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Dec 2018

2018, The Year In Review: “Our Bad”





Despite the rapidly accelerating downward spiral that has been the year of our Lord, 2018 (seriously, all that was missing were the flames), Pop Goes The World is still determined to slap the smiley face emoticon on the end of it like the kick in the ass it deserves.

There were a few things worth salvaging from the dumpster fire that was 2018, and I will play them all for you now!



Caroline Rose “money” from LONER (2018)

Illuminati Hotties “Pressed 2 Death” from Kiss Yr Frenemies (2018)

Lala Lala “I Get Cut” from The Lamb (2018)

Downtown Boys “Fotos y recuerdos” from Fotos y Recuerdos - Single (2018)




Sloan “Spin Our Wheels” from 12 (2018)

The Death Of Pop “700 Spas” from Heads West - EP (2018)

Simon Love “Not If I See You First (Single Version)” from Not If I See You First - Single (2018)

Cornelius “Tonight (feat. Amy Nøhr)” from Tonight (feat. Amy Nøhr) - Single (2018)




Asian Kung-Fu Generation “Re:Re: (2016 Rerecorded)” from Best Hit AKG 2 (2012-2018) (2018)

The Damned “Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow” from Evil Spirits (2018)

Johnny Marr “My Eternal” from Call The Comet (2018)

Shame “concrete” from Songs of Praise (2018)




The Struts “Primadonna Like Me” from Young & Dangerous (2018)

Bad Moves “one thing” from Tell No One (2018)

Mike Krol “An Ambulance” from An Ambulance - Single (2018)

Ty Segall “5 Ft. Tall” from Freedom's Goblin (2018)

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks “Shiggy” from Sparkle Hard (2018)




Ezra Furman “Love You so Bad” from Transangelic Exodus (2018)

Jeff Rosenstock “Usa” from Post (2018)

Barrence Whitfield & the Savages “Caveman” from Ritual of the Savages (2018)




HMLTD “Apple of my eye” from Hate Music Last Time Delete EP (2018)

Frankie and the Witch Fingers “tea” from Drip / Tea - Single (2018)

Hot Snakes “Death Camp Fantasy” from Jericho Sirens (2018)

The Buttertones “Baby C4” from Midnight in a Moonless Dream (2018)

Bass Drum Of Death “Too high” from Just Business (2018)




Magic Shoppe “These Boots Are Made for Dying” from In Parallel (2018)

Lay Llamas “Silver Sun” from Thuban (2018)

The Woolen Men “Brick Horizon” from Post (2018)

Flasher “pressure” from Constant Image (2018)

Peach Kelli Pop “Don't push me” from Gentle Leader (2018)




Fastball “the way” from All the Pain Money Can Buy



Dec 2018

Christmas Wish List




It’s not much, and I’ve been a really good boy!



Tape Deck Mountain “Christmas Time is Here Again” from Christmas Was A Total Bummer (2010)

Minotaurs “don't save it all for christmas day” from Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada 4 (2012)

Analog Bell Service “Greedy Kids Can't Sleep” from The Eggnog Experience




Flat Duo Jets “I'll Have a Merry Christmas Without You” from I'll Have a Merry Christmas Without You - Single (1994)

Brendan Hanlon & The Bat Men “Christmas Party” from Christmas Doo Wop & Pop, Vol. 1 (2013)

Rebel Cats “Santa Claus Llego A La Ciudad” from Santa Claus Llego A La Ciudad

Kenny Vance & The Planotones “Mr. Santa” from Mr. Santa (2007)

JD McPherson “Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights)” from Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights) - Single (2012)




Little Jackie “Mrs.Claus Ain't Got Nothin' On Me” from Mrs.Claus Ain't Got Nothin' On Me

Little Isidore “Party Hard” from Party Hard

Rosie Thomas “Why Can't It Be Christmastime All Year?” from A Very Rosie Christmas! (Expanded Edition)

The Boy Least Likely To “Happy Christmas Baby” from Christmas Special (2010)

The Waking Hours “Winter Wonderland” from A Very Waking Hours Christmas




The Crookes “It's Just Christmas Without You” from It's Just Christmas Without You

Hurts “All I Want for Christmas Is New Year's Day” from Happiness (2010)

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers “Abominable Snowman in the Market” from Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers (1976)

The Flaming Lips “Christmas At the Zoo” from Clouds Taste Metallic (1995)

Los Campesinos “Kindle The Flame Of Her Heart” from Kindle The Flame Of Her Heart




The Futureheads “Christmas Was Better In The 80s” from Christmas Was Better In The 80s - Single

The Vandals “Oi to the World!” from Oi To the World (1996)

Me First & the Gimme Gimmes “My Favorite Tings” from My Favorite Tings

Bad Religion “white christmas” from Christmas Songs (2013)

Julian Casablancas “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” from We Love Green 2015 (2015)




Wintersleep “Little drummer boy” from Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada 4

The Rescues “Everything's Gonna Be Better Next Year” from Blah Blah Love and War

Glam Chops “Countdown to Christmas” from Festivus (2012)

Pointed Sticks “Power Pop Santa” from Christmas Single - Single (2012)




Fun. “Believe in me” from Believe in me - Single

Voodoo Glow Skulls “Feliz navidad” from Baile de los Locos

The dB's “Holiday Spirit” from Christmas Time Again (2015)

The Ravers “(It's Gonna Be A) Punk Rock Christmas” from Punk Rock Christmas

B-Lines “I'm Watching TV On Christmas Day” from B-Lines EP




The Grip Weeds “Christmas, Bring Us” from Under the Influence of Christmas

Darker My Love “Snow is Falling” from The Christmas Gig: Two Thousand Ten (2010)

The Walkmen “Holiday Road (Lindsey Buckingham Cover)” from Holiday Road (Lindsey Buckingham cover)




Sparks “Do-re-mi” from A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing (1973)

Dec 2018

Are you sure you want to POP?




Manic Street Preachers “Underdogs” from Send Away the Tigers (2007)
Menswear “stardust” from Nuisance (1995)
The Mooney Suzuki “99%” from Have Mercy (2007)
The Hold Steady “Slapped Actress” from Stay Positive (2008)



Los Lobos “Peace (Live At the Barns of Wolf Trap, 1992)” from Just Another Band From East L.A.: A Collection (1993)
Tiny Danza “Beat Fly” from You Could Have It All (2011)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah “Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood” from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (2005)
David Bowie “Sound and Vision (2017 Remastered Version)” from Low (2017 Remastered Version) (1977)



David Bowie “Ziggy Stardust (acapella)” from Ziggy Stardust (acapella)
The Cure “Like Cockatoos” from Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (1987)
Failure “Enjoy the Silence” from For the Masses (1998)
Morrissey “The Last of the Famous International Playboys (2010 Remaster)” from Bona Drag (Remastered) (1990)
The Delaplains “Statues” from Gypsy Blood - Single (2013)



Literature “Apples” from Arab Spring
The Damned “I Just Can't Be Happy Today” from Machine Gun Etiquette (1977)
Sparks “This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us” from Kimono My House (1974)
XTC “This Is Pop?” from White Music (1978)



The Frights “You Are Going to Hate This” from You Are Going To Hate This (2016)
The Riverdales “Outta sight” from Riverdales (1995)
Ramones “I Don't Want to Grow Up” from Adios Amigos (1995)
Baby Bee “High Heel Leather Boots” from The Shaker - EP (2013)



Faith No More “Faster Disco” from Introduce Yourself (1987)
The Go! Team “The Power Is On” from Thunder, Lightning, Strike (2004)
Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story) “Japanese War Tuba” from The Great Collapse




Roxy Music “Love is the Drug” from Siren (1975)
Mink Deville “Let Me Dream If I Want To” from Love and Emotion (1981)
The Strypes “You Can't Judge a book By the Cover” from Blue Collar Jane EP
The Rebels of Tijuana “Johnny Marr” from La bourgeoise



Mother's Children “What's Your Problem Now?” from Are You Tough Enough (2011)
The Dialated Pupils “white night” from white night
Five Eight “Karaoke” from Weirdo (1994)
Jay Reatard “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me” from Watch Me Fall (Bonus Track Version) (2009)
Hüsker Dü “Makes No Sense at All” from Flip Your Wig (1985)



Tripl3fastaction “Revved Up” from Broadcaster


Dec 2018

POP The Galaxy





Brendan Benson “The Light of Day” from What Kind of World (2012)

Poole “Loon” from Alaska Days (1995)

Wilco “Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)” from Summerteeth (1999)

Frank Black “Headache” from Teenager Of The Year (1994)




Material Issue “Kim the Waitress” from Freak City Soundtrack (1994)

Jason Falkner “Evangeline” from All Quiet On the Noise Floor (2009)

Redd Kross “Stay Away from Downtown” from Researching the Blues (2012)

Sloan “Gimme that” from Action Pact (2004)




The Posies “Fall Apart with Me” from Success (1998)

Guided By Voices “Glad Girls” from Isolation Drills (2001)

Ryan Adams “Boys” from Rock N Roll (2003)

The Replacements “Alex Chilton” from Pleased to Meet Me (1987)




Cheap Trick “Hello There” from In Color (1977)

The Breakaways “Walking out on Love” from Walking Out On Love: The Lost Sessions (2009)

Julie Ocean “#1 Song” from Long Gone and Nearly There (2008)

4 Out Of 5 Doctors “Waiting for Roxanne” from Second Opinion (1982)

Sad Lovers & Giants “Colourless Dream” from Epic Garden Music (1981)




Kula Shaker “Ballad of a Thin Man” from Kollected - The Best Of Kula Shaker (2002)

The Twilight Singers “Teenage Wristband” from Blackberry Belle (2003)

Brian Stevens “Every Night She Glows” from Prettier Than You (2004)

Phil Seymour “Looking For The Magic” from Archive Series Volume 1 (1980)




Islands “Hallways” from A Sleep & a Forgetting (Deluxe Edition) (2012)

Hello “Games Up” from The Glam Singles Collection (2001)

Vibeke Saugestad “Tonight” from The World Famous Hat Trick (2008)

Kim Fowley “25 Hours a Day” from Living In the Streets (2005)




The Chuddy Nuddies “Do the Chud” from Unearthed: Liverpool Cult Classics, Vol. 1 (2001)

Inspiral Carpets “Saturn 5” from Devil Hopping (1994)

The Woodentops “love train” from Giant (1986)

The Buttertones “Boat Lingo” from American Brunch (2016)

Radioactive Kids “Love Will Tear Us Apart” from Radioactive Kids (2013)




The Spits “don't shoot” from s/t (2003)

Supernova “Vitamins” from Ages 3 and Up (1995)

Lost Sounds “I Get Nervous” from Lost Sounds (2004)

The #1S “Heartsmash” from The Number Ones (2014)

Nov 2018

“Happy” Black Friday!




This is how everyone looks like to me on Black Friday.

POP Goes The World will attempt to drown it’s contempt for Black Friday the only way it knows how, with pop music so pure, it’s righteous light will burn right through whatever’s left of your poor ravaged soul after feasting at the trough of the consumerist gang bang.

If, in fact, you did.

(What? Too much?)


Mrs. Magician “There is no God” from Strange Heaven (2012)

Matt Berry “Lord Above” from The Small Hours (2016)

Icarus Himself “Digging Holes” from Mexico (2010)

So Many Wizards “Lose your mind” from Warm Nothing (2012)




The Moonlandingz “Sweet Saturn Mine” from Interplanetary Class Classics (2017)

Temples “Strange or Be Forgotten” from Volcano (2017)

Alex Winston “Choice Notes” from King Con (2012)

Lala Lala “I Get Cut” from The Lamb (2018)

Saturday Looks Good to Me “Parking lot blues” from Sound on Sound (2006)




Girls “Summertime” from Album (Bonus Track Version) (2009)

Best Coast “heaven sent” from California Nights (2015)

Cold Beat “Mirror” from Over Me (2014)

Beach Fossils “Careless” from Clash the Truth (2013)

Ride “Charm Assault” from Weather Diaries (2017)




The Raveonettes “Choke on Love” from 2016 Atomized (2017)

Kids on a Crime Spree “Trumpets of Death” from We Love You So Bad (2011)

FIDLAR “No Waves” from Fidlar (2012)

Royal Headache “Psychotic Episode” from Royal Headache (2012)

Bully “Milkman” from Feels Like (2015)




Broken Social Scene “7/4 (Shoreline)” from Broken Social Scene (2005)

Cymbals Eat Guitars “...And the Hazy Sea” from Why There Are Mountains (Bonus Track Version) (2009)

THE ORAL CIGARETTES “Kyouran Hey Kids!!” from Fixion (2016)

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists “Mourning in America” from The Brutalist Bricks (2010)




Asian Kung-Fu Generation “Re: Re:” from Best Hit AKG 2 (2012-2018) (2018)

Iceage “You're Blessed” from New Brigade (2011)

Radkey “Cat & Mouse” from Cat & Mouse - EP (2013)

Shopping “in other words” from Consumer Complaints (2013)




Total Control “Carpet Rash” from Henge Beat (2011)

Gang of Four “damaged goods” from Entertainment! (1979)

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine “An All American National Sport” from 101 Damnations (Bonus Edition) (1990)




Bad Religion “21st Century (Digital Boy)” from Stranger Than Fiction (1994)

B Boys “get a Grip” from No Worry No Mind (2016)

Nov 2018

Shut your piehole! It’s the American Century!



Good afternoon all you fartknockers.
Enzo here sittin’ in for our dear son of a biscuit eater, George.
Nerts, you say?
Bull snot!
I don’t give a fiddle faddle!
You crud muffins will just have to suck eggs, dad gummit!


Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer “Singin' the blues” from Hot & Cool Jazz
Sydney Bechet and Art Hodes Hot Five “Memphis Blues” from Visions of Jazz
Johnny Dodds “Melancholy (04-22-27)” from Complete Jazz Series 1927
Arthur Rosebury & His Kit Cat Dance Band “Let's do it” from 50 Jazz Essentials



The Three Deuces Musicians “You Gotta See Mama Every Night” from Jazz/Some Beginnings - 1913-1926
The Mills Brothers “Money in My Pockets” from Money in My Pockets
Bunk Johnson “Tishamingo Blues” from Tishamingo Blues
Mildred Bailey and Her Swing Band “When Day Is Done (Remastered)” from Mildred Bailey (Doxy Collection Restored Remastered) (2001)



Billie Holiday “What a Little Moonlight Can do” from What a Little Moonlight Can do
Artie Shaw & Artie Shaw and His Orchestra “Temptation” from Jazz Moods - Hot: Artie Shaw (1972)
Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra “Mary had a little lamb” from Mary had a little lamb
Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five & Butterbeans & Susie “He Likes It Slow” from The Complete Hot Five & Hot Seven Recordings (1988)



Cab Calloway “Hotcha Razz-Ma-Tazz” from Are you Hep To The Jive
Ella Fitzgerald “When I Get Low I Get High (feat. Chick Webb and His Orchestra)” from The Early Years - Part 1 (1935-1938) [feat. Chick Webb and His Orchestra] (1992)
Benny Goodman and His Orchestra “When Buddha Smiles” from The Birth of Swing (1935-1936) (1991)
Louis Armstrong “You Don't Learn That In School” from Louis Armstrong: Complete RCA Victor Recordings (Remastered) (1990)
Roy Eldridge Sextet “school days” from The Golden Years of Jazz (1951 20 Hits)



Jimmy Lunceford & His Orchestra “Tain't What You Do” from Lunceford Special
Louis Jordan “Early In the Mornin'” from The Best of Louis Jordan (1975)
Carmen Miranda “South America Way” from The Platinum Collection - Carmen Miranda
Louis Prima & Sam Butera “There'll Be No Next Time” from Capitol Collectors Series: Louis Prima (1959)



Big Mama Thornton “Hound Dog” from Hound Dog: The Peacock Recordings (1990)
Amos Milbourne “Honey Drippin' Daddy” from Honey Drippin' Daddy
The Coasters “Shoppin' for Clothes” from Only In America: Atlantic Soul Classics (2007)
Chick Webb and His Orchestra with Ella Fitzgerald “Petootie Pie” from Chick Webb and His Orchestra featuring Ella Fitzgerald (1981)


Dirty Dozen Brass Band “Night Train” from Live: Mardi Gras in Montreux (1986)
Big Joe Turner “Honey Hush” from Big, Bad & Blue
Tommy Ridgley “Jam Up” from Greatest R&B Hits of 1954, Vol. 4
The Blasters “Roll 'em Pete” from The Blasters Collection (1991)



Dean Martin “Ain't that a Kick in the Head” from A Bronx Tale (Music from the Motion Picture)
Mel Torme “Too Darn Hot (feat. The Marty Paich Orchestra)” from I Get a Kick Out of You - The Cole Porter Songbook (Vol. II) (1960)
Annie Ross Quartet “Twisted” from Twisted
Woody Herman and His Orchestra “Lemon Drop” from Early Autumn (1959)
Joe Jackson “Jack Your Dead” from Jumpin' Jive (Remastered 1999)



Slim and Slam “The Flat Foot Floogee” from 1938-1939


Nov 2018

Current mood…




El Guincho “Palmitos Park” from Alegranza (2008)

The Frights “Tungs” from You Are Going To Hate This (2016)

Joy Again “Looking out for You” from Looking out for You - Single (2015)

Diners “Good Zone” from Always Room (2014)




The Buttertones “Orpheus Under the Influence” from Buttertones (2014)

Jurassic Shark “summer” from Miracle (2014)

Spendtime Palace “At Your Convenience” from Playdate (2017)

The Holloways “Generator” from So This Is Great Britain? (2006)




We Have Band “You Came Out” from WHB (2010)

Vundabar “alien blues” from Gawk (2015)

Cap'n Jazz “take on me” from Analphabetapolothology (1998)

SWMRS “D'You Have a Car?” from Drive North (2016)




Mystery Jets “Young Love (feat. Laura Marling)” from Twenty one (2008)

Pete & The Pirates “Mr Understanding” from Little Death (2008)

Maxïmo Park “Our Velocity” from Our Earthly Pleasures (2007)

The Pigeon Detectives “Take Her Back” from Wait for Me (2007)




The Dandy Warhols “Bohemian Like You” from Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia (2000)

The Wombats “Moving to New York” from A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation (Special Edition) (2007)

Little Man Tate “Sexy In Latin” from About What You Know (2006)

The Rakes “1989” from Klang (2009)




Pulp “babies” from His 'n' Hers (1994)

The Vaccines “if you wanna” from What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? (2011)

Cut Off Your Hands “Happy as Can Be” from You & I (2008)

Supergrass “alright” from I Should Coco (1995)




The Futureheads “jupiter” from The Chaos (2010)

Audioweb “Bankrobber” from Audioweb (1996)

The Smiths “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Demo)” from The Queen Is Dead (Deluxe Edition)(2017)

The Soft Pack “c'mon” from The Soft Pack (2010)




Bolt Action Five “think fast” from Think Fast / Can the Freedom Regulate the Volume? - Single (2007)

The Walkmen “The Rat” from Bows + Arrows (2004)

Dead Kennedys “Moon Over Marin” from Plastic Surgery Disasters / In God We Trust, Inc. (1985)

The Stooges “Tight pants” from Heavy Liquid (1973)




The Chords “maybe tomorrow” from This Is What They Want - A Chords Anthology

Nov 2018

Just a smidge left of center…..




Butch Walker and The Lets Go Out Tonight “Hot Girls in Good Moods” from The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites (2006)

The Struts “Primadonna Like Me” from YOUNG&DANGEROUS (2018)

Silver Ginger 5 “(Whatever Happened To) Rock 'n' Roll Girls” from Black Leather Mojo (2005)

The Resistoleros “Rock 'n' Roll Napalm” from Rock 'n' Roll Napalm (2003)




Joan Jett & The Blackhearts “Everyone knows” from Naked (2004)

Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls “Rock'n'Roll Babe” from Chewing out Your Rhythm on My Bubblegum (2016)

KO and the Knockouts “you're on my mind” from Ko & the Knockouts (2008)

The Detroit Cobras “bad girl” from Mink, Rat or Rabbit (1999)

Hunx & His Punx “You Think You're Tough” from Street Punk (2013)




The Raveonettes “That Great Love Sound” from Chain Gang of Love (2003)

Joanna Gruesome “Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers” from Weird Sister (2013)

The Chats “Smoko” from Get This In Ya (2017)

Evolfo “Vision of Sin” from Last of the Acid Cowboys (2017)




Bad Astronaut “Needle in the Hay” from Acrophobe (2001)

Joyce Manor “Video killed the radio star” from Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired (2012)

Ron Ron Clou “Sports & Wine” from Our Favourite Shops - Roots of Koga Melody (2007)

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists “Me and Mia” from Shake the Sheets (2004)




Sloan “Spin Our Wheels” from 12 (2018)

The Barbaras “Day At the Shrine” from 2006-2008 (2012)

Starky “girl talk” from Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre (2004)

The Love Me Nots “Give Em What They Want” from Let's Get Wrecked (2011)

Killer Barbies “Feeling Alone” from Coolest Songs In the World, Vol 3




The Chesterfield Kings “Somewhere Nowhere” from The Mindbending Sounds of the Chesterfield Kings(2007)

Tijuana Panthers “Crew Cut” from ep (2008)

We Are the Physics “We Doctors Diagnose Ourselves” from Faraday Stolichnaya 2008 (2008)

Mike Krol “Neighborhood Watch” from Turkey (2015)




Built to Spill “Goin' Against Your Mind” from You In Reverse (U.S. Version) (2006)

British Sea Power “Apologies to Insect Life” from The Decline of British Sea Power (2003)




Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds “More News from Nowhere” from Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (2008)

Buke & Gase “Houdini Crush” from General Dome (2013)

Canary Oh Canary “Over the Underground” from Over The Underground




Bad Moves “Give It a Shot” from Tell No One (2018)

The Doughboys “Black sheep” from Is It Now?

Nobunny “gone for Good” from First Blood (2010)

White Reaper “Make Me Wanna Die” from White Reaper Does It Again (2015)




The Mooney Suzuki “In a Young Man's Mind” from Electric Sweat (2002)

Nov 2018

Cover me, I’m going’ in!




Yep, you got it.


Been about 2 years since I’ve done a “proper” covers show, so we’ll rectify this matter but toots sweet!


Koot Hoomi “Kiss On My List (suite)” from Koot Hoomi Presents: The Dark Side of Hall and Oates - A Tribute (2010)

The Ukranians “Batyar (Bigmouth Strikes Again)” from Kultura (1994)

Los Colorados “the passenger” from Move It! (2012)

Downtown Boys “Fotos y recuerdos” from Fotos y Recuerdos - Single (2018)




Xiu Xiu “Under Pressure (feat. Michael Gira)” from Women As Lovers (2008)

Cake “Mahna, Mahna” from Cake: B-Sides and Rarities (2007)

Machine Head “Message in a bottle” from The Burning Red (1999)

Superchunk “Say My Name” from Guilt By Association (Bonus Track Version) (2007)




Crocodiles “U Sexy Thing” from Crybaby Demon / U Sexy Thing - Single (2015)

The Koffin Kats “Maneater” from Psychobilly Goes Pop (2011)

Me First and The Gimme Gimmes “Friday on My Mind” from Go Down Under - EP (2011)

Toy Dolls “Livin' la vida loca” from We're Mad! The Anthology (2002)




The Meteors “These Boots Were Made for Walking” from The Meteors Vs the World (1999)

The Brains “Enjoy the Silence” from Zombie Nation (2010)

The Jam “Heatwave” from Setting Sons (Remastered) (1979)

The Rubinoos “Brandy (Live)” from The Rubinoos Live in Japan (2004)




Bill Wolford's Head “Venus” from Teen Feeding Frenzy! (2003)

Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin “It's My Party” from Up From the Dark (1986)

The Moog Cookbook “Ziggy stardust” from Ye Olde Space Bande Plays the Classic Rock Hits (1997)

Hooverphonic “Shake the Disease” from For the Masses (1998)

Mark Ronson “Just” from Version (2007)




Cristina “Is That All There Is?” from Doll In the Box (2004)

Belly “It's Not Unusual” from With Honors: Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack (1994)

Radioactive Kids “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths cover)” from Radioactive Kids(2013)

Guadalcanal Diary “Tutti-Frutti (Demo)” from 2x4 (1987)




The Stranglers “Walk On By” from Black and White (1978)

Flying Lizards “What's New Pussycat” from Top Ten (1984)

Oranger “Mr. Sandman” from Stubbs the Zombie (Soundtrack from the Video Game) (2005)

Shannon & the Clams “runaway” from Dreams in the Rat House (2013)




The Ergs “Linus & Lucy” from Hindsight Is 20​/​20, My Friend (2009)

Voodoo Glow Skulls “Charlie brown” from Firme (1996)

Oct 2018

POP Scared!



This afternoon’s POP Goes The World is dedicated to “Dylan”. Hang in there, kiddo. That unstoppable march towards an inevitable death gets much more tolerable once you embrace the POP!
(also giving away tix to Titus Andronicus at Capital Ale House Sunday night)


Ladytron “Black cat” from Velocifero (2008)
British Sea Power “Something Wicked” from The Decline of British Sea Power (2003)
The Chameleons UK “Swamp Thing” from Strange Times (1986)
The White Stripes “Catch Hell Blues” from Icky Thump (2007)




The Clash “Straight to Hell” from Combat Rock (1982)
The Five Blobs “The Blob” from Halloween Classics: The Evil, The Demented, and The Just Plain Weird (2007)
Go Getters “Welcome to My Hell” from Hot Rod Roadeo (2008)
Johnny Otis “Castin' My Spell” from The Capitol Years (1970)
The Coral “bAd mAn” from The Coral (2002)



The Gaslight Troubadours “The Devil Swings Out” from The Devil Swings Out - Single (2015)
Codeine Velvet Club “The Black Roses” from Codeine Velvet Club (2009)
The Cure “The Blood” from The Head On the Door (1985)
Boy O Boy “The Munsters” from Ska Gone South



M83 “graveyard girl” from Saturdays=Youth (2007)
White Lies “death” from To Lose My Life... (2009)
A flock of seagulls “Nightmares” from Listen (1983)
Interpol “evil” from Antics (2004)
The Birthday Party “Release the Bats” from Junkyard (1982)



Depeche Mode “Black Celebration” from Black Celebration (1986)
Brothers “Is this the End” from Is this the End
Viva Voce “From the Devil Himself” from Get Yr Blood Sucked Out (2006)



Metric “Monster Hospital” from Live It Out (2005)
Little Nell, Patricia Quinn & Richard O'Brien “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) (1975)
David Bowie “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) [2017 Remastered Version]” from Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (1980)
Pixies “dead” from Doolittle (1989)
Drop Nineteens “The Dead” from National Coma (1993)



Vampire Beach Babes “Devilman” from Beach Blanket Bedlam! (2004)
Nekromantix “Who Killed the Cheerleader” from Return of the Loving Dead (2002)
Calabrese “Voices of the Dead” from The Traveling Vampire Show (2006)
The Woggles “Dracula's Daughter” from Dracula's Daughter



22-20S “Devil in Me” from 22-20s (2004)