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Jun 2011

Fat Duck Surprise!

  Felling a bit saucy this morning, and yes, I KNOW "saucy" is the LAST thing on your mind on a Monday morning.

Indulge me and just go about your regular morning routine: make your coffee, brush your teeth, lay out your clothes etc....and I'll just sit here, by myself, in the corner being SAUCY!!!

Of course,if you'd like to add a little sauciness to your morning routine,knock yourself out!

Shower with the curtain open!

Facebook fun!!!

Michael Harl's "Press Play and Record" blog

Style Weekly's Sounds Of Richmond Vol.IV

Song Artist Album Year
Gold, Tan, Peach, and Grey Bodies Of Water A Certain Feeling 2008
Hatari tUnE-YaRdS BiRd-BrAiNs 2009
Charlie Parker I'm From Barcelona Forever Today 2011
Let's Call It Off Peter Bjorn & John Writer's Block 2007
+++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++
Girlfriend Lydia Ooghe Sounds Of Richmond Vol.IV 2011
The Lover's Rights The Rosebuds Birds Make Good Neighbors 2005
If Looks Could Kill Camera Obscura If Looks Could Kill 2006
Pony Ride The Crash Pony Ride 2008
I Can Be Your Lover (but I can't be your baby) The Ettes Do You Want Power 2009
Sister Rosetta Noisettes What's The Time Mr.Wolf? 2007
+++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++
Over The Underground Michael Harl 2011
In The Paneled Basement Michael Harl 2011
Catch The Rain Six By Seven 04 2007
Illegal The Payola Reserve Lay In Wait 2005
The Same To You Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves 2009
Wonder Why Vetiver The Errant Charm 2011
+++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++
Slow Down Jesse Dee Bittersweet Batch 2008
Old Times Patrick & Eugene Postcard From Summerisle 2004
The Passenger The Jolly Boys Great Expectation 2011
Get Off Black Girls Sounds Of Richmond Vol.IV 2011
Sally Bangs J Roddy Waltston & The Business Hail Mega Boys 2007
Tangie & Ray Fruit Bats Tripper 2011
+++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++
Same Mistake Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Hysterical 2011
123 Stop The Postelles The Postelles 2011
Moving Clocks Run Slow We Were Promised Jetpacks These Four Walls 2009
Up To Our Nex Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 Goodnight Oslo 2009
Look Out Sunshine The Fratellis Here We Stand 2008
You're Going To Miss The Wood (demo) Nada Surf 2011
+++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++
I Found A Reason VHS or BETA Diamonds and Death 2011
Jun 2011

Rockin’ Out With My Kraut Out!

  I had such a hoot Rockin' Out With My Cossack Out a couple of months ago, that this morning I'm gonna ROCK OUT WITH MY KRAUT OUT!!!

Song Artist Album Label Year
Road To Nowhere Talking Heads Little Creatures 1985
I've Got Some Friends Akron/Family Love Is Simple 2007
No Exception Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves 2009
Bushwick Blues Delta Spirit History From Below 2010
July 4,2004 Jason Anderson Tonight 2007
+++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++
Friend Quickspace Quickspace 1997
Dance This Mess Around The B-52's The B-52's 1979
Pull Up To The Bumper Grace Jones Nightclubbing 1981
Fashion David Bowie Scary Monsters 1980
Let's Make A Deal Dangerman Dangerman 1999
+++++++++ ++++++++++ +++++++++
Buck Up And Stop Your Whinin' Mojo Nixon Whereabouts Unknown 2005
Whaddaya Want Mad Tea Party Found A Reason 2008
Shadrack, Meshach, and Abednego Asylum Street Spankers God's Favorite Band 2009
Lover's Lane Squirrel Nut Zippers The Inevitable Squirrel Nut Zippers 1999
Jack, You're Dead Joe Jackson Jumpin' Jive 1981
I'm Shakin' The Blasters The Blasters 1981
+++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++
Spank That Thang Vampire Beach Babes Beach Blanket Bedlam! 2004
Lyin' Ass Bitch Fishbone Fishbone 1985
Japanese Cowboy Ween Paintin' The Town Brown: Ween Live '90-'98 1999
Time Bomb Old 97's Too Far To Care 1997
Porcupine Mary's Danish American Standard 1992
A More Perfect Union Titus Andronicus The Monitor 2010
+++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++
Radio Capital La Vida Boheme Nuestra 2011
Je Suis Bien Los Super Elegantes Channelizing Paradise 2002
Girls,Skirts,Boots,Bikes Buck Brothers Me 2006
It Ain't Gonna Save Me Jay Reatard Watch Me Fall 2009
Fire Escape Kelley Stoltz To Dreamers 2010
New Rose The Damned 1976
+++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++
Country Girl Primal Scream Riot City Blues 2006
The Devil In Me 22-20's 22-20's 2005

Let's hope I finally get it all out of my system and it'll end here because, BELIEVE ME, you really DON'T wanna see me "rock out with my duck out"!

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