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Apr 2010

Yeah,I got your Monday morning…RIGHT HERE!!!

Feelin' like shakin' my tailfeather this morning!! Join me and we'll get this week started off on the right foot!


London,England (Corduroy)

Until We Burn In The Sun (the kids just want a love song (Bedouin Soundclash)

Firecracker (The Aggrolites)

Ultra-Funk (Los Amigos Invisibles)


Timba (Awa Band)

Carolina (Seu Jorge)

Don't Wanna Know (The Pietasters)

Don't Mess With The Dragon (Ozomatli)

Heart It Races (Architecture In Helsinki)


Slow Down (Jesse Dee)

It's All About Me,Me,and Me (Imani Coppola)

Chiclete Con Banana (Gal Costa)

September (Earth Wind & Fire cover) (Fantastic Plastic Machine)

Sucks To Be You (Prozzak)

Touch The Sun (Original Soulboy)


Never Let Me Down Again (Depeche Mode)

If You Don't Love Me (Prefab Sprout)

Sound & Vision (David Bowie cover) (The Sea & Cake)

Girls & Boys (Blur)

Mondo 77 (Looper)

The Kids Don't Stand A Chance (Chromeo mix) (Vampire Weekend)


Amsterdam (My Dear Disco)

Dinosaurs (Ibiza mix) (We Are Scientists)

Ascendere Verso La Cima (Adamski's Thing)


The Jet Set (Alphaville)

Apr 2010

Altruistic Blend

Despite popular perceptions,I did NOT want to learn to play guitar to get girls. Nor did I want to become a dj to be a "personality" and hopefully land a morning gig somewhere so I could banter wittily about pop culture and participate in the insidious national dialogues about Tiger Woods or who got voted off Dancing With The Stars last night. I assure you,my motives are MUCH more altruistic than that. I just wanna share my passion for music and play you some good tunes to hopefully put an extra bounce in your step on a Monday morning (because THAT'S when you need it the most!) The bottom line is I'm just a music fan who happened to be blessed (or cursed,depending on when you ask me) with a "radio ready" voice. Not a music "snob" (and I believe that's an important distinction,witness my Moldy Cheese Day shows http://wrir.org/x/modules/news/article.php?storyid=11082 for chrisakes!),a music FAN. I literally get GIDDY when I hear a great hook and I just want to play it for whoever will listen in hopes that it'll make them GIDDY as well. And what could possibly be a better calling in life than to want to make people GIDDY??!!

The girls were just an added perk AFTER the fact!


I swear!


"You Stole The Sun From My Heart" Manic Street Preachers

"Sunflower" Paul Weller

"Catch The Sun" Doves

"Sunshower" Asobi Seksu


"Good Thing" The Woodentops

"Beautiful Ones" Suede

"Common People" Pulp

"Shine On" House Of Love


"Bohemian Like You" The Dandy Warhols

"Happy Kid" Nada Surf

"I Won't Go Hollywood" Bleu

"A Whole Lot Better" Brendan Benson

"Love In My Pocket" VHS or BETA

"Found Out" Title Tracks


"Don't Wait Up For Me" The Beat

"Everyday Things" The Plimsouls

"I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" The Rubinoos

"Leave The Biker" Fountains Of Wayne

"Raised On The Radio" The Rayvns


"Wembley" The Candy Skins

"Might Be Stars" The Wannadies

"The Coral" Soda Stereo

"This Is Not My Flag" The Dentists

"Creepin' Up The Back Stairs" The Fratellis


"Henrietta" The Fratellis

"Busy Bees" Pretty & Nice

"Extreme Existential Exhibitionism" Timothy "Speed" Levitch

"Great DJ" The Ting Tings

"Jump In The Pool" Friendly Fires

"Speeding Down The Highway (fastest girl around)" Arling & Cameron

"Dreaming Of Me" Depeche Mode


"Heaven" The Psychedelic Furs

Apr 2010


Puking aural sunshine every Tuesday night from 11p.m.-1a.m.!


Enzo is a veteran dj of over 30 years in clubs and radio. He's played everything from hole in the wall punk clubs, to European style techno clubs, and everything in between. He's also done Top 40, Hot A.C., and Modern Rock commercial radio.

Disillusioned by the homogenous wasteland the medium had become, he left radio at the turn of the millennium.

Quite by accident, one night while walking home, he dropped his keys in front of 1621 W.Broad St.

As he bent down to pick them up, he noticed the small, hand written paper sign on the door that read "WRIR Richmond Independent Radio".

He fondly likens that moment as being akin to discovering the holy grail.

He immediately pulled out his phone, and called the number to see what he had to do to get a show, and remembers weeping openly when told he had NO restrictions on what he could play.

He tested that freedom on one of his first shows by playing The Replacements "Kiss Me On The Bus", and following it up with Little Tony Defranco and The Defrano Family's "Heartbeat, It's A Love Beat".

He claims he felt the knees of every radio programmer in the country buckle that morning.

He has now made it his mission to use his acutely fine tuned pop aesthetic to enlighten the masses and save the world from mediocrity, and is happiest doing his show POP Goes The World!

He equally enjoys talking about himself in the third person.

Facebook fun - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pop-Goes-The-World/226481737426390

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