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Sep 2016



Lots of bright sunny POP this afternoon for all the girls, and boys with pure hearts, PLUS tix to see Real Estate!


Song Album Year
Stars Ageless Beauty Set Yourself On Fire 2004
The Hummingbirds Blush loveBUZZ 1989
The Wannadies Might Be Stars Be A Girl 1994
Waking Hours w/Lisa Mychols Someday Soon (live acoustic)
++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ ++++++++
We Are Scientsist Jack & Ginger Barbara 2010
The Judybats Ugly On The Outside Pain Make You Beautiful 1993
The New Pornographers Silver Jenny Dollar Together 2010
XTC Mayor Of Simpleton Oranges & Lemons 1989
++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ +++++++
Close Lobsters Just Too Bloody Stupid Foxheads Stalk This Land 1987
Dentists Faces Of Stone Behind The Door I Keep The Universe 1994
The Boo Radleys Lazy Day Everything's Alright Forever 1992
The Flatmates Shimmer 1988
Trash Can Sinatras Circling The Circumfrance Cake 1990
++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++
The Woodentops Get It On Giant 1986
Josef K Sorry For Laughing Young & Stupid 2014
Translator When I Am With You Heartbeats & Triggers 1983
Thte Well Wishers Hanging On Post Modern Romantic 2010
Wolf Alice Moaning Lisa Smile My Love Is Cool 2015
++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++
The Hit Parade My Favorite Girl With Love From..... 2008
The Corn Dollies Forever Steven The Corn Dollies 1988
The Field Mice Sensitive Coastal 1991
Real Estate It's Real Days 2011
+++++++++++ +++++++++ ++++++++ +++++++
McCarthy Red Sleeping Beauty That's All Very Well, But....? 1986
The Brilliant Corners Why Do You Have To Go Out With Him When You Could Go Out With Me? Somebody Up There Likes Me/Joy Ride 2010
The Chesterfields Completely & Utterly 1986
Tiger Trap Puzzle Pieces Tiger Trap 1993
The Turnback What She Said Drawn In Chalk 2011
+++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ +++++++
Mighty Mighty Law C86 Compilation 1986
Ultra Vivid Scene Staring At The Sun Joy 1967 - 1990 1990
Girls At Our Best Getting Nowhere Fast Pleasure 1981
Two Door Cinema Club Do You Want It All Tourist History 2010
++++++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++++++++++++ +++++++
We Were Promised Jetpacks Moving Clocks Run Slow These Four Walls 2009
The View Dance Into The Night Hats Off To The Buskers 2007
+++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++
Voxhaul Broadcast Leaving On The 5th Timing Is Everything 2011

Sep 2016

More Pointless Vandalism



Song Album             Year          
New York Dolls Dance Like A Monkey One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This 2006
Reigning Sound Stick Up For Me Love & Curses 2009
The Ballantynes Velvet 2013
The Mooney Suzuki Alive & Amplified Alive & Amplified 2004
++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ ++++++++
The Strypes Got Love If You Want It Young, Gifted, and Blue 2012
Beat Merchants Pretty Face 1964
The Rebels Of Tijuana Johnny Marr La Bourgeoise 2012
The Star Spangles Stay Away From Me Bazooka!!! 2003
The Real Kids Better Be Good The Real Kids 1977
+++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ ++++++
Title Tracks Every Little Bit Hurts It Was Easy 2010
Waking Hours 123
The Fratellis Cigarello Costello Music 2006
Bare Wires Dancing On A Dime Seeking Love 2010
Buck Brothers Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes 2007
+++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ ++++++
Elastica Stutter Elastica 1995
Blondie Living In The Real World Eat To The Beat 1979
Nice Legs, Shame About Her Face The Monks Bad Habits 1979
The Damned Love Song Machine Gun Ettiqette 1979
++++++++++++++ +++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ +++++++
Parquet Courts Borrowed Time Light Up Gold 2013
Fishbone Bonin' In The Boneyard Truth & Soul 1988
The Specials Monkey Man The Specials 1979
++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ +++++++
Built To Spill Goin' Against Your Mind You In Reverse 2006
+++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ +++++++++
Said The Whale I Love You Hawaiii 2013
Chris Mars Popular Creeps Horseshoes and Hand Grenades 1992
Pretty & Nice Q_Q Golden Rules For Golden People 2013
The Fleeting Ends Little People Our Eyes Are Peeled 2013
+++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
Nada Surf Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode cover) If I Had A Hi-Fi 2010
Supergrass Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (The Smiths cover)
Bro-cappella Take On Me (a-ha cover)
Menswear 125 West 3rd Street Nuisance 1995
The London Suede Hit Me Bloodsports 2013
+++++++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++++++ +++++++
The Waterboys The Whole Of The Moon This Is The Sea 1983
Sep 2016

Hot Sauce Lounge Grand Opening!


Zing A Zing A Zing Boom - Dean Martin
Malambo #1 - Yma Sumac
I'm going Bananas  - Madonna
Touch The Sun - Original Soulboy


Sentimental Journey - Esquivel
Swamp Fire - Martin Denny
The Millionaire's Holiday -Combustible Edison
E Train Mambo - The Grandsons


The Belleville Rendezvous - Les Tripplets De Belleville 
Gimme Some (Mike Mangini remix) - Nina Simone
I'm Confessin' That I Love You - The Vinylistic
Cuchi Cuchi - Los Amigos Invisibles


Just Can't Get Enough (Depeche Mode cover) - Nouvelle Vague 
Happy Sad - Pizzicato Five
Decorate - Shugo Tokumaru
Electric Lady Land - Fantastic Plastic Machine


Kitten Pig - Pentaphobe
Coin Operated Boy - The Dresden Dolls
How Dare You - Thao & Mirah
Zou Bisou Bisou - Jessica Pare 


Lucas With The Lid Off - Lucas
Scratch Marchin' - Kormac
Cha Cha Cha - Jimmy Luxury
Jazz Machine - Black Machine


Shadrack, Meshach, and Abednego - Asylum Street Spankers
Queer For Cat - Big Rude Jake
What The Hell! - All American Playboys
Chicken Payback - A Band Of Bees


Genie - The Zou Bisou
Surfing The Channel - Paz Antiguana


Make A Circuit With Me - The Polecats
Me and The Boys - NRBQ
When I Go To The Beach - Slickee Boys
The Birds and The Bees - Patrick & Eugene
Sep 2016

Insufferable POP


Sorry, kiddo, I don’t know what to tell you.

The POP on this afternoon’s Pop Goes The World show will be relentless.
Dare I say….insufferable, even.
Enough minor chords, and pop hooks to choke even the most jaded of cynics.
I apologize in advance for the unabashed joy, and giddiness this music might suddenly bring you. I know how some of you are quite averse to stuff like that.
(My condolences.


Song Album                 Year         
Golant Pistons Friday On My Mind (Easybeats cover) 1980
Menswear Stardust Nuisance 1995
The Vaccines If You Wanna What Did You Expect from The Vaccines? 2011
The Slickee Boys Gotta Tell Me Why Cybernetic Dreams Of Pi 1983
+++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ +++++++
Sloan All Used Up A Sides Win: The Best Of Sloan 1992-2004 2005
Title Tracks Found Out It Was Easy 2010
Fountains Of Wayne Denise Utopia Parkway 1999
The Posies Open Every Window DGC Rarities Vol.1 1994
++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ ++++++
The Cars Gimme Some Slack Panorama 1980
The Fratellis Henrietta Costello Music 2007
Mink Jodi Mink
Julie Ocean Ebb & Flow Long Gone and Nearly There 2008
The Waking Hours I Got You
+++++++++++++++ +++++++++++ +++++++++++++ +++++++
The Knack Frustrated Get The Knack 1979
The Romantics When I Look In Your Eyes The Romantics 1980
The Plimsouls How Long Will It Take? Everywhere At Once 1983
Love Nut She Won't Do Me Bastards Of Melody 1996
Hüsker Dü Standing In The Rain Warehouse: Songs and Stories 1987
+++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ +++++++
Car Seat Headrest Something Soon Teens Of Style 2015
Peter, Bjorn & John Objects Of My Affection Writer's Block 2007
Game Theory Friend Of The Family Real Nighttime 1985
Dot Dash Semaphore Earthquakes & Tidal Waves 2015
++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++ +++++++
The Death Of Pop Whenever Fifths 2014
Humbug One More Day On The Upside 2009
Poole Loon 1995
Cold Beat Mirror Over Me 2014
++++++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++` +++++++
The Mighty Lemon Drops The Heartbreak Thing Laughter 1989
Hatcham Social Crocodile You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil 2009
The Cool Whips Tickle Me With A Feather Duster Goodies 2014
The Well Wishers Hanging On Post Modern Romantic 2010
+++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ ++++++
The Ergs Linus & Lucy Hindsight is 20/20, My Friend 2009
The Ramones Spiderman Weird Tales Of The Ramones (1976-1996) 2005
The Dickies Banana Splits The Incredible Shrinking Dickies 1979

Sep 2016

POP Goes The World End Of Summer Dance Party!!!



Song Album             Year         
New Order Temptation 1982
The Pinker Tones Tokyo Modular 2010
Kon Kan I Beg You Pardon Move To Move 1989
White Lies Death To Lose My Life .... 2009
+++++++++++++ +++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
Blondie Atomic Eat To The Beat 1979
VHS or BETA Take It Or Leave It Bring On The Comets 2007
Depeche Mode New Life Speak and Spell 1981
Plushgun How We Roll Pins & Panzers 2009
Fischerspooner Emerge #1 2003
Underworld Always Loved A Film Barking 2010
+++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++++++
Deee-Lite Deee - Lite Theme World Clique 1990
Beastie Boys Shake Your Rump Paul's Boutique 1989
Moby Body Rock Play 1999
Oasis Fu*king In The Bushes Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants 2000
Bran Van 3000 Old School Glee 1997
Ministry Work For Love With Sympathy 1983
+++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++
La Vida Boheme Radio Capital Nuestra 2011
The Clash Rock The Casbah (Fare Soldi remix)
Grace Jones Nipple To The Bottle Living My Life 1982
Los Amigoes Invisibles Cuchi Cuchi Arepa 3000: A Venezuelan Journey Into Space 2000
+++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++
Fishbone Party At Ground Zero Fishbone 1985
Fighting Gravity All I Need Is A Holiday Shishkabob 1992
English Beat Best Friend I Just Can't Stop It 1980
Mark Ronson ft. Paul Smith Apply Some Pressure Version 2007
The Magnificents Get It Boy Year Of Explorers 2007
+++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ +++++++
The Rosebuds Cemetery Lawn Night Of The Furies 2007
Figures On A Beach No Stars Standing On Ceremony 1987
Propaganda Jewel A Secret Wish 1985
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