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Oct 2016

The Posies


Ken Stringfellow, and Jon Auer are in the studio with me with a playlist they picked out tracking their influences, their contemporaries, and "important" songs. We'll play these tracks, and talk about what they mean to the band.

The Posies Mrs. Greene      
The Posies Believe In Something      
XTC Respectable Street      
Husker Du These Important Years      
The Replacements Never Mind      
The Smiths What Difference Does It Make      
Brendan Benson I'll Never Tell      
Beach Slang Kids      
Cheap Star Separated From You      
The Melismatics Lost The Feeling      
The Posies Daily Multalation      
The Posies For The Ashes      
Hall & Oates I Can't Go For That      
Alive 'N Kickin' Tighter, Tighter      
Starbuck Moonlight Feels Alright      
Buiilt To Spill Car      
Ken Stringfellow Down Like Me      
Jon Auer Gold Star For Robot Boy (Guided By Voices cover)
Oct 2016

Surrender To The POP


I have the enormous pleasure of hosting POP Goes The World core artists, The Posies, on tomorrow’s Cause & Effect.

As you can imagine, I’m beside myself with giddiness (a shameful sight, to be sure).

So, to be sure I maintain my composure tomorrow afternoon as I sit across two of my pop idols (Ken Stringfellow, and Jon Auer, respectively), I’m going to shoot my POP wad, as it were, and try to get it all out of my system this afternoon.

You’ll forgive me in advance for my lack of control.

Thank you.


Song Album             Year         
The Posies Dream All Day Frosting On The Beater 1993
The Grip Weeds Love's Lost On You Summer Of A Thousand Years 2001
The Smithereens Sorry 2011 2011
The Posies Fall Apart With Me Success 1998
+++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++
Sloan Underwhelmed Smeared 1992
Material Issue A Very Good Thing Freak City Soundtrack 1994
Julie Ocean #1 Song Long Gone & Nearly There 2008
Velocity Girl Sorry Again Simpatico! 1994
+++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ +++++++++++++
Bleu I Won't Go Hollywood Redhead 2003
Nada Surf Happy Kid Let Go 2002
Georgie James Cake Parade Places 2007
Tommy Keene Deep Six Saturday Behind The Parade 2011
+++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ ++++++
Brendan Benson The Light Of Day What Kind Of World 2012
Fountains Of Wayne Revolving Dora Traffic & Weather 2007
The Sneetches I Wanna Be With You (The Raspberries cover) 1985-1991 1992
The Spongetones My Girl Maryanne Beat & Tom 1994
++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ ++++++++
The Posies I Guess You're Right Every Kind Of Light 2005
The Posies Daily Mutilation Amazing Disgrace 1996
Eleventh Dream Day Vanishing Point Works For Tomorrow 2015
Redd Kross Annie's Gone Third Eye 1990
Imperial Drag Boy Or A Girl Imperial Drag 1996
++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
Jellyfish That Is Why Bellybutton 1990
Luxery Green Hearts 1979
The Young Fresh Fellows Picture Book This One's For The Ladies 1989
The Telepathic Butterfly's The Trouble In Keeping Up With The Jones' Breakfast Suburbia 2008
Title Tracks Steady Love It Was Easy 2010
++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ ++++++++
The Waking Hours Nowhere
Tinted Windows Kind Of Girl Tinted Windows 2009
Sugar Gee Angel File Under: Easy Listening 1994
The Slickee Boys You've Got What It Takes Cybernetic Dreams Of Pi 1983
Nick Lowe I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass Jesus Of Cool 1978
+++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
Robert & Johnny Dream Girl 1959

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