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POP Goes The World!

Jun 2019

Blissfully POP




Wipers "When It's Over" from Youth of America 1981


No Age "Cruise Control" from Snares Like a Haircut 2018








The Clash "Somebody Got Murdered" from Sandinista! 1980


Billy Bragg "Accident Waiting to Happen" from Don't Try This at Home 2006


Pile "The Jones" from Dripping 2012


TV on the Radio "Halfway Home" from Dear Science 2008








The Yum Yums "Be My Baby" from Sweetest Candy 2009


Aaron Thomas "Out of Your Hands" from The Blues and Greens 2013


Right The Stars "My Melody" from Hello Yes Ok 2012


The Fernweh "The Liar" from The Fernweh 2018








The Flaming Stars "A Little Bit Like You" from Sunset & Void 2002


The Gizmos "The Midwest Can Be Allright" from Never Mind the Gizmos Here's the Gizmos (1978-1981) 2002


Dead Ghosts "Off the Hook" from S/T 2010


La Luz "Loose Teeth" from Floating Features 2018


Blondie "Accidents Never Happen" from Eat To the Beat 1979









Superchunk "The First Part" from Foolish (Remastered) 2011


Mikal Cronin "Tide" from Tide - Single 2011


Telekinesis "Foreign Room" from Telekinesis! 2009


Radio 4 "Enemies Like This" from Enemies Like This 2006


The Horrors "Who Can Say" from Primary Colours 2009








Kasabian "Reason Is Treason" from Kasabian 2004


The Joy Formidable "Austere" from The Big Roar 2010


Handsome Furs "Dead + Rural" from Plague Park 2007









The Afghan Whigs "Somethin' Hot" from 1965 1998


Les Savy Fav "Patty Lee" from Let's Stay Friends 2007


Talking Heads "Thank You for Sending Me an Angel" from More Songs About Buildings and Food 1978









The Ruts "In a Rut" from You Gotta Get Out of It 1980


Natural Child "B$G P$Mp$N" from Hard In Heaven 2012


The Satelliters "I Said Yeah Yeah Yeah" from What's Up With Timothy Dee 2013


Dave & The Diamonds "Think About Love" from Rare Mod Volume 3


The Remains "Don't Look Back" from The Remains 1966


The Vickers "The Only One" from Keep Clear 2009






China Syndrome "Cantopop" from China Syndrome 2007


Jun 2019




Ball Park Music "Fence Sitter" from Museum 2012


Ben Folds Five "Do It Anyway" from The Sound of the Life of the Mind 2012


The Mowgli's "San Francisco" from Love's Not Dead - EP 2012


Ben Lee "Catch My Disease" from Awake Is the New Sleep 2005








The Yum Yums "Come On Come On" from Blame It On the Boogie 2002


Peter Zaremba's Love Delegation "Let's Have a Good Time" from Spread the Word 1986


The Electric Mess "He Looks Like a Psycho" from Falling Off the Face of the Earth 2012


Thee Vicars "Feel so Good" from Feel so Good / Out of My Mind - Single 2009


Home Blitz "Two Steps" from Out of Phase 2009







Top Models "Gimme All Your Love" from Beautiful Señoritas 2005


The Pushtwangers "BOYFRIEND (feat. Nome, Gustaf Adolf Krantz, Erik Forslin, Peter Liljander & Matte Ronnerstam)" from We are the Pushtwangers and you're not 2005


The Shambles "(We've Got A) Groovy Thing" from (We've Got A) Groovy Thing - Single 2012


GG Allin "Unpredictable" from Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be 1995







Les Cox  "No Jokes and No Lies" from Neverheed 2008



Holly Golightly "Getting Mighty Crowded" from Laugh It Up 2006


Turbo Fruits "Get up Get on Down (Tonite)" from Echo Kid 2009


Fang Island "Daisy" from Fang Island 2009


Los Campesinos! "You! Me! Dancing!" from Hold On Now, Youngster... (Remastered Deluxe Edition) 2018








Joey Ramone "What a Wonderful World" from Don't Worry About Me 2002


Sorrows "Bad Times Good Times" from Bad Times Good Times 2010


The Men "Turn It Around" from Open Your Heart 2012


Stiff Little Fingers "Walkin Dynamite" from Guitar and Drum 2009







Ted Leo and the Pharmacists "The Sons of Cain" from Living With the Living 2007


White Flag "He's a Whore" from Your Birthday Present - White Flag 2013


The Soft Pack "C'mon" from The Soft Pack 2010


Gordon Gano "Hitting the Ground" from Hitting The Ground 2003







Fungi Girls "Honey Face" from Some Easy Magic 2011


The March Violets "Walk Into the Sun" from The Botanic Verses 1993


Foreign Born "Into Your Dream" from On the Wing Now 2007


The Prids "The Glow" from Until the World Is Beautiful 2006








The Genuine Fakes "Something New" from The Striped Album 2010


Adam Marsland "Have a Nice Day" from You Don't Know Me 2004


Tommy 16 "Record" from Shauna 2006


Cold Showers "I Don't Mind" from Love and Regret 2012








The Distillers "City of Angels" from Sing Sing Death House 2002


May 2019

Beefy Cheesy Glory POP



POP Goes The World officially kicks off the Memorial Day holiday weekend with a big ol' Beefy Cheesy Glory American dance party!


Hot 8 Brass Band "Love Will Tear Us Apart" from Love Will Tear Us Apart - Single 2018


Ozomatli "Magnolia Soul" from Don't Mess With the Dragon 2007


Balkan Beat Box "Hermetico" from Nu Med (Bonus Edition)


Los Amigos Invisibles "Ultra-Funk" from The New Sound of the Venezuelan Gozadera 1998








The Beloved "Hello" from Happiness 1990


PomDeter "Surfin' Heaven" from Surfin' Heaven


Blondie "Atomic (Rerecorded 2014 Version)" from Blondie 4(0)-Ever: Greatest Hits Deluxe Redux / Ghosts of Download 2014


Elefant "Tonight Let's Dance" from Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid 2004








Bloc Party "Like Eating Glass" from Silent Alarm 2005


Mark Ronson "Stop Me" from Version 2006


Just Jack "Starz In Their Eyes" from Overtones 2006


The Ting Tings "That's Not My Name" from We Started Nothing 2008


Tanlines "Brothers" from Mixed Emotions (Bonus Track Version) 2012


Cut Copy "Lights & Music" from In Ghost Colours 2008








New Order "Temptation" from Total 2011


Alphaville "Fallen Angel" from Forever Young 1984


Young Dreams "Young Dreams" from Between Places 2013


Dream Cop "Nasdaq" from Mango Love








!!! "Slyd" from Thr!!!er 2012


Erasure "Love to Hate You" from Chorus 1991


Junior Senior "Move Your Feet" from D-D-Don't Don't Stop the Beat 2003


Dino Lenny "Change the World (Radio Edit)" from Change the World - Single 2003


Madcon "Beggin (original Version)" from So Dark the Con of Man 2007








Lo Fidelity Allstars "Battleflag (feat. Pigeonhed)" from How to Operate with a Blown Mind


2 Skinnee J's "(718)" from Super Mercado 1998


Pigeon John "The Bomb" from Dragon Slayer 2010


TV on the Radio "Mercy" from Mercy - Single 2013


Underworld "Always Loved a Film" from Barking 2010







Frail Limb Purity "Third Eye Blind vs Vospi"

May 2019

Let’s Get Squirmy!



Preoccupations "Unconscious Melody" from Cassette 2017

Goat Girl "Cracker Drool" from Goat Girl 2018

Jay Som "Pirouette" from Pirouette - Single 2018

Big Joanie "Fall Asleep" from Sistahs 2018






And The Kids "Champagne Ladies" from When This Life Is Over 2019

Smokescreens "Someone New" from Used to Yesterday 2018

The Lovetones "(I Gotta) Feel" from Meditations 2018

The Beths "Future Me Hates Me" from Future Me Hates Me 2018








Paws "Sore Tummy" from Cokefloat! 2012

Say Sue Me "But I Like You" from Where We Were Together 2018

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever "Talking Straight" from Hope Downs 2018

King Tuff "Bad Thing" from King Tuff (Bonus Track Version) 2012

The Goon Sax "She Knows" from We're Not Talking 2018








Ian Wayne "Revelation" from A Place Where Nothing Matters 2018

Fazerdaze "Lucky Girl" from Morningside 2017

Body Type "Arrow" from Arrow - Single 2018

Deanna Petcoff "Stress" from Stress - Single 2018










Hookworms "Opener" from Microshift 2018

Flasher "Pressure" from Constant Image 2018

Linda Guilala "Mucho Mejor" from Mucho Mejor - Single 2018







Chorusgirl "Vor Dem Fall" from Shimmer and Spin 2018

The Stroppies "All The Lines" from The Stroppies 2017

Emma Kupa "Fast Charlie" from In the Office / Fast Charlie - Single 2017

Pom Poko "My Blood" from Birthday 2019








Wolf Girl "Breaking News" from Every Now and Then 2018

The Spook School "Friday Night" from Try to Be Hopeful 2015

Dream Wife "Kids" from Dream Wife 2017







ART-SCHOOL "Lemon Pop Song" from 3 Close Mates

Eggstone "Still All Stands Still (Live)" from Tricatel Rare

The Maggots "Let's Go in '69" from Get Hooked! 2001

Eleventh Dream Day "I Could Be Lost" from Eleventh Dream Day 1991








Bob Mould "Keep Believing" from Silver Age 2012

May 2019




Michael Faherty "Give It Good"  2012


Cowbell "Hanging By a Thread"  2012


The Vegetarians "Be My Little Baby"  2009


Tranzmitors "A Little Bit Closer"  2012








20/20 "Remember the Lightning"  1979


Nick Lowe "I Don't Want the Night to End"  1978


Jacques Dutronc "Le responsable"  2004


Ed Tulipa "Club Mónica"  2011


The Jelly Bean Bandits "Happiness Girl"  1967








Deathray "My Lunatic Friends"  2000


Go Kart Mozart "White Stilettos In the Sand"  2012


The Primitons "All My Friends"  2012


The Toothaches "Everything. Right. Now."  2012








Art School "Time to Look for Someone New"  2007


The Response "...i'm Lloyd Dobler"  2007


Scott Wilk & The Walls "You Scare Me to Death"  2011


Veronica Falls "Found Love in a Graveyard"  2011


The Go-Betweens "Love Goes On!"  1988








Crocodiles "Mirrors"  2011


The Brother Kite "Get On, Me"  2006


The Clash "Hateful"  2013


Louis XIV "God Killed the Queen"  2005








Grand Duchy "Volcano!"  2009


The B-Sides "Off Broadway"  2003


Ted Leo and the Pharmacists "Me and Mia"  2012


Feeder "Generation Freakshow"  2012


Alkaline Trio "Metro"  2007


Brakes "Hold Me In the River"  2006








The Saints "River Deep Mountain High"  1996


The Men "Electric"  2013


Caesars "Anything You Want"  1998


Meat Puppets "Split Myself in Two"  2011


Josef K "Forever Drone"  2006








Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires "Centreville"  2012


Happiness Factor "Self-improvement?"  2001



Stereo Total "Get Down Tonight"  1998




May 2019

POP Salvation



Baby Bee "The Daddy" from The Daddy - Single 2015

The Murder City Devils "Boom Swagger Boom" from The Murder City Devils 1997

Art Brut "Alcoholics Unanimous" from Top of the Pops 2013

Half Man Half Biscuit "Joy Division Oven Gloves" from ACHTUNG BONO 2005






Arctic Monkeys "Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair" from Suck It and See 2011

Boat "Interstate 5" from Setting the Paces 2009

Black Francis "Captain Pasty" from Bluefinger 2007

Ezra Furman & The Harpoons "We Should Fight" from Inside The Human Body 2008

Leaders Off "Giant Guitar" from Giant Guitar 2010







Prisonshake "2 Sisters" from The Roaring Third 1993

Wheels On Fire "I'm Turning Into You" from Get Famous! 2008

Brilliant Colors "Motherland" from Introducing 2009

Blondie "11:59" from Parallel Lines 1978

Magazine "Because You're Frightened" from The Correct Use of Soap 1980







JD McPherson "I Wish You Would" from The Warm Covers EP 2014

4 Out Of 5 Doctors "Danger Man" from 4 Out of 5 Doctors 1980

The Whigs "Like a Vibration" from Mission Control 2010

Tracy Bryant "Subterranean" from Subterranean 2015

Marshall Crenshaw "Someday Someway" from The 9 Volt Years 1998







XTC "This Is Pop" from Live In Concert 1980 1992

Joe Jackson "One More Time" from Look Sharp! (Remastered) 2001

Tonight "Drummer Man" from Drummer Band 2014

The Vapors "News At Ten" from New Clear Days 2018

Sloan "If It Feels Good Do It" from Pretty Together 2001







The Quick "Pretty Please" from Untold Rock Stories 2003

Oliver Future "What Heart?" from Pax Futura 2007

The Futureheads "Radio Heart" from This Is Not the World 2008

The View "Wasteland" from Hats Off to the Buskers 2007

Fuzzy Vox "I Got a Girl" from No Landing Plan 2017









Les Savy Fav "Patty Lee" from Let's Stay Friends 2007

Portugal. the Man "Everything You See (Kids Count Hallelujahs)" from In the Mountain In the Cloud 2011

Outrageous Cherry "Saturday Afternoon" from Wide Awake in the Spirit World: The Best of Outrageous Cherry 2008

Super Furry Animals "Waiting to Happen" from Fuzzy Logic 2016

The Wedding Present "Go Go Dancer" from The Hit Parade 2014

The Webstirs "Wesley Station" from So Long 2009








Bob Mould "The Descent" from Silver Age 2012

Apr 2019

Slice O’ POP





Leslie West "I Feel Fine" Unusual Suspects 2011



The Dirtbombs "Earthquake Heart" Dangerous Magical Noise 2003



The Rattles "Hello" Have You Heard of the Rattles, Vol. 1 2013



Stu Mitchell & Doug Roberts "Say I Am (What I Am)" Now Hear This! Garage & Beat From the Norman Petty Vaults 2007






Carlos and The Bandidos "You're Crazy" The Good, The Bad and the Bandidos 2008



The Hexxers "Bones By My Bedside" Freaks With the Savage Beat 2004



The Lillingtons "Black Hole In My Mind" Death By

Television 2005



The Replacements "Kiss Me On the Bus (Studio Demo)" Tim (Expanded Edition) 2008



The Nils "Pop Goes The World" Green Fields In Daylight 1982






Bill Lloyd "Lisa Anne" Feeling The Elephant 1986



Gyasi "You Don't Love Me Like You Used To" Peacock Fantasies - EP 2018



The Essex Green "The Late Great Cassiopia" The Long Goodbye 2003



Eytan Mirsky "I'm Losing You" Year of the Mouse 2012



Stag "Love Her Records" Stag 2012






The Golden Dogs "Yeah!" Everything In 3 Parts 2004



Milburn "Lipstick Licking" Well Well Well



Moving Targets "Answer Ii" Fake This Ride 2006



The Outlets "Good Guys Don't Wear White" The Outlets Rock 1980  2007



Psychotic Youth "Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go" Bamboozle! 1994







The Records "Girl" Smashes, Crashes and Near Misses 1988



DM3 "1 Time, 2 Times Devastated" One Time, Two Times, Three Red Light 1993



Greg Pope "I Got a Life" Popmonster 2008



Chris Spedding "Motor Bikin'" The Very Best of Chris Spedding 2005







Caroline Rose "Money" Loner 2018



Little Barrie "Surf Hell" King of the Waves 2010



Téléphone "Au coeur de la nuit" Au coeur de la nuit 2006



The Scavengers "Mysterex" Mysterex - Single








Vinnie Zummo "Fab Gear" Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America 2006



Sitcom Neighbor "Popstar" Sitcom Neighbor 2007



Jay Reatard "Always Wanting More" Matador Singles '08 2008



Generation X "Day by Day (2002 Remaster)" Generation X (2002 Remaster) 2002



Pollyanna "Fordgreensilverocket" Fordgreensilverocket - Single 1995







The Model Rockets "A Notice To Everyone" Tell The Kids The Cops Are Here



Cotton Mather "My Before and After" Kontiki (Deluxe Edition) 2012



The Feelies "Time Is Right" Here Before 2012



John Laprade "Knock You Down" World-Class Faker 2011



I Am Next "Shackled" How to Tell the Phonies from the Phakes 2012








Divine Fits "Would That Not Be Nice" A Thing Called Divine Fits 2012

Apr 2019

Jump Blues & Bliss



Len Barry "123" 


The Precisions "If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely)"


Viola Willis "I Got Love" 


The Adelians "Nothing Without You" 






Rosetta Hightower "Big Bird" 


Wilson Pickett "Ninety-Nine and One-Half (Won't Do)" 


The Velvelettes "He Was Really Sayin' Somethin'" 


Big "T" Tyler "King Kong" 






Something Weird "Is It On Is It Off" 


The Five Keys "She's the Most" 


Nappy Brown "Piddily Patter Patter" 


Clyde McPhatter "Deep Sea Ball" 


The Ivy Three "Yogi" 






Bill Haley & His Comets "Rip It Up" 


Ronnie Dee "Action Packed" 


The Silhouettes "Bing Bong" 


Norman Fox & The Rob Roys "Tell Me Why" 


The Gaylords "Ma Ma Ma Marie"


Cookie and the Cupcakes "Mathilda" 


Etta James "If I Can't Have You (feat. Harvey Fuqua)"







The Boys In The Band "Pain" 


Si Cranstoun "Dynamo" 


Dana Gillespie "A Lotta What You Got" 


Tommy Ridgley "Jam Up" 


The Clovers "Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash" 







Wynonie Harris "Lovin Machine" 


The Chanters "Row Your Boat" 


LaVern Baker "Whipper Snapper"


Amos Milburn "Down The Road Apiece" 







Gene Vincent "Darlene" 


Link Wray & The Wraymen 


The Crowns "Possibility" 


The Coasters "Charlie Brown" 


Tommy Steele "Give! Give! Give!" 







Louis Prima & Keely Smith "Oooh-Dahdily-Dah" 


John Kirby "Get Hot Or Go Home" 


Jimmy Lloyd "I Got a Rocket In My Pocket"


Boyd Bennett "You Upset Me Baby" 


Koko Taylor "Sure Had a Wonderful Time Last Night" 







Ruth Brown "Wild Wild Wild Young Men" 


Helen Humes "Real Fine Daddy"


Roy Milton "Big Fat Mama"


T-Bone Walker "Teenage Baby" 








Jimmy McCracklin "She Felt Too Good" 

Apr 2019

Eye POPping



Love and Rockets "The Dog-end of a Day Gone By" from Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven 1985

The Lucid Dream "Bad Texan" from Compulsion Songs 2016

Young the Giant "My Body" from Young the Giant (Special Edition) 2010





Warren Zevon "Keep Me in Your Heart" from The Wind 2003

L.A. Salami "Going Mad As The Street Bins" from Dancing With Bad Grammar: The Director's Cut 2016

Grandaddy "Now It's On" from Sumday 2003

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Stick Figures In Love" from Mirror Traffic 2011

Cloud Nothings "Hey Cool Kid" from Turning On 2010





Weaves "Tick" from Weaves 2016

Kyle Craft "Berlin" from Dolls of Highland 2016

The Walker Brothers "Nite Flights" from Nite Flights 1978

Pulp "Razzmatazz" from His 'n' Hers 1994

Graham Coxon "You & I" from Love Travels At Illegal Speeds 2006





Girls Names "Hypnotic Regression" from The New Life 2013

Phil Cordell "Red Lady" from Hearts On Fire Anthology 2008

Cornelius "New Music Machine" from Fantasma (Remastered) 1997

Essential Logic "Brute Fury" from Fanfare In the Garden 2003

Priests "JJ" from Nothing Feels Natural 2017






Beulah "If We Can Land A Man On The Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart" from When Your Heartstrings Break 1999

Violent Femmes "I Held Her in My Arms" from The Blind Leading the Naked 1986

Crabby Appleton "Go Back" from Crabby Appleton 2005

The dB's "That Time Is Gone" from Falling Off the Sky 2012





The Condors "I'm Not Sorry" from Tales of Drunkenness and Cruelty 2001

The Regrettes "Hot" from Feel Your Feelings Fool!

The Saints "Know Your Product" from Eternally Yours 2009

No Age "Serf to Serf" from "Separation" b/w "Serf to Serf" - Single 2016

Afterimage "Satellite of Love" from Strange Confession 2007





Moving Units "Between Us & Them" from Dangerous Dreams 2004

Unrest "Make Out Club" from Perfect Teeth 1993

The Modulators "Jimmy Says" from Tomorrow's Coming 2010

Hoops "Feelin' Fine" from Tapes #1-3 2017





Japanese Breakfast "Everybody Wants to Love You" from Psychopomp 2016


Apr 2019

POP Cleanse



POP Goes The World would like to dedicate this afternoon’s show to the sensitive young scribe who penned this life affirming bit of poetry in the comments section of our most recent fund drive donation site. I don’t know who you are, but I’m glad I can be here for you.


Generationals "I Promise" from Actor-Caster 2011

Paul Westerberg "Ain't Got Me" from Eventually 1996

Cake "Love You Madly" from Comfort Eagle 2001

Imperial Teen "Yoo Hoo" from What Is Not To Love 1998




White Reaper "The World's Best American Band" from The World's Best American Band 2017

Glossary "Save Your Money for the Weekend" from Feral Fire 2010

Soulwax "Too Many DJs" from Much Against Everyone's Advice 1998

Just Water "Singin' In the Rain (UK Version)" from Downtown and Brooklyn: The Complete Recordings 2007





Ken Stringfellow "Down On My Knees" from Friends and Lovers - Songs of Bread 2002

The Posies "Somehow Everything" from Success 1998

The Sneetches "In a Perfect Place" from Sometimes That's All We Have 1988

The Last "This Kind of Feeling" from L.A. Explosion 2003

The Monkees "Valleri" from The Best of the Monkees 2003

Secret Powers "Tangerine" from Lies and Fairy Tales 2010





The Naomi Star "Powerpop Nugget" from Through the Eyes 2009

Marcy Playground "Punk Rock Superstar" from MP3 2010

The Presidents of the United States of America "Love Everybody" from Love Everybody 2004

White Denim "Let's Talk About It" from Workout Holiday 2008

Code Blue "Whisper / Touch (Remastered)" from Code Blue 2005

Squeeze "Get Smart" from U.K. Squeeze 1978





Arlo "Runaround" from Stab the Unstoppable Hero 2002

Splitsville "Forever" from The Complete Pet Soul 2001

The Fans "You Don't Live Here Any More" from You Don't Live Here Any More (Remastered) - Single 1980

Radioactivity "Sickness" from Radioactivity 2013

The Soft Pack "Bright Side" from Bright Side 2009

The Stranglers "London Lady (1996 Remastered Version)" from Rattus Norvegicus 2001





Sleeper Agent "Get It Daddy" from Celabrasion 2011

The Cute Lepers "Smart Accessories" from Smart Accessories 2009

Valley Lodge "Break Your Heart" from Semester At Sea 2009

The Vibrators "Whips and Furs" from Pure Mania 1977




The Subways "Girls & Boys" from All or Nothing 2008

Charta 77 "Lilla Björn Och Lilla Tiger" from Tecken I Tiden 1995

The Nils "In Betweens" from The Nils 2006

Gutterball "Falling from the Sky" from Gutterball 1993

Bob Mould "Sunshine Rock" from Sunshine Rock 2019





Starsailor "Tell Me It's Not Over" from All the Plans 2009