monkey” from Tape Hiss (2015)

Naked Raygun “Soldiers Requiem” from Jettison (1988)

The Hives “Die, All Right!” from Veni Vidi Vicious (2000)




Mean Jeans “Born On a Saturday Night” from Are You Serious? (2009)

Kids on a Crime Spree “I Don't Want To Call You Baby, Baby” from We Love You So Bad (2011)

Dead Ghosts “Getting older” from s/t (2010)

New SwearsMidnight Lovers” from Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever (2015)

Radio Birdman “Aloha Steve & Danno” from The Essential Radio Birdman (2001)




The Sonics “Strychnine” from Here Are the Sonics (1965)

13th Floor Elevators “You're Gonna Miss Me” from The Psychedelic World of the 13th Floor Elevators (1966)

MC5 “The American Ruse” from Back In the USA (1970)

The Bobby Fuller Four “Let Her Dance” from I Fought the Law (1966)

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich “Hold Tight!” from Hold Tight! - Single




Death Valley Girls “disco” from Glow in the Dark (2016)

Gliss “morning light” from Devotion Implosion (2009)

A Giant Dog “Sleep When Dead” from Pile (2016)

The Soft Pack “c'mon” from The Soft Pack - EP (2010)

The Drowning Men “rita” from Beheading of the Songbird (2011)




TRAAMS “A House on Fire” from A House on Fire - Single (2016)

The Gits “second skin” from Frenching the Bully (2003)




Blitz “new age” from The Complete Singles Collection (1994)

Sons and Daughters “Gilt Complex” from Gilt Complex - Single (2007)

Xray Eyeballs “x” from Splendor Squalor (2012)

Diamond Rugs “Big God” from Diamond Rugs (2012)




Wipers “Over the Edge” from Over the Edge (1983)

Zero Boys “Hightime” from Vicious Circle (1981)

Mind Spiders “beat” from Meltdown (2012)

Dec 2017

Goodnight Sweet Prince




Tommy Keene

June 30, 1958 – November 22, 2017




Tommy Keene “Places That Are Gone” from Places That Are Gone (1984)

Sugar “Your Favorite Thing” from File Under: Easy Listening (1994)

Bash & Pop “on the rocks” from Anything Could Happen (2017)

Tommy Keene “Deep Six Saturday” from Behind the Parade (2011)





Aimme Mann “I Should've Known” from Whatever (1993)

The Posies “Throwaway” from Amazing Disgrace (1996)

Bob Mould “The Silence Between Us” from District Line (2008)

Dot Dash “semaphore” from Earthquakes & Tidal Waves (2015)




Velocity Girl “My Forgotten Favorite” from Clueless (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2009)

The New Pornographers “High Ticket Attractions” from Whiteout Conditions (2017)

Velvet Crush “Hold Me Up” from Teenage Symphonies to God (1994)

Ryan Adams “Boys” from Rock N Roll (2003)

Midnight Reruns “Hold up the Mirror” from Spectator Sports (2017)




The dB's “Tearjerkin'” from Stands for Decibels (Bonus Track Version) (1981)

Marshall Crenshaw “Our Town” from Field Day (1983)

ShoesTomorrow night” from 35 Years: The Definitive Shoes Collection 1977-2012 (2016)

The Slickee Boys “say goodbye” from Cybernetic Dreams of Pi (1983)




Tommy Keene “Long Time Missing” from Isolation Party (1998)

Love Nut “star” from Bastards of Melody (1996)

Julie Ocean “Ebb & Flow” from Long Gone and Nearly There (2008)

The Replacements “I Will Dare” from Let It Be (1984)




Guided By Voices “Sons of Apollo” from Half Smiles of the Decomposed (2004)

Robyn Hitchcock “Mad Shelley's Letterbox” from Robyn Hitchcock (2017)

Green Buzzard “Do You Ever Glow?” from Space Man Rodeo (2017)

The Mites “Asphalt Ocean” from Asphalt Ocean (2017)

The Smithereens “sorry” from 2011




Razz “You can Run” from You Can Run

Droneyard “Maybe Maybe Not” from Devolver

Michael Penn “Try” from Palms & Runes, Tarot & Tea: A Michael Penn Collection (2007)




Tommy Keene “Back to Zero Now” from Tommy Keene You Hear Me: A Retrospective 1983-2009

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