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POP Goes The World!

Mar 2017

POP Goes Anything!




China Rats “To Be Like I” from To Be Like I - Single

The Primitives “crash” from Lovely

Paul Weller “Sunflower” from Wild Wood (1994)

Manic Street Preachers “Everything Must Go” from Everything Must Go (1996)




Menswear “125 West 3rd Street” from Nuisance

Supergrass “Mansize Rooster” from I Should Coco

60 Ft Dolls “New Loafers” from The Big 3 (Expanded Edition)

The Futureheads “sun goes down” from The Chaos (2010)

Suede “money” from Sci-Fi Lullabies




Primal Scream “Country Girl” from Riot City Blues (Expanded Edition)

22-20S “Devil in Me” from 22-20s

New York Dolls “Jet Boy” from New York Dolls

Parquet Courts “Borrowed time” from Light Up Gold



The Dandy Warhols “Thick Girls Knock Me Out (Richard Starkey)” from Thick Girls Knock Me Out (Richard Starkey) - Single

The Wombats “Let's Dance to Joy Division” from A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation

The Rakes “Strasbourg” from Capture / Release

Audioweb “Bankrobber” from Audioweb




Landlady “Person” from The World is a Loud Place (2017)

The Drums “Blood Under My Belt” from Abysmal Thoughts (2017)

Good Shoes “Under control” from No Hope, No Future (Bonus Track Version)

The Wedding Present “Brassneck” from Bizarro (2001)




Dirty Looks12 O'clock High” from Dirty Looks / Turn It Up - The Complete Stiff Years

4 Out Of 5 Doctors “Danger Man” from 4 Out of 5 Doctors

Mink “talk to me” from Mink

Bare Wires “Romantic Girl” from Seeking Love

The Beat Merchants “Pretty Face” from The Pioneers of British Beat - Vol. 1




Baby Bee “High Heel Leather Boots” from The Shaker - EP

The Mooney Suzuki “I Woke Up This Mornin'” from Electric Sweat

The Soft Pack “Answer to Yourself” from The Soft Pack

The Chords “maybe tomorrow” from This Is What They Want - A Chords Anthology

Wreckless Eric “A Popsong” from Greatest Stiffs

Ash “Punk Boy” from Rarities & B-Sides (Remastered) (2009)




Interpol “Not Even Jail” from Antics

Feb 2017

POP Goes Ten Years



Last month was my 10 year anniversary at WRIR. This afternoon, I’ll play some tracks I was playing my first year here.

We’ll see how many of these tracks have held up as well as I have.






Jason Anderson “July 4, 2004” from Tonight (2007)

Josh Ritter “Open Doors” from The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter (2007)

Chuck Ragan “Califoria Burritos” from Feast or Famine (2007)

John Doe “The Golden State” from A Year In the Wilderness (2007)




Spoon “The Underdog” from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (2007)

I'm from Barcelona “We're from Barcelona” from Let Me Introduce My Friends (2007)

The Old Soul “River of Daughters” from The Old Soul (2007)

Akron/Family “I've Got Some Friends” from Love Is Simple (2007)

Animal Collective “fireworks” from Strawberry Jam (2007)




Richard Hawley “serious” from Lady's Bridge (2007)

Peter Bjorn and John “Let's Call It Off” from Writer's Block (2007)

Kristoffer Ragnstam “Breakfast By the Mattress” from Breakfast By the Mattress - EP (2007)

Vhs Or Beta “She Says” from Bring On the Comets




Bloc Party “Kreuzberg” from A Weekend in the City (2007)

Arcade Fire “No Cars Go” from Neon Bible (2007)

The Rosebuds “Cemetery Lawn” from Night of the Furies (2007)

Just Jack “Starz in Their Eyes” from Overtones (2007)




The Crash “Big Ass Love” from Pony Ride (2007)

The View “Face for the Radio” from Hats Off To the Buskers (2007)

Café Tacvba “53100” from Sino (2007)

Foals “balloons” from Antidotes (2007)

The Magnificents “Get it Boy” from Year of Explorers (2007)

!!! “Myth Takes” from Myth Takes (2007)




Airiel “The Release” from The Battle of Sealand (2007)

Pinback “From Nothing to Nowhere” from Autumn of the Seraphs (2007)

Alamo Race Track “The Northern Territory” from Black Cat John Brown (2007)

CAT-A-TAC “Needles and Pins” from Past Lies and Former Lives (2007)

Blonde Redhead “Spring and By Summer Fall” from 23




Jens Lekman “And I Remember Every Kiss” from Night Falls Over Kortedala


Feb 2017

Anyone know where I can score some POP?




I got you, fam.




The View “Comin' Down” from Hats Off To the Buskers (2007)

The Strypes “Perfect storm” from Snapshot (2014)

Fuzzy Vox “1789” from 1789 - Single (2014)

The Hives “Die, All Right!” from Veni Vidi Vicious (2000)




The Mooney Suzuki “Half of my heart” from People Get Ready (2000)

The Night Marchers “Tropical Depression” from Allez! allez! (2013)

Rats On Rafts “Powder Monkey” from Powder Monkey - Single (2015)

Hot Snakes “Plenty for All” from Audit In Progress (2004)




The Monks “Johnny B. Rotten” from Bad Habits (1979)

The Boomtown Rats “Nice n Neat” from The Fine Art of Surfacing (1979)

XTC “Are You Receiving Me?” from Go 2 (1978)

The JamSaturday's Kids” from Setting Sons (Remastered) (1979)




The Vapors “Jimmie Jones” from Magnets (1981)

Tonight “Drummer Man” from Drummer Man

Teddybears “Punkrocker (feat. Iggy Pop)” from Soft Machine (2006)

The Vines “Don't Listen to the Radio” from Vision Valley (2006)

That Dog “never say never” from Retreat from the Sun (1997)




The Plimsouls “Mini-Skirt Minnie” from The Plimsouls (1981)

The Inmates “dirty water” from Dirty Water - The Very Best of The Inmates

The Rubinoos “Rock and Roll is Dead” from The Rubinoos (1977)

The Razz “You Can Run” from You Can Run (1979)




The Cavedogs “Leave Me Alone” from Joy Rides For Shut-Ins (1990)

Nada Surf “The Way You Wear Your Head” from Let go (2002)

Brendan Benson “A Whole Lot Better” from My Old, Familiar Friend (2009)

Title Tracks “Steady Love” from It Was Easy (2010)

The M's “Mansion In the Valley” from Future Women (2005)




Sloan “Follow the leader” from The Double Cross (2011)

Sloan “The Answer Was You” from The Double Cross (2011)

Boat “Interstate 5” from Setting the Paces (2009)

Ween “Gabrielle” from Shinola, Vol. 1 (2005)

Material Issue “Eko Beach” from Freak City Soundtrack (1994)




The Undertones “Jimmy Jimmy” from Jimmy Jimmy - EP

Mother's Children “What's Your Problem Now?” from Are You Tough Enough

The Speedies “Let Me Take Your Photo” from Speedy Delivery

Sonic Avenues “Girls With Pearls” from Sonic Avenues

Magic Kids “Superball” from Memphis (2010)

The Evil Eye “vicious circle” from Vicious Circle - Single




Overwhelming Colorfast “Yap” from Overwhelming Colorfast



Feb 2017

Happy “Friday”, Suckers



Kicking off the weekend at 3p.m. with unbridled joy and goodwill towards all mankind!
(alright, maybe not ALL mankind, but you know who you are)





Joe Jackson “On your Radio” from I'm the Man

XTC “Respectable Street” from Black Sea (2003)

Senator Flux “Green Eyed Athena” from The Criminal Special

The Slickee Boys “Life of the Party” from Cybernetic Dreams of Pi




The Quick “pretty please” from Untold Rock Stories

20/20 “Nuclear Boy” from Look Out! (Bonus Track Version)

The dB's “neverland” from Repercussion

Marshall Crenshaw “For Her Love” from Field Day

Paul Collins “Baby I'm in Love With You” from Feel the Noise




Sloan “All Used Up” from A Sides Win Singles 1992-2005 (2005)

Nada Surf “Looking Through (Live)” from Live at the Neptune Theatre (2015)

The Posies “Fall Apart with Me” from Success

Brendan Benson “spit it out” from The Alternative to Love




Boat “Prince of Tacoma” from Setting the Paces

Circus Monkey “So Long (Ann)” from Bandwagon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2008)

Satchel “Without Love” from The Family

Paul Westerberg “Trumpet Clip” from Eventually




The M's “Plan of the Man” from Future Women

We Are The Fury “Better off This Way” from Infinite Jest

Pretty & Nice “Yonkers” from Golden Rules for Golden People

The Golden Dogs “Dynamo” from Big Eye Little Eye

Good Luck “Stars Were Exploding” from Into Lake Griffy




The Futureheads “Heartbeat Song” from The Chaos

Garageland “Fingerpops” from Last Exit to Garageland

The Partridge Family “Come On Get Happy” from The Definitive Collection

Little Apple Band “The Bugaloos Theme Song” from Kids Rockin' TV Show Themes

Licorice Schtik “The Kissin' Game” from Extended Play...




The Only Ones “Another Girl Another Planet” from 4 Hits - EP

Cheap Trick “Come On, Come On” from In Color (2015)

Magic Kids “Hey Boy” from Memphis

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart “Say No to Love” from Say No to Love - Single

The Oranges Band “Atmosphere” from The World and Everything In It




Any Trouble “Open Fire” from Wheels In Motion (2014)

Smash Palace “It's Not Enough” from Over the Top

The Murder City Devils “Boom Swagger Boom” from The Murder City Devils




Paul Jones “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker (Cover)” from Sheena Is a Punk Rocker (Cover)



Feb 2017

Happy Birthday To Us!!!




The greatest three ring circus of the year, our 12th annual birthday party for the rest of us is tonight at The Renaissance and will feature live performances by:

People’s Blues of Richmond
Yeni Nostalji
Doll Baby
Richmond Avant Improvisational Collective
Satellite Syndicate
Harry Partch Appreciation Society
RVA Comedy Standup showcase
It kicks off at 7p.m.

So, we’ll do a little pre-gaming now!





 The Kinks “Around the dial” from Give the People What They Want (1981)

Concrete Blonde “happy birthday” from Free (1989)

The Replacements “Left of the Dial” from Tim (1985)

Peelander-Z “Happee Birthday” from P-TV-Z (2010)


The Clutters “Radio” from Don't Belive a Word (2007)

The Living End “What's On Your Radio?” from State of Emergency (2006)

The Vacancies “Radio Revolution” from A Beat Missing or a Silence Added (2005)

Joyce Manor “Video killed the radio star” from Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired (2012)

Propeller “Turn on the Radio” from Fall off the World (2016)


Ramones “We Want the Airwaves” from Pleasant Dreams (1981)

Tiny Masters of Today “Hey, Mr. DJ” from Bang Bang Boom Cake (2007)

Gravys Drop “Happy Birthday” from For the Love of Gravy (2011)

The Twilight Sad “That Birthday Present” from Forget the Night Ahead (2009)

Priests “Nothing Feels Natural” from Nothing Feels Natural (2017)


The View “Wasted Little DJ's” from Hats Off To the Buskers (2007)

The Ting Tings “Great Dj” from We Started Nothing (2008)

Hookworms “Radio Tokyo” from The Hum (2014)

XTC “Radios in Motion” from White Music (2003)

David Bowie “DJ” from Lodger (1979)


Robyn Hitchcock “The Devil's Radio” from Moss Elixir (1996)

The Ravyns “Raised On the Radio” from The Ravyns (1984)

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers “The Last Dj” from The Last DJ (2002)

Cracker “Happy Bithday To Me” from Cracker (1992)


Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper “Pirate Radio” from Root Hog or Die (1989)

Fletcher C Johnson “happy birthday” from Salutations (2012)

Mr.Children “Happy Birthday” from Happy Birthday (1995)

Five for Fighting “Bella's Birthday Cake” from ...Message For Albert... (1997)

They Might Be Giants “Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal” from Miscellaneous T (1991)


La Vida Bohème “Radio Capital” from Nuestra (2010)

The Dead 60s “Riot Radio” from The Dead 60s (2005)

The Clash “This Is Radio Clash” from Sandinista! (remastered) (2013)

The Geraldine Fibbers “Birthday Boy” from Live from the Bottom of the Hill (1996)

The Vines “Don't Listen to the Radio” from Vision Valley (2006)


Mad Staring Eyes “Radio Is Killing Me” from Bored of Looking Cool (2008)

Jan 2017

POP Goes The Way Back Machine




We’ll crank back The Way Back Machine to 1987.

30 years ago.

You know what that means?

It means these tracks are no longer “retro”.

They’re “oldies”.

Sleep tight, buttercup!




Artist Song Album               Year            
Love & Rockets No New Tale To Tell Earth, Sun, and Moon   1987
The Jesus and Mary Chain Happy When It Rains Darklands   1987
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions My Bag Mainstream   1987
The Hoodoo Gurus What's My Scene Blow Your Cool   1987
++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ ++++++++++++   +++++++
Depeche Mode Never Let Me Down Again Music For The Masses   1987
New Order Touched By The Hand Of God     1987
Erasure Victim Of Love The Circus   1987
Flesh For Lulu I Go Crazy Long Live The New Flesh   1987
The Cure The Perfect Girl Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me   1987
++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++   ++++++
The Smiths Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before Strangeways, Here We Come   1987
The Housemartins The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death   1987
Aztec Camera Somewhere In My Heart Love   1987
Julian Cope Trampolene Saint Julian   1987
Close Lobsters In Spite Of These Times Foxheads Stalk Thios Land   1987
+++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++   +++++++
The Bats North By North Daddy's Highway   1987
The Gun Club Bill Bailey Mother Juno   1987
The Wedding Present Getting Nowhere Fast George Best   1987
Scruffy The Cat Tiny Days Tiny Days   1987
Guadalcanal Diary And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles cover) 2X4   1987
++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ +++++++++   +++++++++
The Replacements Alex Chilton Plesed To Meet Me   1987
Hüsker Dü Could You Be The One Warehouse: Songs and Stories   1987
The Downsiders Another Horns Cry The Downsiders   1987
Game Theory The Waist and The Knees Lolita Nation   1987
++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ +++++++++++   ++++++
Pixies Vamos (pilgrim) Come On Pilgrim   1987
Dinosaur Jr. Little Fury Things You're Living All Over Me   1987
Sonic Youth Schizophrenia Sister   1987
Sisters Of Mercy This Corrosion Floodland   1987
The Ramones I Wanna Live Halfway To Sanity   1987
+++++++++++ ++++++++++++ ++++++++++++   ++++++
Faith No More Faster Disco Introduce Yourself   1987
Happy Mondays 24 Hour Party People Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out)   1987
++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++   ++++++
Men Without Hats Pop Goes The World Pop Goes The World   1987
Jan 2017

POP Goes The Glass Ceiling




Saluting all the women marching on D.C. (and around the world) tomorrow.



Artist Song Album             Year
tUnE-yArDs My Country WHOKILL   2011
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Y Control Fever To Tell   2003
Jennifer Trynin Happier Cockamamie   1994
Sonic Youth Kool Thing Goo   1990
+++++++++++++ +++++++++++ +++++++   +++++++
The Pretenders Money Talk Last Of The Independents   1994
Elastica Line Up Elastica   1995
Crushed Out Temper Tantrum Want To Give   2012
Horrorpops Boot2Boot Kiss Kiss Kill Kill   2008
++++++++++++ +++++++++++ ++++++++++++   +++++++
The Ettes Girls Are Mad Look At Life Again Soon   2008
Noisettes Sister Rosetta What's The Time, Mr. Wolf?   2007
Peaches Search & Destroy (Stooges cover) War Child - Heroes Vol. 1   2009
Alice Russel Seven Nation Army (White Stripes Cover) Under The Munka Moon Selection   2007
The BellRays Tell The Lie Have A Little Faith   2006
Luscious Jackson Pele Merengue Natural Ingredients   1994
+++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ +++++++++++++   +++++++
The Dresden Dolls Girl Anachronism The Dresden Dolls   2004
Deerhoof The Devil and His Anarchic Surrealist Retinue The Magic   2016
Fiona Apple Fast As You Can When the Pawn...   1999
Lauren Christy Breed Breed   1997
Lauren Hoffman Rock Star Megiddo   1997
++++++++++++ +++++++++ ++++++++++   ++++++++
Girls At Our Best Getting Nowhere Fast Pleasure   1981
Bettie Serveert Kid's Alright Palomine   1993
Sandi Thom I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (with flowers in my hair) Smile.....It Confuses People   2006
Grace Jones Nipple To The Bottle Living My Life   1982
+++++++++++ +++++++++++++ ++++++++++++   +++++++
Those Darlins Mystic Minds Screws Get Loose   2011
Cocktail Slippers You Do Run St. Valentine's Day Massacre   2009
Blondie Rip Her To Shreds Blondie   1976
Morningwood New York Girls Morningwood   2006
Beverly All The Things Careers   2014
++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ +++++++++++   +++++++
Ponytail Beg Waves Ice Cream Spiritual   2008
The Garbers Haiku What Not To Wear   2012
Shannon & The Clams Troublemaker I Wanna Go Home   2009
Joan Jett Bad Reputation     1981
X Beyond and Back Wild Gift   1981
++++++++ +++++++++++ ++++++++   +++++++
Brazilian Girls Pussy Brazilian Girls   2005
Jan 2017

A new year. A new attitude.





Artist Song Album                Year
Supergrass Mary Supergrass   2000
Miracle Workers Way Back When Their Sympathetic Majesties Request   2012
Mikal Cronin Apathy Mikal Cronin   2011
Ringo Deathstar Imagine Hearts Colour Trip   2011
+++++++++++ +++++++++++ ++++++++++   +++++
Matt Berry Lord Above The Small Hours   2016
King Khan & The Shrines Born To Die Idle No More   2013
The Easybeats Good Times Vigil   1968
Robert Lester Folsom Written In Your Hair Ode To A Rainy Day: Archives 1972-1975   2014
The Masonics Ooh-Poo-Pa-Doo Sympathetic Sounds Of London - Recorded At Toe-Rag Studios   2012
++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++   +++++++
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Bellbottoms Orange   1994
Chain & The Gang If I Only Had A Brain In Cool Blood   2012
Anger Olson Shut Up Kiss Me My Woman   2016
Demolition Doll Rods Get It On On   2004
+++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ ++++++++   ++++++++++
Soledad Brothers Break 'Em On Down Live   2003
The Little Killers Jenna Lee The Little Killers   2003
Coachwhips You Gonna Get It Bangers Vs. F*ckers   2003
Speedball Baby Hanky-Joe Danger The Blackout   2002
The Woggles Baby, I'll Trust You When You're Dead Big Beat   2013
The Manikins I Want My Baby Dead Crocodiles   2008
++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++   ++++++
APB Shoot You Down Something To Believe In   1985
B Boys Get A Grip No Worry No Mind   2016
Radkey Cat & Mouse Cat & Mouse   2013
The Spaceshi*s Can't Fool With Me Misbehavin'   1999
Mind Spiders Beat Meltdown   2012
+++++++++++ ++++++++ +++++++++   +++++++
The Mooney Suzuki Shake That Bush Alive & Amplified   2004
The Sights How Do You Sleep? Most Of What Follows Is True   2010
Dirty Fences All I Want Too High To Kross   2016
Let's Wrestle We Are The Men You'll Grow To Love Soon In The Court Of The Wrestling Let's   2009
The Frowning Clouds All Night Long All Night Long   2011
++++++++++++++ +++++++++++ ++++++++++++   ++++++++
Total Control Carpet Rash Henge Bet   2011
S.C.U.M. Whitechapel Again Into Eyes   2011
Adult Books Firewalking Running From The Blows   2016
Cool Ghouls Animal Races Animal Races   2016
++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ ++++++++++++   ++++++
Thee Mighty Ceasars Wiley Coyote Surely They Were The Sons Of God!   1990






Sep 2016

Hot Sauce Lounge Grand Opening!


Zing A Zing A Zing Boom - Dean Martin
Malambo #1 - Yma Sumac
I'm going Bananas  - Madonna
Touch The Sun - Original Soulboy


Sentimental Journey - Esquivel
Swamp Fire - Martin Denny
The Millionaire's Holiday -Combustible Edison
E Train Mambo - The Grandsons


The Belleville Rendezvous - Les Tripplets De Belleville 
Gimme Some (Mike Mangini remix) - Nina Simone
I'm Confessin' That I Love You - The Vinylistic
Cuchi Cuchi - Los Amigos Invisibles


Just Can't Get Enough (Depeche Mode cover) - Nouvelle Vague 
Happy Sad - Pizzicato Five
Decorate - Shugo Tokumaru
Electric Lady Land - Fantastic Plastic Machine


Kitten Pig - Pentaphobe
Coin Operated Boy - The Dresden Dolls
How Dare You - Thao & Mirah
Zou Bisou Bisou - Jessica Pare 


Lucas With The Lid Off - Lucas
Scratch Marchin' - Kormac
Cha Cha Cha - Jimmy Luxury
Jazz Machine - Black Machine


Shadrack, Meshach, and Abednego - Asylum Street Spankers
Queer For Cat - Big Rude Jake
What The Hell! - All American Playboys
Chicken Payback - A Band Of Bees


Genie - The Zou Bisou
Surfing The Channel - Paz Antiguana


Make A Circuit With Me - The Polecats
Me and The Boys - NRBQ
When I Go To The Beach - Slickee Boys
The Birds and The Bees - Patrick & Eugene
Sep 2016

Insufferable POP


Sorry, kiddo, I don’t know what to tell you.

The POP on this afternoon’s Pop Goes The World show will be relentless.
Dare I say….insufferable, even.
Enough minor chords, and pop hooks to choke even the most jaded of cynics.
I apologize in advance for the unabashed joy, and giddiness this music might suddenly bring you. I know how some of you are quite averse to stuff like that.
(My condolences.


Song Album                 Year         
Golant Pistons Friday On My Mind (Easybeats cover) 1980
Menswear Stardust Nuisance 1995
The Vaccines If You Wanna What Did You Expect from The Vaccines? 2011
The Slickee Boys Gotta Tell Me Why Cybernetic Dreams Of Pi 1983
+++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ +++++++
Sloan All Used Up A Sides Win: The Best Of Sloan 1992-2004 2005
Title Tracks Found Out It Was Easy 2010
Fountains Of Wayne Denise Utopia Parkway 1999
The Posies Open Every Window DGC Rarities Vol.1 1994
++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ ++++++
The Cars Gimme Some Slack Panorama 1980
The Fratellis Henrietta Costello Music 2007
Mink Jodi Mink
Julie Ocean Ebb & Flow Long Gone and Nearly There 2008
The Waking Hours I Got You
+++++++++++++++ +++++++++++ +++++++++++++ +++++++
The Knack Frustrated Get The Knack 1979
The Romantics When I Look In Your Eyes The Romantics 1980
The Plimsouls How Long Will It Take? Everywhere At Once 1983
Love Nut She Won't Do Me Bastards Of Melody 1996
Hüsker Dü Standing In The Rain Warehouse: Songs and Stories 1987
+++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ +++++++
Car Seat Headrest Something Soon Teens Of Style 2015
Peter, Bjorn & John Objects Of My Affection Writer's Block 2007
Game Theory Friend Of The Family Real Nighttime 1985
Dot Dash Semaphore Earthquakes & Tidal Waves 2015
++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++ +++++++
The Death Of Pop Whenever Fifths 2014
Humbug One More Day On The Upside 2009
Poole Loon 1995
Cold Beat Mirror Over Me 2014
++++++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++` +++++++
The Mighty Lemon Drops The Heartbreak Thing Laughter 1989
Hatcham Social Crocodile You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil 2009
The Cool Whips Tickle Me With A Feather Duster Goodies 2014
The Well Wishers Hanging On Post Modern Romantic 2010
+++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ ++++++
The Ergs Linus & Lucy Hindsight is 20/20, My Friend 2009
The Ramones Spiderman Weird Tales Of The Ramones (1976-1996) 2005
The Dickies Banana Splits The Incredible Shrinking Dickies 1979

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